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Brand: Asmodee

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    1 Review
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      04.03.2014 17:06
      Very helpful



      Surprisingly fun & challenging version of snap

      This game has two major strengths - its size and its versatility.

      It comes in a small tin, and is made up of 55 cards. The instructions explain how to play 5 similar, but slightly different games.

      Number of players: 2-8 (although 4 has worked best when I've played)

      HOW TO PLAY:

      Basically each game is a spin on Snap, with players trying to either gain or lose cards by matching their card to someone else's - before another player can react.

      Sounds easy enough, but it's a bit more difficult.

      Each card contains 8 different symbols - a given card could have a dinosaur, a tree, a snowflake, a lighbulb and more. Any two cards will have at least one symbol in common - the players must try to find it.

      Several things make it challenging:

      * The size of the symbols vary - the dinosaur on one card might be twice the size of the dinosaur on another. Doesn't matter: they still match.

      * You have to try and keep 8 different symbols in your head at a time, which will then change every time you have a new card.

      * Some of the symbols have been designed to look as similar as possible - meaning its easy to make a wrong move.

      In my opinion these challenges make the game much more fun than standard snap and they keep the game fresher for longer. This added to the fact that the tin contains 5 (albeit similar) games in 1 makes it great value for money.


      Since Dobble is basically an altered version of snap it is fundamentally simple. Even a very young child could play.

      However, the challenges mean that older children and even adults could play and still be entertained.

      Having said that, the game works best if you have players of a similar ability. A young child competing against an older sibling is going to struggle, and will probably quickly become frustrated. If you're buying a game for your children and they are of different ages or abilities abilities you may want to bear this in mind.


      A reasonably priced game that is suitable for children (and adults!) of any age. Its size makes it especially ideal for holidays. Its simple enough for a first-timer to pick up, but challenging enough to keep most children interested. It's also a fun way for adults to pass the time. Definitely recommended.


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