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Hasbro Monopoly Deal

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11 Reviews

Brand: Hasbro / Ages: 8 Years+

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    11 Reviews
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      04.05.2013 01:20
      Very helpful



      It is an exciting card adaptation of the Monopoly board-game, and is good for parties.

      Ah, Monopoly Deal. This card-game adaptation of the popular Hasbro board game is, in my opinion, a well-designed fast-paced version of the original. One of my major gripes with the original is the length games may end up taking - some games can just go on and on and on, especially if no-one gets a monopoly and there are a few players who refuse to trade one another their properties! This game, however, usually ends in a matter of minutes - perfect for a game during lunch break. (played it in school and college).

      The product contains a deck of cards that include
      (1) property cards, in the various colours you would see on the Monopoly board (including the train-stations and utilities). There are bi-coloured property cards that may be used as either of two colours; which colour it represents is chosen by the player. There is also a special Property Wildcard that is used to build monopolies.
      (2) money cards, which are used to pay other players rent, and
      (3) action cards, which allow the player to perform some action such as collect rent from other players or draw additional cards.

      The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect three monopolies - that is, three complete sets (in any given colour).

      Each player begins the game with five cards in his hand. A turn involves drawing 2 cards, and taking up to three of what the game calls 'actions' - playing an action card, playing a money card or changing the colour of a bi-coloured property card. Many of the action cards simply describe what action(s) should be performed, so the game is very easy to pick up. Furthermore, rule cards are included to help new players learn as well.

      Since one may play up to three cards a turn, there is some strategy involved in choosing how many to play. A player who begins a turn with no cards in his hand may draw five cards as a kind of reward - however, in the turns leading up to this, he may find his options restricted with just one or two cards in his hand.

      Some of the cards included really help to keep the game exciting - in particular, the 'Deal Breaker' card, which allows you to take a complete set from another player, the 'Sly Deal' which allows you to take a property that is not in a complete set from another player, and the 'Just Say No!' which allows you to cancel the effects of another card played.

      The games do get exciting very quickly, as players figure out... interesting strategies. A particularly egregious incident I remember was when a friend used a 'Forced Deal' card (which allows you to swap one of your properties for any one of another player's, that is not in a complete set) and a 'Deal Breaker' card (discussed above) in conjunction - using the former to complete an incomplete set that another player had, and then immediately using the latter to take all the properties for himself!

      From what I've seen, while luck obviously plays a major role in this game, there are skill elements as well - how one approaches building of sets and balances his turns. The game is easy to pick up, but rewards skill as well - a hallmark of most enjoyable games, in my opinion. The speed and excitement of the games also makes it a great choice for parties.

      There is one small downside I can think of: the two-player game doesn't seem very interesting, as certain cards (in particular, a card that allows you to collect Rent from one other player, from any of your properties) become overpowered, and as the deck empties it isn't too hard to figure out what the other player has in his hand. Personally I find the game is most exciting in groups of four to six.


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      19.07.2012 19:13
      Very helpful



      A unique way to play Monopoly and very addictive!

      My husband and I are frequent travellers to the Outer Hebrides and to make the 3 hour long boat journey go quicker we used to bring cards, travel games, magazines, laptops and anything else we could think of to entertain ourselves, that is until we found Monopoly Deal!

      We both enjoy the traditional Monopoly game but it's not very practical for travelling and 3 hours is not long enough for a game in The Shoes world (we get very competitive!). We have also tried travel Monopoly but its bulky and there are too many fiddley little bits that can get lost easily and you need a very flat surface to play which when travelling is not always possibly. We came across Monopoly Deal in our local supermarket and it was on offer of 2 for £8 along with another card based game from Hasbro and on reading the back of the pack it seemed like we could be on to a winner with a new travel game.

      The point of the game is to collect three full sets of different coloured properties and it is the same properties that are in the original game e.g. Water Works and Electric Company so if you have played Monopoly before you already have a handle on the properties. Each player is dealt 5 cards to start with and on each turn the player must take two from a draw pile and can then play up to 3 cards by banking money, placing properties down or playing an action cards. Action cards are great and keep the game going, you can force a player to give you birthday money, steal a property or even a complete set but beware other players can have an action card in their hand which can do the same or say no to a steal move you make! You could be almost winning with 2 full property sets then get hit by your opponent with a huge fine for rent on their property and lose the lot so it's important to keep lots of money in the bank to pay fines! I guess what we find best is that it is really a game of luck and there is not always going to be a better player - it all depends on the cards you are dealt!

      The game can be played with 2 to 5 players and is very easy to pick up, we got the hang of it by the first game and is fast enough that you can play a game in 15 to 20 minutes so it doesn't drag out. The pack contains 110 cards and two card sized Quick Start Rules which are really handy to remind yourself as you go along. The pack is only twice the size of a pack of cards and the box is robust enough that 2 years later we have not ripped it or had it fall apart on us and the cards go back in easily. There are no fiddly bits to lose and we now take the game with us every time we travel as it is all so much fun and we don't feel we need to bring any other entertainment. Monopoly Deal is a winner for us and would recommend it to anyone looking for a handy travel game or even just a games night in the house.


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      03.12.2011 23:48
      Very helpful



      A fun card game.

      My husband started playing Monopoly Deal about a year ago with two of his coworkers during their lunch hour. Before long about 9 of them were playing on a regular basis, although only up to 5 can play at one time. When I played for the first time I enjoyed it so much I ordered a deck to take on holiday.

      Monopoly deal is loosely based on the traditional UK version of Monopoly. However, unlike the board game, this card version is very fast paced. A typical game only lasts about 10-15 minutes. This game is recommended for ages 8 and older. I would say this is reasonably accurate, although I would assume the strategy might be less complex than for older players.

      ===The Cards===
      There are three basic categories of cards: money, property, and action. All cards are given a value ranging from 1M to 10M.
      Money cards: 20 cards varying in value from 1M to 10M
      Property cards:
      -28 properties (one of each of the properties you will recognize from the original UK Monopoly board game; like the board game these are divided into 10 groups, each assigned a different colour)
      -11 property wildcards, 9 of which can be played as a property in on of two colours (for example red or yellow) and 2 which can be played as any colour property
      Action cards: a variety of cards which allow you to charge rent, swap or steal cards from other players, collect a set amount of money (from other players), draw more cards or cancel out another person's action card.

      ===Game Play===
      Each player starts with 5 cards, which you keep secret in your hand. At the start of each person's turn they draw two cards. They can then play 0-3 cards from their hand onto the table. You can choose to do any combination of the following:
      1. Play money and/or action cards into your personal bank. Once an action card has been played as money it will remain as money for the rest of the game.
      2. Play property (lay them down in front of you)
      3. Play action cards into a central pile.
      At the end of your turn, you may not have more than 7 cards in your hand. If you have too many cards you must discard the extra. Only cards which you have already laid down on the table can be used to pay other players or win the game. Your goal is to have 3 different coloured sets of properties laid down (for example, Mayfair and Park Lane make up the dark blue set or the four railroads make up a set).

      ===My thoughts===
      This is a very fun, fast paced game where money and property change hands nearly every turn. Although the rules are quite simple, it does take a few games before you get the hang of it. You also realize that there are quite a few situations for which the rules are not specific. For example, if a rent card which applies everyone is played and you play a "just say no" card, it is not clear if this means everyone is spared from paying the rent or just yourself. Or if you have more than 7 cards in your hand it isn't clear if you have to play the maximum of 3 cards before discarding the extras or if you can just discard straight away. After a while you develop a set of "house rules" to cover the fair numbers of gaps in the rules.

      The strategy varies quite a lot depending on how many players there are. For example, if there are only 2 players then money doesn't pay a very big role because both players quickly accumulate enough money to easily pay any rent or fees that might come up. However, when you have 4 or 5 players you frequently run out of money so are forced to pay with your property. Fortunes can change quickly in this game so even if you think you are doing poorly you might have a bit of luck and end up winning the game. My father in law, who hates the regular Monopoly because it takes so long, really enjoys this card version because it

      ===Price and Availability===
      I bought my version of Monopoly Deal from Amazon for about £8, but it seems to have gone up in price since then as most places including Amazon and play.com currently have it listed around the £20 mark. However, you can get the USA version (plus a shuffling box) for £7.99+ £1.99 shipping from Amazon and similar prices on ebay. The only difference would be the property names would be taken from the standard USA version (Boardwalk instead of Mayfair, etc.). As the property names are not important to the game play (you really only pay attention to the colours of properties anyway) I would recommend buying this version.

      I'm giving this game a solid 4 out of 5 stars. I enjoy playing it the most with 3-4 players. It takes a little while to fully understand the rules (or develop your own set of house rules to cover the gaps), but it is well worth the effort.


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        17.07.2011 08:57
        Very helpful



        A good variation of the classic Monopoly board game


        If you like playing Monopoly, but haven't got the time to become embroiled in fortnight long sagas that cause family rifts which can only be resolved by UN interventions, then the Monopoly Deal card game is definately worth a look.

        What you get:

        The small box comes with 110 deal cards and four identical double sided cards with the rules of the game printed on them. The rules do seem rather short, but it all makes sense once you start playing.

        How to play:

        The aim of the game is to collect three full different coloured sets of property cards. Each player starts with five cards, and the remaining cards are put into a draw pile in the middle. When it's your turn, take two cards from the draw pile and place down up to three cards from your hand. Money or action cards are put into your personal bank pile and property cards are put down in front of you face up to start your property collection.

        If you wish to play an action card, it goes into a seperate pile of used action cards face up in the middle and the read the instructions on that action card out. Action cards can change the game to your advantage, so use them at the right time for that killer blow!

        It is worthwhile keeping a healthy bank balance to bail you out when other players hammer you with action cards. So the game continues, you will lose some money and property, but by using the action cards you can claw these back to get three full sets of property and win the game.


        This is a very fast paced game where your fortunes can change by the deal of a card - a good tip is to keep a well funded bank pile to avoid having to give other players the shirt off your back! Also, its a damn sight quicker than the regular board game of Monopoly to play, so it's handy for quick games with freinds and family.

        Price: Available for £4.95 brand new off Amazon.


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        12.02.2011 12:05
        Very helpful



        Great fun game!

        Dooyoo had some error yesterday morning when I posted this so hopefully it will show up now. For those who tried to read this earlier and couldn't, thanks for having the patience to try again now.

        Whilst I despise games franchises from altering game play and diversifying for profit, Monopoly's card version "Monopoly Deal" actually provides some original and sneaky fun.

        The aim of the game is to collect any three complete property sets. Players take turns, first by drawing two cards, then has a limit of three actions per turn. Actions consist of placing properties down, playing an action card or "putting money in the bank". The maximum number of cards in a player's hand must not exceed 7. Extra cards must be discarded at the end of the turn.

        As there is a turn limit, you can only win if you complete three sets within your turn limit. This forces you to plan out strategically what, when and how you are going to play.

        This isn't going to be easy, as there are additional action cards which people can play to stop you. For example, "Deal breaker" allows a player to steal a complete set from another, whilst "It's my Birthday" requests players to pay you. In this way, players have to be cautious as to what they put down as once they have done so, it is opportune for others to steal.

        Having played this numerous times with a variety of people, there are so many different ways to play and win. You could be sneaky and just steal the sets to win, or play it safe by playing down properties slowly and surely. Whichever way you play, you are guranteed to have hours of fun (with expert players that is).

        Whilst nothing truly beats the original Monopoly game, this card version is far less formulaic. Hell, I used to play Monopoly on my own- rolling dice and acting as appropriate doesn't give people much freedom, but this is 100% in your control. The only "chance" element comes from drawing cards.

        For a quick, fun game with Monopoly elements, Monopoly Deal offers an enjoyable alternative. It is quick to learn but difficult to master. Definitely one good time killer.

        This card game costs around £5 in most game stores and online- you can get it at WHSmith though obviously cheaper on the internet.


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          22.07.2010 14:05
          Very helpful



          Monopoly in the deck!

          When I was young, I loved playing monopoly and my favourite game piece was the dog. But it takes quite a long time finishing the game and as you become less patient (when you get older), you hope to be able to still enjoy the game without spending too much time on it and worrying about missing game pieces.

          Monopoly Deal is a great addition to the Monopoly family as it not only gives you the Monopoly "feel" to the game, it is less time consuming, very affordable and travel friendly. Despite it being a two to six person game, I do not advise playing with just two people. Me and my boyfriend played between us, and it was definitely not as interesting.

          - Game Play -

          The objective of the game is to collect 3 complete sets of cards by collecting them, stealing them or taking them for rent. I love the two properties set card (such as Park Lane and Mayfair) as it means finishing the game quicker.

          The card deck also includes wild cards, Monopoly money (to pay rent) and action cards, which would affect the gameplay. So don't be too happy once you think you are almost complete with your sets!

          Some of the action cards include stealing properties, stealing complete sets, forcing others to pay rent or give money, putting a house or hotel to your complete set etc. I leave the rest for you to find out yourself. :P

          - Verdict -

          I would recommend Monopoly Deal to everyone, both young and old, who loves the original game. Definitely a great way to bond with family and friends.. plus the reaction from them losing their properties... very entertaining. :P


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            17.06.2010 01:36



            Fantastic fun and great for travel

            I've always loved the full version of Monopoly and enjoyed playing it over the years with friends and families. One thing I always wanted though was a form of monopoly that was shorter and I could take away for me as a great travel companion as I go away a fair bit. I think I found the perfect card game a while back and you can pick this up very cheaply nowadays online.

            Monopoly Deal is a card game that between 2 and 5 players can participate in. In order to win the game you need to have three full sets of properties in your hand. At the beginning of the game each player is dealt five cards each. Three cards can be put down per turn if you don't want them and two more are then picked up.

            There are variety of different card types in this game. There are money cards, action cards and property cards. The money cards have all different values and can solely be used in your money pot. There is a very good reason why you need to build up your cash pot, as in much the same way as the board game, if someone asks you for money you don't have then you will have to mortgate a property.

            Action cards have a money value if you want to use them in your money pot. But you have to be careful as if you use a card like this as money then you can't use it as an action card again in the game. Action cards can allow you to steal properties and take money from other players, all of which are very useful. You can also take more cards and prevent others stealing your properties.

            Property cards are perhaps the most important of all as these are the ones you need to help you win the game. Money will help you get there and in bad times but the property cards are what you need to acheive your goal. If you do place them on the table though then others wil try and steal them from you so there is an element of tactics involved too.

            I think this is a great card game and if you love Monopoly then you will enjoy this. It's great for travel and I use it all the time on our regular trips to while away a few hours.


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            29.04.2010 18:52
            Very helpful



            A great game to get out every once in a while when the rain is pouring!!

            == Monopoly Deal ==

            == Introduction ==
            I bought this a couple of years ago from my local Tesco when I had my younger brother to stay with me, we love playing the game UNO, and this game looked similar to that, so I thought it was worth a try. It was priced at £3.99 and was brand new out, I had never even heard of it before- and in fact I have not seen it much since then either! I don't think it has caught on very well, but I think the game is a great idea!

            Me and my brother love a good game of Monopoly, but we find it goes on for a VERY long time when playing by the "proper" Monopoly rules, and we get fed up, bored and one of us usually ends up chucking the board across the room, or the "banker" steals money from the bank making the game completely unfair, so this game looked like it would be much better!

            == How to play ==
            Well I am not going to sit here and reel off what the instructions to the game say, as that would be pretty pointless! But a brief explanation of game play is essential I think, to allow potential buyers to choose whether or not to buy the game!

            The game is played in card form, very much like the UNO cards- thick hardy cards perfect for kids! And there is no board or pieces involved, meaning the box is small and handy- you can even pop it in your handbag and bring it out if the kids are getting bored on train journeys for example!

            You do need a flat surface to play the game, as there is an element of "putting cards on the table", but this doesn't need to be much room, and it can be played on a living room floor or a small table, even a bed.

            The game can be played from between 2 to 5 players, and from aged 8 and up. It takes around 2-3 minutes to set the game up as you have to deal out the cards and "sort them" into card categories (I will explain more in a moment!), and game play can take from just a couple of minutes up to around 15 minutes, all depending on how many people are playing, and just how good a "hand" you get in each game! The longest game we had was around 20 minutes but that was with a bit of messing around and arguing!!!

            Back to the type of cards: the game is all about property development (just like in Monopoly!), and the aim of the game is to get 3 full sets of properties down on the table this is the winner, you can either "pick up" the properties when it is your go, or use the "action cards"-which you will either be dealt or pick up during game play- to steal properties from other players!

            Action cards are cards which are throughout the pack (there are 47 of these in the game), and they can help the player by either allowing them to steal properties from the other players, or stop a player from stealing anything from them! There are also action cards which allow you to build up a big money collection- though in this game of Monopoly, becoming rich is not important to winning the game!

            The instructions in the box come in a detailed form, and then there are 5 cards which also outline the basic rules of the game which can be given to each player at the beginning of the game to read and either catch up on the rules, or learn them for the first time!

            == Ease of play ==
            The game is actually pretty simple once you get into it, but for us it was much easier to play the game to learn the rules than to sit and read the instruction manual which I found was quite confusing and made the game SOUND more confusing than it actually was. So I would definitely recommend if you buy this game, don't sit and read the rules and think oh good grief what have I bought here! Just play it, and read the rules as you go along, it makes it so much easier! And once you have played it once, it is very simple to get into it!

            As for 8 year olds been able to play, I think that all depends on the child really, if they have somebody who can explain the rules to them well, then maybe with a little tuition this would be right, but I don't think I would enjoy trying to get a child to play it. I would recommend over 10's maybe playing this game, as they would be able to understand maybe the rules a little more, and also have a bigger attention span to be able to sit and listen about how to play it! As for an age limit, I don't think there is one at all, and everyone will love this game from kids up to OAP's.

            == So would I buy it again knowing what I know now? ==
            Yes. The game is one I often forget I have, but it is a great game to bring out to fill a little bit of time when it's raining outside, and it gets my brother off his Xbox for half an hour and actually talking to people...which is always a plus side!!!

            The game is pretty simple to play once you have learned the initial rules, and it can be very fun! Of course every once in a while you get a very boring game when one of the players gets all the 3 properties they need within a couple of hands, but when you get a good exciting game where anybody could win, it is very fun, and is sure to cause a ruckus at times!!! So beware giving the game to your kids if you have a headache!!!

            The game is now much cheaper than it was when I bought it, and you can get it from Amazon for around £1.50, which is well worth the money!

            I give this game 9 out of 10, ok so it's not the most exciting game in my box of games, and I still prefer UNO over it any day, but it is a fun game to play and you can even try making up your own rules, or making the game easier for youngsters by modifying the rules slightly (i.e. the rule that you can only put two cards down each time can get a bit annoying and we tend to drop that from the rules as we usually forget it anyway!).

            I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who enjoys Monopoly but finds it goes on a bit too long!!!!


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              09.04.2010 21:04
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              5 out of 5. Great game

              Monopoly deal is a card game for two to five players were you win the game by having three full sets of properties on the table in front of you. At the start you are each dealt five cards and you can use these cards to do a variety of things. You can put them in the middle to use them, use them as a money pot kept at your side or use some of them as a property. Three cards can be put down per turn and two are picked up at the start of each turn. If you've any more than seven at the end of the turn you'll have to put some back.

              The different card types are money cards, action cards and property cards.

              - Money cards have different values and can only be used in your money pot. The reason to build up a money pot is that if someone uses an action card where you have to pay them money and you have none in your pot then you have to pay with properties which isn't good.

              - Action cards have a monetary value in the corner were you can use them in your money pot. However once a card is put in the money pot it stays as money throughout the game and can't be used as an action card or property. When using action cards in the middle they can do a number of things from assist you in stealing proerties, taking money from players, taking more cards, stop people stealing your properties and other various dastardly things.

              - Property cards are what you need to win the game. You can use them as money or put them down as properties. The choice is yours. People will try and steal them throughout if they're on the table so be sly and cunning as to when you show them.

              This game is great fun and a great one to play with a number of friends. I'm a big fan of the monopoly games however I often find they last really long but with this game you get the fun of monopoly only in the form of a shorter card game.

              This can be bought for a few pounds now and i'd say it'd be money well spent. Fantastic game at a great price.

              Best played with over two people. The recommendations on the box are for persons aged eight and above and it shows the games lasting an average of fifteen minutes. I'd say this is probably the maximum time per game.


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                29.01.2010 17:25
                Very helpful



                A good family game.

                We go camping as a family quite a lot and I don't like taking a television in the caravan so I prefer us to spend the evenings playing games. We always take a pack of cards but it is also nice to play something different but we do not have the space to take large board games and some of the travel versions are so tiny we end up losing pieces. Thus I always keep my eyes open for something new if I know we are going away for a while. Last summer I spotted the Monopoly Deal card Game in Tesco for £5 and thought we would give it a try.

                My husband was absolutely horrified when I showed him the box as Monopoly is probably his most hated game in the world (besides Cluedo!) and he thought I must have lost my mind but we packed it all the same and took it on holiday.

                The aim of the game is to collect three full sets of cards, the card sets are made up exactly the same as in traditional Monopoly i.e. there are 4 stations, two dark blue cards-Mayfair and Park Lane. You make up the sets by either drawing from the unused card pile on your go or using one of the action cards on other players to acquire their properties. This is quite a quick game and an average round can last from 5 to 15 minutes if there are four of you playing.

                Upon opening the box we were greeted with bright, easy to read cards that are similar in size to ordinary playing cards and a straightforward, illustrated instruction leaflet.

                The pack consists of:

                Property Cards- anyone who has played traditional Monopoly will recognise these as they look like ordinary property cards and the details of rent are printed on the front. The utilities and stations also appear as property cards.

                Wildcards- these can be used in place of a normal property card to make up a set. The majority of these cards are colour coded e.g. green/black and so can only be used in that coloured set but two of them are particularly useful as they are multicoloured and so can be used in any set.

                Rent Cards-these are also either colour coded or multicoloured and can be used to make a player of your choice pay rent on a property that you have already laid down. There is also a "Double Rent" card which can be played in conjunction with this card to really sting your opponent.

                Money cards- these are in various denominations and you collect them in your personal bank so you are ready to pay any rent or other fees without having to give up your properties. There are also house and hotel cards which you can use with properly but we have never found that works particularly well so we tend to use them as money cards (virtually all of the cards in the deck have a monetary value)

                Action cards- these are what make the game more interesting and fast-moving and can change the way the game is looking very quickly.
                Sly Deal-enables you to steal one single property card from another player.
                Forced Deal-enables you to swap one of your cards for one held by another player.
                Deal Breaker-this card is brutal, especially near the end of the game as it allows you to steal a full set of cards from another player.
                Just Say no- (nothing to do with the Grange Hill anti-drugs campaign!), you can use this to cancel any of the above deal cards being played against you. However if the nasty player who is trying to steal your best cards also has this card it over-rules yours and they still get to take your card/s.
                Debt Collector and It's my birthday cards allow you to collect money off other players to put in your bank but if they are broke and have to give you property instead you can keep them in your property empire!
                Pass Go- unlike in traditional games this does not earn you money but it allows you to pick up 2 extra cards from the draw pile.

                When we first saw all of the different cards and read the instructions we thought the game looked terribly complicated and we just could not understand how it could work. However we played a couple of hands slowly whilst trying to understand the rules and suddenly it all fell into place.

                Each player is dealt 5 cards and the youngest player is supposed to go first but we just tend to take it in turns. On your turn you take 2 cards from the draw pile and add them to your hand. You can then play up to 3 cards, the rules state that you do not have to play any cards at all but we decided that you have to play at least 1 as that makes the game a little more open and faster-moving. You play cards in one of three ways:

                1-put cards in your bank ready for those dreaded fines. If you don't have enough money to pay a charge then you will have to pay with your prized properties!

                2-lay properties down into your collection. You can only reorganise your property on your own turn, you have to leave them alone when others are playing.

                2- play action cards into the centre pile, collect money or property that you are then entitles to from other players.

                At the end of your turn you are not allowed more than 7 cards in your hand so if you have been greedy you have to discard the extras into the draw pile.

                The play continues until someone has reached their three full sets. It is obviously normally an advantage to hang onto the Deal cards until near the end of the game when you can steal other people's properties. This means that you can feel you are just on the point of winning when someone steals your prized stations away from you and you have to start building another set. Also you have to be crafty about how you lay your property cards down, you can only play 3 cards in one round so you may find you have enough cards to win but you just can't lay them all down in your turn and someone may beat you to it!

                This game is suggested from age 8. Although I think many 8 year olds could play the game reasonably well I think the planning aspect may be a little tricky for them to get the hang of so they would be ok playing against children the same age but older siblings would definitely be able to take advantage! Playing with children who are 12 and 15 has given us some great games as there is some skill and some luck involved which means that we all have pretty much an equal chance. Due to the fact that the games are short even if someone is losing it will all be over in a short period of time. In traditional Monopoly you can feel like you are losing for hours which can be quite demoralising! The game seemed quite straightforward once we got the basic idea of it but now that we have played it a lot we can see the strategies that you can employ and it does make for an interesting game. A good memory helps as well so that you can remember what cards have already been played.
                We have mainly played this with four of us but the children have had good games with just the two of them. The maximum recommended number is 5 but we have found that it works alright with 6 players but it did seem to take a long time to reach a conclusion.

                Overall I would recommend this as a compact family game that is far more fun than we thought at first. There appears to be a money-grabbing property tycoon in all of us and this games allows us unleash the monster but just for a few minutes at a time!


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                  29.06.2009 11:58
                  Very helpful



                  If you like Monopoly you'll love this.

                  Unless you've been living on another planet all your life you will probably be aware of, and indeed have played Monopoly, the property-dealing board game. Monopoly Deal is a card game and brings a new twist to an old classic.

                  Charles B. Darrow created Monopoly, the board game, in America during the great depression. In 1935, it's first year of production, it was the best selling game in America. Now it is the best selling board game in the world, sold in 103 countries and produced in 37 languages. The basic premise of Monopoly is to work your way around the board buying up property, building houses and hotels on your property and trying not to be made bankrupt by other players. The original UK version is based in London but there are now many regional versions as well as limited edition themed games (such as Wizard Of OZ, Scooby Doo, Star Wars, Simpsons etc) and of course various computer versions. Monopoly Deal is the latest addition to the Monopoly family, released in March 2009 by Parker Games/Hasbro it's a card game based on the classic board game.

                  What's In The Box?
                  In the box you get 110 playing cards and an instruction leaflet. The cards, just slightly smaller than traditional playing cards, are divided into categories; property cards, property wild cards, action cards, rent cards, money cards and 4 cards of game rules.

                  Playing The Game
                  The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect 3 full sets of properties.

                  A brief instruction on playing: Players are dealt 5 cards each and the remainder become the draw pile. On your turn you draw 2 more cards from the pile and then 'play' up to three cards from your hand. This means various things. If you have money cards in your hand, it's good to play them by placing them down in front of you to use to pay other players. If you have property cards (the familiar London streets from the board game including the 4 stations and 2 utilities) you can place them down to start your collection. Other cards are actions, which get played into the middle, such as demanding money from players because it's your birthday, or asking for rent for your property. Players can only 'pay' from cards they have placed down, not from any they are holding.
                  It gets interesting when some of the action cards are brought into play, and knowing when to use them is key, for example a 'deal breaker' card lets you steal a full set of properties from an opponent, a ' forced deal' card lets you swap a property of your choice from and opponent and a 'just say no' card does just that and can be used against the two aforementioned cards. When you've collected three full sets (a set is usually 2 or 3 cards) you win and the game ends.
                  There's more to it than I've described, but that's the basics. The clearly laid out instruction leaflet in the box gives full details on how to play and the functions of all the cards. It may sound complicated, but it's really not. You can pick up the rules after just one hand and the cards are all quite self-explanatory.

                  Who Can Play?
                  The game is for 2 -5 players and they recommend ages 8 upwards, although my nephew aged 7 plays it very well (too well sometimes!!)

                  This is a fabulous little family game. It's easy to play and compared to traditional Monopoly is very quick, on average a game of Monopoly Deal lasts about 15 minutes. So it's ideal if you don't have the necessary spare few hours/days/weeks (!) required for a 'proper' game of Monopoly. It's small and compact, the box is about the size of two boxes of traditional playing cards side by side, and so can be taken anywhere, you just need a surface to play on. And it's incredibly cheap, it retails around the £5 mark although I picked mine up for just £4.50 from Tesco. But most of all it's fun and there's enough cut-throat action to keep even the most competitive Monopoly player interested.

                  I'm amazed that somebody had the foresight to be able to turn such a classic board game into a card version and still keep many of essential elements in place and retain the familiar Monopoly look. Another future classic!


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                  Monopoly's brand iconography and heritage feature in this dynamic game of acquisition, dealing and trading. Be the first to complete 3 property sets by collecting and swapping. Be careful, one wrong card and you could lose everything!

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