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Nordic Games Sequence

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4 Reviews

Brand: Nordic Games

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    4 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 23:16
      Very helpful



      Super game of strategy for all the family.

      First played this game at a friends house several years ago. She had purchased in America and was a huge fan, as was all her family. Quickly worked out why as was great fun.

      How to play;

      It is basically a board game of strategy yet can be played by all ages as the concept is quite simply putting a counter on the space that is the same as a card you hold. You play against each other (up to 3 people) or in teams of 3 (up to 3 teams) and try to get 2 "sequences" of 5 counters in a line. The board is set up with 2 of each card on it and you have a set number of cards based on numbers playing. The strategy is not being obvious where you are setting up your line as the opposition will try and stop you. Thrown in for fun are "one eyed jacks" and "two eyed jacks" who hold the power to remove your opponents counter or allow you to have a free go at placing your counter where you want. Very much like a more strategic version of connect four but with an option to have far more players. When you win or get a row, you shout "SEQUENCE!"

      Time to play;

      Varies greatly depending on skill and number of players but would average as about 30 minutes a game.

      Who can play;

      Definitely one for all ages and when the kids were younger we used to team up with them.


      I bought mine a few years ago and remember it being quite pricey but currently £22.94 on ebay (BIN) and similar on amazon.

      Can get very boisterous and very sneaky / cunning. Great game.


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      20.07.2010 10:49
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great card game that's fun and full of strategy

      We love our card and board games and I think they are far more beneficial with our children growing up to give them something else to concentrate on rather than just sitting in front of video games all day long. The game of sequence is another simple game but also is great fun. We manageded to get this last year for around £14 off amazon to add to our collection and have played it a few times since then.

      Sequence is essentially a card game but you also have a board contained in the box that you have to play in conjunction with. It is a game of strategy really and you need to think about your next more all the time.

      The objective of the game is for eacy player to place a coloured tile on the correct card picture on the board and the aim is to get 2 five disk lines. Each player takes it in turn to lay a card and the Jacks in the standard pack have special powers. You can play with 2 to 4 players and the more the merrier really.

      The board itself is basically 10 by 10 and depicts all the cards twice in a standard pack with the exception of the jacks and the jokers in the pack. The corners of the board have stars in them and thus can be claimed as a colour of any type.

      As the game commences each player gets dealt seven cards and one player has to start. Once a player plays a card they can place a tile on one of the two card places that are available on the board. With the exception of Jacks that have special powers, every other card has the same power so each card is worth exactly the same as any other and there is no advantage of having an ace for example over a 2 or 3. So it all starts with players taking turns to place their tiles in areas on the board they may have the opportunity to build a row of five tiles. However, it's obviously not that simple as your opponents will be trying to stop you from doing this when it's their turn.

      Once a player plays a card they are placed on a pile of discarded cards and they pick up a card from the unused pack so they will have seven cards in their hand all the time.

      A Jack can either allow you to remove a tile from the board and this is extremely handy if a player is close to five in a row and you need to stop them. They also allow you as a player to place at tile of your own on it's own place.

      In general this does seem to be a simple game but to win you really need to think about it and use some strategy too. In some ways it's like card and board version of games such as connect 4. As well as skill of course there is an element of luck as you would get in a lot of games. It is great fun though and well worth purchasing if you like games like this.


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        05.02.2010 14:50
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        Enjoyable and fun

        Sequence is a game of such simple idea that it of course it plays like a game of infinite complexcities.

        Sequence is a card game played with a board, each card played allows the player to place a coloured tile on the appropriate card picture on the board. The goal of the game is to get 2 five disk lines, sounds simple but of course its not. Players take it in turn to play a card and jacks have special powers which I'll go into in a moment. This is a card game for 2-4 ideally but I guess 6 could play it, each player is issued with coloured tiles for placing on the board.

        The board

        The board is simply 10 by 10 depicting all the cards twice in a standard deck except the jokers and the jacks, the board is cardboard backed, the cards on the board aren't in any kind of order or scheme. The corners are starred and can be claimed as a colour of any type. The corners are of course hotly contested because as an open colour, a player only needs to place 4 of his own tiles and therefore play four cards in the game to get a row of 5. A row of five can be any direction, including diagonal.

        Playing the cards

        The game starts with a player getting 7 cards, and one of the players leads off. After each card is played, the player can place a tile on one of the two available card places on the board. Except for jacks, every card has the same power so an ace is worth the same as a two. The game starts off slowly with the players placing their tiles in areas where they might get a chance to build a row of 5 tiles, of course your opponent(s) will be trying to stop you so playing a card in the sequence and placing their tile in the way will stop you making a row of 5.

        After each card is played they are placed on the discard pile and the player picks up another from the unused pack so they will always have 7 cards in their hand.

        The game progresses relatively slowly but a game at most takes an hour, the winner is simply the first player to get 2 rows of 5 tiles.


        Jacks are special and have two possible powers depending on the number of eyes of the jack. There are no jacks on the board to put a tile on once you've played the card.

        One eyed jack allows you to remove a tile from the board of course this is useful if a player has a row of 4 and is close to getting a row of 5. Once a player gets a row of 5 that is set in stone and can't be broken up so every player will try and prevent you getting your five in a row.

        Two eyed jacks allow you to place a tile of your own on in its place. This is obviously useful when you are trying to complete a row of 5 or trying to block an opponent from completing their row.

        There are plenty of Jacks in the pack so play can become complex with tiles being added, removed etc.

        Other rules

        If a card is played and because of the actions of the two-eyed jacks above neither of its two spaces on the board are available, then the player declares a dead card and picks another from the pack of cards, he can then play another card. This becomes more common towards the end of the game for obvious reasons.

        If the cards run out, then the used cards are reshuffled and the game continues until someone wins.

        Failure to pick up a card and therefore having less than 7 is a fault of the player and the player has to continue with the number of cards in his hand.


        This is a lovely card game with an element of connect four, it is of course a game of luck but there is an aspect of skill in the placement of tiles and choice of which tile to add remove when playing with the Jacks. This is enjoyable and because its light-hearted tends to bring a lot of laughter with it, there isn't the edge with some card games and the competitiveness you get with some board games is also diluted because each game only takes 30-60 mins maximum. So if someone wins a game, then take the tiles from the board, shuffle the pack and play again because its almost certain someone else will win the next. Saying that there is enough tactical aspects to make the player think that they can outwit an opponent.

        But you need the right cards to come out as with all card games. This game as I've mentioned is a lovely mix of gin rummy and connect four and I bet you never thought you'd see those two in the same sentence. The game is made by Nordic games and can be bought for around £15-20. This is a great game to play with a few friends with glasses of wine and loads of nibbles, its also good for children above the age of 7-8.


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          15.07.2009 12:00
          Very helpful



          A game combining the idea of Connect 4 with cards


          The game comes in a box which is slightly less than A4 in size. The box is predominantly green with the name "Sequence" is white type. There are some pictures of cards on the box along with some red, yellow & blue counters. The yellow counters are obviously there to confuse people are they're not a colour used in the game!

          On opening the box you will find:-

          + 1 game board
          + 104 cards
          + 48 blue marker chips
          + 48 green marker chips
          + 48 red marker chips

          Players: Any number of people from 2 - 12 can play this game. However, the number must be divisible by 2 or 3, so 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, or 12 people can play.
          If there are just 2 or 3 players you play invidually. From 4 to 12 players you play in teams, but there must be an equal number of people on each of the teams. The recommended age range is 7 years upwards.

          On opening the gameboard you'll see that there's a 10 x 10 grid made up of playing cards. You'll notice that the corner squares have a design on them that matches the design on the marker chips. These corner squares are "free squares" & can be used by anyone to help make their Sequence. You'll also notice that each playing card appears twice on the board &, if you're really eagle eyed you'll also notice that there are no Jacks anywhere on the board.

          The object of the game is to make either one or two "Sequences" on the gameboard. A "Sequence" is a connected series of the same coloured marker chips and can run horizontally vertically or diagonally. If just two players or two teams are playing then you need to make two Sequences to win the game. If there are three players or teams you need one Sequence.

          Each player or team chooses one of the coloured sets of marker chips. If you are playing in teams you need to be alternately spaced around the playing surface. Players then cut the cards. The person with the lowest card (Aces are high) is the dealer are the person to the dealer's left is the first to play. Each player is dealt a number of cards. These vary depending on the amount of people playing, but if just 2 people are playing then each of them receives 7 cards. If 3 people are playing then each person receives 6 cards. The rest of the details can be found in the instruction booklet for the game.

          How to play:

          Look at the cards in your hand. Do not show them to anyone else. As I mentioned above each playing card (aside from Jacks) appears twice on the board so in the early stages of play you may well have a choice of two places to play on the board. Choose which card you are going to play & place it face up on the table so that everyone can see it. Place one of your markers in the position on the board where you'd like to play it. No cheating! ~ the card value & suit you place your marker on must match the card you've just laid face down (nless you've played a Jack).

          Once you've placed your marker on the board select the top card from the deck. Your turn is now over & play passes to the person on your left.


          As I mentioned earlier, there are no Jacks on the board but they are still used in the deck. If you pick up a Two Eyed Jack it's a wildcard. You can use it to place a marker onto any free square on the board. This is therefore a very valuable card so use it wisely!
          To complement this there are also One Eyed Jacks. This allows you to remove any marker that you wish from the board & is therefore very useful for sabotaging opposing player(s) / team(s) attempts at completing a sequence. Again, this is a very valuable card so use it wisely.

          These are the basic rules. A complete set is included in the instruction booklet which also has the rules in Dutch, French & German.


          At the most basic level this game is similar to "Connect 4" as you are trying to place a number of coloured markers in a Sequence. The fact that you have the majority of the playing cards limiting the amount of places you can play on the board, coupled with the fact that the Jacks add a bit more power makes this both a game of chance & of strategy. Gameplay can last anything for 5 or 10 minutes to over 30 minutes depending on how long it takes the people playing to get the required number of Sequences. It's possible to reach the end of the game and have the board dead-locked with nobody having completed the required number of Sequences, although this is the exception rather than the rule.

          Price: At the time of writing Amazon are selling this game for £12.99.


          This game is great fun. You never know, when you start, whether the game's going to be over quickly or whether it's going to carry on until practically all of the cards from the deck are used. As I mentioned, part of the game is down to luck & part down to strategy. Not only do you have to complete one or two Sequences of your own (depending on the number of people / teams playing) but you also have to prevent your opponents completing their own Sequences. Each move has it's own consequences, particularly when using Jacks is concerned. Do you, for example, use a Two Eyed Jack to further a Sequence or your own or block the progress of somebody else? And, if you do use it, will one of your opponents have a One Eyed Jack to completely wreck the move you've just made? Do you allow an opponent to build up a sequence of 3 squares unchecked, with the possibility that it may extend to 4 squares & then a winning 5, or do you concentrate on building your own "powerblock" & just step in elsewhere when it looks as if things are getting critical? If there are 3 of you playing do you gamble on your two opponents keeping each other in check whilst concentrating on your own strategy?
          As you may have gathered, despite the fact that there are no complex rules to this game, winning it isn't as easy as it might sound. Most rounds will require some sort of decision from you that will have an impact on your own progress or that of your opponent(s) so this isn't a game for the chronically indecisive.

          My partner, mother & I play this game regularly and it's becoming somewhat of a favourite amongst family friends that it has been introduced to. If you like Connect 4 then you shouldf definitely give this a try.


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        • Product Details

          An exciting game of strategy Play a card from your hand, place a chip on the corresponding space on the gameboard. When you have 5 in a row, it's a Sequence. Learn to block your opponents - remove their chips. Watch out for the Jacks - they are wild!!! With a little strategy and a little luck - you're a winner!!! Contents: Game board 104 Sequence playing cards 48 blue playing chips 48 green playing chips 48 red playing chips Game instructions

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