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Orchard Toys Jelly Elephants

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4 Reviews

Brand: Orchard Toys / Age: 3 Years+ / For 2 to 4 players

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    4 Reviews
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      27.09.2011 11:25
      Very helpful



      A bit of a disappointment!

      Orchard Toys is a company that specialises in the manufacturing of educational games and puzzled for children aged between 18 months and 12 years. I first came across Orchard Toys last Christmas after various games were recommended to me for my daughter, and I have never looked back! We now have quite a collection of games and jigsaws in our house and one of the recent games we bought was Jelly Elephants.

      The game
      Jelly Elephants is possibly one of the lesser known Orchard Toys games and is no longer available on their website (that I can see). The box is very typical of Orchard Toys in that it is brightly coloured and features the primary colours, mainly green and yellow. In the centre of the box you will see a large grey elephant surrounded by wobbly jellies of various bright colours. The familiar company logo is situated in the top left hand corner of the box, with the game name just next to it. It tells us a little about the game on the box "Fill your bowls with jelly before the elephant fills his belly". It also tells us that the fame is for age 3 plus and for 2-4 players.

      On the reverse of the box you will finsd a large picture of the game set up so you can see what it looks like when in play. It is standard for Orchard Toys games to come with an educational guide and of course this game is no exception, and it shows that this game has been designed to:

      * Develop colour matching skills
      * Develop personal and social skills

      Inside the box you will find 20 jelly cards, 20 bowl cards, 4 jelly elephant cards, 6 push together image cards and the instruction leaflet. The cards are all made from thick cardboard and are wipe clean which is good after little sticky hands have been on them!

      Playing the game
      The idea of the game is to collect as many jellies as you can before the puzzle picture of the elephant is completed. To play the game you need to shuffle the cards and place them in a pile face down on a level surface - the pile is really quite high so a table is probably best to play on! Starting with thr youngest player, each player takes it in turn to turn over the top card on the pile. To start collecting your jellies you must first find a bowl card, so if you initially pick up a jelly card you must place it on the discard pile. When you have your bowl card you then need to complete the jelly with the corresponding colour. There are five jellies to collect in total - red, blue, green, yellow and purple. If the card you turn over is a jelly elephant (which is just basically a picture of an elephants head) you must return one of your jellies to the discard pile with the elephant on top so none of the other players can pick up the card. If the card that is turned over is one of the puzzle pieces it is set to the side and the puzzle begins. The game is over when the puzzle is complete and the player with the most completed jellies is the winner!

      We have played this game a number of times now, though it certainly isn't one of our favourites at all. It is incredibly simple to set this game up, and literally takes just a few seconds as once you have shuffled the cards you are ready to go!

      The main thing I would say about this game is that it is over really quickly which is a great shame and my little girl does seem to find that quite frustrating. With many Orchard Toys games there are many elements of fun involved, but this one is rather boring and is simply turning over cards. While I do agree that short games are quite often a good thing for young children as it keeps their attention much better than longer ones, this is just over too quickly.

      There are positives in this game, it teaches children matching colours, turn taking and puzzle making but for us thats as far as it goes really which is a great shame! If I am to ask my daughter to pick a game to play, it is quite rare that she will pick this one and I imagine it will soon be pushed to the back of the cupboard!!

      It is a shame that we are so disappointed in this game as compared to the other Orchard Toys games we have come across it really is a little on the poor side.

      I purchased Jelly Elephants from T K Maxx for just £3.75 which I would say is an ok price to pay as I would have been very disappointed to pay full price (which would be approximately £9.25).

      Thank you for reading my review.


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        20.07.2010 09:34
        Very helpful



        Great card game that is fun for kids

        We bought this card game Jelly Elephant made by Orchard toys last year and it is recommended for children of three years and over. Our oldest son plays this with us now and does seem to love it. Orchard Toys are a pretty well known manufacturer nowadays of all sorts of toys and games and puzzles and I have always found them reliable and the manufacturer of some high quality products. This one is no exception. When we bought this it was only around £7 so pretty good to be honest with you. A lot of their games stimulate minds of young children and this particular game states that it will develop colour matching skills and develop personal skills. So the question is does it?

        Inside the box when you open it up are 20 Jelly cards, 20 bowl cards, 4 Jelly Elephant cards, 6 puzzle cards and the instructions for the game.

        The objective in this game is to become the player who has the most jellies in their bowl at the end of the game. To commence the game shuffle the cards up and place them in a pile that is face down on the table. Each player then takes it in turn to take a card from the top of the pile. If you pick up a bowl card then you keep it, but only one of each colour. Then if you pick up a jelly card that matches an empty bowl card they hold then they can keep that too. Otherwise you have to put the card back on another pile.

        The Jelly Elephant cards come into play when picked up because if you do then you have to get rid of one of your bowl cards and place in the pile for discarded cards. Picking up a puzzle card means you have to start by making a puzzle on the side of where your cards are.

        Once all the puzzle cards have been drawn the game is finished and the winner is announced. That winner is the player with the most bowls with jellies in them.

        It's a really clever and easy idea that really does seem to help with matching colours for young children. They find it really fun too to play. They not only match colours but it helps them with their counting skills etc.

        Each game is very short and an added bonus is that this can be taken anywhere you go as it's small enough to be a good travel game.


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        24.06.2010 12:55
        Very helpful



        a fun easy game

        Orchard the manufacturer of this game make a lot of fun games for young children that all have a very good twist to them because at the same time as being fun to play they are educational but due to them being fun the children don't realise that they are being taught at the same time.

        I have always found orchard toys to be of very good quality and this game is no different, there are 50 cards in this game all of a nice thick quality with a wipe clean surface so will tolerate many years of play fro young children, The game is designed for children aged 3 and over which is a really good judge of age as anyone younger would struggle to understand the rules of the game. It is suitable for two to four players, which is great as my children can play together with this game.

        In the box you get 50 cards, 20 of them are jelly cards, 20 of them are bowl cards, 4 are elephants and 6 are puzzle pieces.

        This game is very easy to play and very easy to understand, the idea is to place all the cards face down in a pile to begin with.
        Each player then takes it in turns to take a card from the pile and collect as many bowls and matching colour jellies as possible.
        If the player picks up an elephant card, which is a card with a picture of an elephant on it, they must put a jelly from one of their bowls in the discard pile.
        If the player picks up one of the puzzle pieces, they must lay it to the side to make the puzzle up.
        The game continues until the picture puzzle is complete, and the winner is the player with the most jellies in their bowls.

        My daughters soon got the hang of this game, it is a lot of fun to play and is a game that doesn't go on for ever so they don't get board and there attention doesn't start to lapse half way through, it is a great game for teaching counting, colour matching and is ideal to encourage children to play together.

        When we first got this game my younger daughter used to get quite upset if se got a piece that didn't match but she soon got used to the game and started to enjoy it a lot, the cards have lasted really well and are a good handlable size for small hands.

        I would recommend this to anyone with a young child for a rainy day


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        31.08.2009 22:11
        Very helpful



        Educational play!

        Orchard Toys make games, puzzles and activities. They are designed and manufactured in Britain using thick, durable recycled board and have a wipe-clean finish so they offer years of enjoyment and great value for money.
        THe games are tested in schools, playgroups and homes by children and adults alike to ensure that they offer great value for money and that play is enjoyed by all. The games and puzzles stimulate young minds and make learning fun. All products conform to European safety standards and give years of enjoyment.

        THis particular Orchard game is Jelly Elephants and I bought it recently in DEbenhams in the sale for £4.95 although it retails online at the moment for £7 (amazon).
        I was drawn to it by the price and the colourful box with clear markings and instructions.
        The box clearly states that Jelly Elephants is for age 3+ and for 2-4 players. The educational guide states that this gane will develop colour match skills and develop personal and social skills.

        The box contains 20 jelly cards, 20 bowl cards, 4 jelly elephant cards, 6 puzzle cards and 1 instruction leaflet.
        The cards really are very thick and well made and are almost plastic like in appearance and are easily cleaned of minor spills! Barring loosing them I can see them lasting years.

        Now, the general object of the game is to be the player with the most jellies in their bowls at the end of the game.
        To play, shuffle the cards and place them in a pile facedown. The first player starts by taking a card from the top of the pile.
        If the player picks a bowl card they keep it (only one of each colour)
        If the player picks a jelly card then they can keep it if it matches an empty bowl card that they have already won.
        Any cards that are not 'won' have to be put on a seperate pile and cant be kept.
        If the player picks up a Jelly Elephant card, then the player must loose jelly from one of their bowls and put it on the discard pile.
        If the player picks one of the 6 puzzle pieces then the puzzle must be made on the side of your play area.
        Keep playing in this way until all six puzzle pieces are uncovered. At this point game ceases and the winner is the player with the most bowls with same colour jelly included.

        Its such a simple idea but I must admit that it works! My four year old asks to play this most days in preference to much more expensive or electrical toys. It is a real hit in our house and is small enough that it has been packed in our luggage for holiday too!
        Im pleased that the kids like it so much, it really does teach matching, colours, counting, sharing and taking it in turns.
        Each game lasts only about 5 minutes so rather than get bored they kids are asking "again, again" !


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