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Paul Lamond Don't Say It

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2 Reviews

Brand: Paul Lamond Games

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    2 Reviews
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      31.03.2013 12:07
      Very helpful



      A great fun game to pass the time

      We often invite my parents round for a few drinks and chat at a weekend and usually end up digging out a game to play and have a laugh with. I saw this 'Don't Say It' game in a cheap discount store that was selling off surplus stock ages ago - it was only £5 so thought it was worth a try and if it was rubbish, then it was only a fiver gone from my pocket.

      The game comes shrink wrapped in a box emblazoned with pictures and examples of how the game works. The box is around 25cm x 25cm x 10cm and mostly yellow and blue. The packaging states that the game is not suitable for under 3's due to small parts but is suitable for play for ages 6 plus, although we've never played the game with children in the family, it's always us big kids that play!

      In the Box
      There's a little pencil, scorepad, a timer (that's like a buzzer), gamecards, a gamecard holder and instructions of how to play.

      The Aim of the Game
      The gamecards have a word at the top of them, one of the examples they give on the box is 'bird'. The game involves describing these words to others but without saying any of the 'taboo' words that they give you. For example, for bird you're not allowed to say feather, wings, flying or tweet. The cards have different levels - yellow ones are easy cards to do and are worth 1 point, blue are slightly harder and worth 2 points, green are harder still and worth 3 points and red are the hardest ones and worth 4 points. The game instructions say to spilt into teams of two and to describe the item to your teammate within the time specified of a minute. If the teammate guesses correctly, your team scores the number of points that the card is worth and then the player describing moves onto the next word and so on until the timer sounds. There are different levels to the game - easy, medium and hard. With easy you're allowed to use two of the 'taboo' words on the card (I think this is to help out young players), medium is that there's one you can use and hard is none (that's how we play). To avoid confusion when playing in teams, the player describing shows the other teams the taboo words to make sure they know what they are and if they say one the other teams press the buzzer and that card is then scrapped. A new card is used and so on until the turn is over and the minute is up.

      How we Play
      When we first started playing this game, the first thing we realised was that the timer is like a buzzer that doesn't stop making very loud noises! It takes 3 AAA batteries and as soon as we put them in, it wouldn't shut up and was very annoying. So, we ruled out the use of the timer and scrapped the team playing too. We now play with four people and just take it in turns to describe the word - whoever guesses first gets the points. The game cards slot into the gamecard holder and this has a movable piece of plastic that hides the words on the card if you're playing at the easy or medium level. We just pass this around the room and the player describing the word takes a new card to play with. Whoever guesses first, gets the points marked on the gamesheet. Then, whoever reaches a pre-determined score (10 or 20 depending on how long we want to play for) wins. Simple as that! We just thought that the team thing wasn't very good when we tried at first as you could have a spectacular player with a not very good one! The rules say that the teams should be split young vs older if playing with children to give them a fairer chance but I still don't think that it works well that way really either. The only issue with the way we play is that we trust each other not to say the taboo words. Either way though, we're all being treated the same and anyone can have a shout at guessing and we find it works for us.

      My Opinion
      I think this game was a good buy for £5, even though we don't play it the way that we should. The game usually starts off a bit slow but then as more time passes, people know that they need to start scoring points or know that they are two or three off winning and start shouting random things out that clearly wouldn't be the answer and this makes everyone fall about laughing. Every time we've played it, we've ended up in fits of laughter because of at least 2 or 3 stupid guesses or descriptions from people! It always is great fun to play and a good game to just pass a bit of time. It's the type of game you'd play instead of charades I think. Even when describing the words, it's very easy to end up saying silly things because you're trying so hard to avoid those 'taboo' words. The other thing we like about the way we play it is that you can play for however long you like - if you're short on time, then playing up to 10 points only means that the game lasts half an hour. Obviously if you've got more time available, the target can be raised.

      I would certainly recommend this game at £5 as I paid, but also at £7.99, the price of the game on Amazon currently. Sure, we don't play the game in the way that they say to but others might find that it works better for them with those rules. It is quite flexible to adjust the rules to suit everyone though, as long as you're all playing to the same rules, it's doesn't really matter. I assume the teams idea works better with a larger (and even) number of players but as there's usually only four of us we found it better to play individually. The only thing I don't recommend is using that silly buzzer because it deafens the whole house!

      I rate the game at 4 stars, with the annoying buzzer noise taking a star off unfortunately!

      Thanks for reading :o)


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      03.01.2013 19:12
      Very helpful



      Describe the word/item on the card but don't say the words that are listed!

      About the Game/Aim of the Game
      = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
      The game is made by Paul Lamond games that make a large range of different game and puzzles for pre-school children and for adults. Paul almond have been making games & puzzles for over 25 years and some of their well-known games include Hot Potato, Stacking Chairs, and The Yes No Game! No game, Murder mystery party games and more. The game is called 'Don't Say It' and is suitable for two or more teams of players. On the box it states that the recommended age for this game is age six plus. The aim of the game is to get your team to say the word you are trying to describe, sounds easy doesn't it? Although it might sound easy you will have a card with words on that you are not allowed to say, for example if you have to try and describe 'Pig', you are not allowed to say sausage, bacon, sty or pork. Your team needs to try and guess the item you are describing before the buzzer goes off. A tiny slip of the tongue could lose you the game.

      The Game
      = = = = = =
      The game comes in a bright coloured box with a yellow outside edge. On the top of the box is the name of the game is large yellow letters and there is also a picture of 3 monkeys sitting on a branch. On the back of the box it tells you a little more about the game and it also shows you some examples of the things you have to try and describe. The box is made from strong cardboard and is very light even with the game contents in it. When you open the box you will notice all of the things to enable you to play the game. The buzzer, card holder and cards should all be sealed in plastic when first opening the box. There should be the following items in the box:

      * Card holder
      * 100 Game cards
      * Timer
      * Score Pad
      * Pencil

      The first thing you need to do is to place three AAA batteries inside the timer (batteries are not included); to do this you will need a small screwdriver to open the door. Once you have inserted the batteries screw the door back on to ensure the batteries stay in place. There are three difficulty levels which include Easy, Medium and Difficult. The levels are determined by how many words you are NOT allowed to say as you try to get your team to guess the object or item you are describing. If you choose the easy level there will only be 2 words that you aren't allowed to say. If you chose medium then you won't be able to say the 3 words that appear on the cars and if you chose the difficult level you won't be allowed to say any of the 4 words that are shown on the card. The cards have different coloured writing on them which includes yellow, blue, green and red. The colours are used for scoring in the game. Start by shuffling half of the cards together and then place them into the card holder, this is easy as they just simply slot into the card holder. The card holder is bright red and blue and is made from plastic.

      The person of the first team holds the card holder, the cover on the card holder then needs to be moved down to the difficulty level which reveals which words you are NOT allowed to say. You can get the opposing team to do this for you as it doesn't matter if they see the word on the card. Simply press the buzzer and the timer will start ticking. Describe the word of item as much as you can without using the words on the card. If your team member guesses what you are describing simply remove the card and use the next main word on the second card. You need to do this until the buzzer sounds so the aim is to get your team to guess as many things as you are describing as you can. If any of the forbidden words which are shown on the cards are said then the opposing team presses the buzzer and the card is removed from the card holder. This card needs to be kept to the side as points will need to be deducted at the end of the game. You then must continue with the next card until the timer stops. The timer gives you a total of 60 seconds to get your team to guess as many things as they can. When the time comes to end of the 60 seconds there will be a long final beep and the score will be added up. You need to deduct any points off the final score. The next team is then ready to have their go. The first team to reach or pass 100 points is the winner. You can earn the following points for each card:

      * Yellow - 1 point
      * Blue - 2 points
      * Green - 3 points
      * Red - 4 points

      Playing the Game
      = = = = = = = = =
      My sister's boyfriend inserted the batteries into the buzzer and we pressed a few times to hear what sound it made. Both I and my sister read through the instructions to ensure we knew how to play the game. The game sounded pretty easy to play and follow so we set ourselves up into 2 teams and shuffled the cards ready to play. As I had read the instructions thoroughly I was nominated to go first. I had to try to get my team to guess the word 'Lottery' but I wasn't allowed to say Ticket, Lotto, Draw or Balls. Of course after reading the words you are not allowed to say, these words were stuck in my head. In the end I decided to try to describe the item by saying there were 2 drawers a week in which you could win money. The team must have been on a winning roll as they guessed it straight away. It was the other teams go and they struggled to describe the next item without saying the specific words which were displayed on the card. We played the game for a good hour before finally adding out scores up and seeing who the winning team was. Some of the words are quite hard to describe especially when really obvious describing words come up on your card that you are not allowed to say. We did play the game again the following day how-ever we made the game slightly easier by just revealing 2 words on the card that we weren't allowed to say.

      = = = = = = = = =
      I purchased the game from Amazon for £7.99 which included free super save delivery. The game took approximately 2-4 days to get to me.

      Overall Opinion
      = = = = = = = =
      The idea of the game is very simple and I like that you don't need a board game for this particular game and everything you need is included in the box. I think it's probably best to start off the game on the easiest level and once you have played it a few times you can then make the game slightly harder. When you get to the harder levels it does make describing the word or item on the card a lot harder and quite often the team won't guess the word that is trying to be described. I did enjoy playing the game in small teams; how-ever I do think the game would be much more fun and more competitive if you play the game in larger teams. In terms of value for money I think the game was reasonable and I will be playing it again at some point, possibly in the New Year. The game kept us entertained for a good hour or so over the Christmas period. My nephew is nearly 6 years old and he joined in when we played the game on the easiest level, he did very well ay describing some of the words or items on the card, how-ever some he did have to skip as he wasn't really sure how to describe them or try to explain what the item was on the card. My nephew picked the game-play up quite quickly and enjoyed having to watch people guess what he was trying to describe. This is a fun game to pass the time for an hour or so, how-ever I think adults would find this game slightly more appealing than children.

      (review also on ciao)


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