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Peppa Pig Top Trumps Activity Pack

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4 Reviews

Manufacturer: Winning Moves

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    4 Reviews
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      28.12.2011 13:39
      Very helpful



      a great idea for travelling

      When we were planning our holiday this summer, knowing it included a four year old child and a three hour plane journey, I decided to stock up on things to do during the journey. One of the items I picked up before our trip was the Peppa Pig Trump cards set. I paid £3.99 for the set but more recently I have seen it available for the bargain price of £2.99.

      The set isn't packaged like your traditional trump cards set. This one is packaged more like a card set in a cardboard box.
      The box is made of averagely thick cardboard. I did find that an excitable child would rip the outer casing quite easily so something to be aware of when you're opening for the first time.
      Thankfully the cards that are inside the box are made of durable covered card stock, with a plastic layer over the top to keep from tearing easily.

      ** Packaging Design **

      I thought the packaging was bright and attractive to both adults and children alike when viewing on the shop shelves. The small box boasts five different games within the packaging which is a lot more than your average trumps game.

      ** Games **

      You will find 28 cards inside the box, cleverly designed to distinguish between the five different advertised games included.
      ** Trumps **

      Trumps are played as you would normally expect. Each card has different values against items such as Playtime, size, noisy and wisdom in Peppa's case. The trump cards are divided out between the players with the youngest going first. The player chooses their best value (out of ten in this game) and states it to the rest of the players (i.e. noisy = 10). If this beats all the other player's noisy values on their top card then the winner collects the cards in the round (2 cards if two people are playing etc).
      The winner of trumps is the player who collects all the cards.

      ** Pairs **

      Pairs is a memory game where you place the relevant cards face down on a surface and take it in turns to choose two cards. When a player finds two the same and make a pair they remove the pair from game play. The winner is the player with the most pairs once all have been found.

      ** Take 5 **

      Take 5 is a quick game where each player takes five cards and has to search through them to match in pairs. The winner is the player who has the most pairs from their five cards.

      ** Spot the Difference **

      Take two of the same cards designed for spot the difference and spend some time searching for the differences in the pictures.

      ** Observation Quiz **

      Some of the cards have questions and answers on them. All relevant to Peppa Pig and any young fan would have no trouble in answering the questions.

      ** Parent's Perspective **

      I was pleased to see that we had more than one choice of game included in this pack. It was easy to see which cards were meant for which game, and it also meant that when my daughter was bored of one game we could quickly switch without too much fuss and play something else with the same cards.
      I liked the fact that the cards were well made and durable. They didn't appear to bend easily and were a good size for smaller hands to hold.

      The games themselves were overall a great idea. I wasn't sure of the point of the Take 5 game, as it seemed to last only about 30 seconds to complete, but we had the most fun with the trumps and spot the difference.

      Overall I think this is a great idea for when travelling as it takes young minds away from boredom, the set is easy to carry, not heavy and will fit in many handbags.


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      29.08.2010 09:10
      Very helpful




      I purchased these Peppa Pig cards for my daughter for when we are travelling. I hate her to use her DS too much when we travel so these seemed ideal.

      The Peppa Pig Top Trumps activity pack contains 28 playing cards with one instruction card, one activity card and a pencil. The cards are a nice size and easy for a child to hold. They are just big enough measuring 11x7cm. The cards come in a Peppa Pig box which you keep and use to store the cards in when you have finished playing with them. The box has a picture of Peppa Pig, George and their house in the background. The cards are aimed at children between the ages of 3-6 years.

      The cards are well illustrated and brightly coloured and each one has a picture of a character from the show whether it be Rebecca Rabbit, Suzy Sheep, Zoey Zebra or one of the others. My daughter lloves seeing each character and proudly tells me each one's name.

      There are 4 different games which can be played with these cards which are: Top Trumps, Spot the Difference, Take 5 and Pairs. Each game is different and provides alot of fun when travelling.

      Top Trumps is a game where the highest numbered card pulled win.

      Take 5 is where your child takes 5 different cards and tried to match them up with their pair.

      Pairs (or snap) is where all the cards are face down and you have to try and randomly find the matching pairs.

      Spot the Difference is pretty self explaintory but you have to pick two of the same card and spot the differences between them.

      My daughter really enjoys playing with these cards and we don't just use them for travelling we also use them at home or she will take them to Nanna's house and make her play. The cards are great in that they teach kids observation, numbers and colours. It also teaches them how to use their memory with the memory games for finding the pairs.

      The box to keep the cards in does take a bit of a battering as it is only made out of cardboard and so bends, tears and ends up looking tatty quite quickly. Also the actual cards are made of a very thin card material and bend easily when kids get excited when playing.

      My daughter does enjoy playing with the cards as she does love card games as well as loving Peppa so these were ideal for her. We paid £2.99 for them from Tesco.


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      21.07.2010 13:02
      Very helpful



      4 out of 5 because of the flimsiness.

      I picked up these playing cards for my kids before we went to Spain, as something to waste time away in the airport and on the plane.

      The cards come in a box and the kit consists of 28 playing cards, one instruction card, an activity card and a pencil. Each card is roughly 11cm x 7.5 cm so is a nice size for children to hold.

      The cards are all brightly colored and have a lot of detail on them. They also feature other characters from the T.V show like Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit. My kids loved seeing who was going to be on the next card.

      There are 5 possible games to play with these cards which is great as it really keeps the kids interested.

      Top trumps- the one with the highest card wins
      Take 5- select 5 random cards and try and match them
      Pairs- put all the cards face down and try and randomly select the pairs
      Observation Quiz-look at the cards and see what is right and wrong in each picture.
      Spot the difference- select 2 matching cards and see how many differences you can find.

      The activity pack is aimed at children of years 3- 6 years old and the different games are great for the different ages. It helps the child recognise numbers and colours, as well as using common sense in the Observation Quiz. Playing pairs helps them to concentrate and use their memory as opposed to just guessing.

      The only problem that I had with this game was that although the cards were a good size they were quite flimsy and thin, they bend very easily, especially when the kids get excited! Also the box the cards come in is only made out of card and ours tore very quicly down both sides when replacing the cards. We used sellotape to stick it together so it isn't a problem but maybe a stronger material would have been better.

      These cards cost me £3.99 and were ideal, we had lots of fun with them. The children haven't played with them much since we have been home but we got our moneys worth when o holiday. I would recommend these, especially for travelling.


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      25.02.2010 11:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      see review

      My daughter had the Peppa Pig Top Trumps Activity Pack in her stocking at Christmas. I'm the first to hold my hand up and say she had way too much hence we have only just got around to playing it over the last week or so.

      Most of you will have played or at least heard of the well known Top Trumps brand. They are famed for their well known collector card games. The Peppa Pig version is aimed at younger children (3-6 years).

      In the box you get a small pencil and 28 cards. These cards are slightly larger than regular playing cards making it slightly easier for little children (if they put them on the floor - my daughter cannot manage to hold them all spread out in her little hand as I would do). 24 of the cards are the top trumps cards, 1 is an instruction card telling yo how to play the games, 2 are advertising other top trumps products and 1 is a little crossword and maze to complete.

      This set varies from a regular top trumps pack as there are 2 cards for each character form the Peppa Pig TV series. There are slight differences and therefore a game of spot the difference is possible. The differences are easily spotted by a young child such as things missing or in different colours, there are 5 to a card. My 3 year old finds this one a little too easy! Great for developing observational skills.

      Another game you can play here is pairs. Lay all of the cards face down and and take it in turns to turn 2 cards over at a time trying to make a pair -My daughter likes this game! Good for developing memory and observational skills again.

      Quiz -One of the cards from each pair has a Peppa Pig themed question on it! The questions are not too hard and include things such as snort like a pig (we have perfected this one!!) and 'Granny Pig makes delicious home made chocolate cake. Have you made a cake? What ingredients did you use?' I think these type of questions are great but once they have been answered a few times children remember the answers so it gets less exciting. We are not likely to play this again as she is already bored with them!

      Take 5 is another suggestion to play - basically take 5 cards, try to collect pairs and keep going until someone has the most pairs.

      Lastly is the mini top trumps game. There are only 12 actual top trumps style cards in the pack which makes it a good length games for little ones not too long. If you have played Top Trumps before you will know that you need to read one of the things on the card with the highest number. This is difficult for a child of around 3 as the majority cannot read the words such as Playtime, Noisy and Wisdom! Size is also on there but they may find that an easier one to read. As little Lotte cannot read yet we do it by colour as the 4 categories are in different colours and she can recognise the numbers so thats not too difficult for her. The person with the highest number for the category gets both cards and the person with the most at the end is the winner.

      The 'activity' card includes a wordsearch ( with very small letters!) and a maze to get Peppa home. I don't really think that the wordsearch is age appropriate, maybe for the older end of the range but not for the 3 year olds who are likely to have this. The maze is ok although again quite small -you need good pencil control and really be able to write well before attempting this one as there isn't much room for error and wobbly lines. There is also a pencil included to complete them. I think this is a bit of a waste of time as I'm pretty sure that most kids have loads of pencils, pens and crayons!

      The 2 cards showing other packs available are a total waste of time. I can see why they put them in obviously to get you to buy more but they are of no benefit to the pack or the games.

      The instruction card is useful - you will need your glasses though as the writing is particularly small!

      So what do I think to the pack? The cards are nice and colourful but they are not very thick and I thought that they'd be glossy - They aren't and I was slightly disappointed by the quality of them bearing in mind that they are for younger children than the regular ones. The back of the cards all feature the design on the box (shown in the dooyoo catalogue).
      The idea of Top trumps is quite a hard one for young children who cannot read yet but Lotte enjoys it I think mainly because they have her favourite character on.

      They cost around £3.99 and are available in Toys R Us and on Amazon etc. I suppose for the money they aren't too bad but I won't rush and buy any more.


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