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Ravensburger Power Rangers Jungle Fury

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Brand: Ravensburger

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    1 Review
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      04.11.2013 22:54
      Very helpful



      inexpensive card game

      ~Power Rangers Jungle Fury~

      This set of giant cards is manufactured by Ravensburger and is suitable for children over the age of three years. Whilst other character cards can be purchased, I will be discussing the Power Rangers 'Jungle Fury' giant cards.

      The cards are presented in a colourful cardboard box. Inside, you will find 32 playing cards which measure approx 12 x 8 cm each. There are 4 additional cards which including advertising, a bit about Ravensburger and also full information on 4 games that can be played with the cards. This information can also be found on the back of the box but in a more brief manner.

      ~Where To Buy~

      These giant cards can be purchased from Amazon priced at £4.50. You need to spend over £10.00 across the site to receive free delivery meaning this product is an Amazon Add on product.

      ~Our Thoughts~

      My son loves Power Rangers at the moment so whilst purchasing some bits from Amazon around 2 months ago, I decided to add these giant cards to my order. I paid around £3.00 at the time but the current selling price isn't too bad. My son was delighted when the postman delivered these cards and set many an evening and weekend have been spent playing with these cards. The good thing about them is that Boo can play with them by himself, with his Daddy or me and also with his cousins. My son is 5 years old and these have proven to be a hit with him.

      The cards are well made and durable though we do tend to ensure they are all slotted back in the box after use to keep them all together. If your child is a fan of Power Rangers, they will be familiar with the different characters on the cards. My son regularly watches Power Rangers and was able to tell me who everyone was as I don't know anyone outside of the actual Power Rangers and the Nylops! It was a very educational experience indeed. The cards are a good size and depending on which game your child chooses to play, they may need quite a good size of table or floor space to use these cards. I quite like that there are four of each character within the pack as this means that should a few go missing, you could actually half the selection of each character and still manage to some of the games easily.

      Each card is made of thin card and is double sided. One side has Ravensburger written all over it whilst the other side has a character or selection of characters. There are 8 sets of 4 characters within this pack including :

      *Black Ranger
      *Blue Ranger
      *Mega Zord
      *Red Ranger
      *Jungle Strike

      Each card is well illustrated and the characters are realistic in appearance when you compare them to those in the programme. Before moving on to talk about the games, it is worth noting that these giant cards carry additional benefits for children. These benefits include memory, taking turns, following rules and picture matching and recognition. My son is very confident and enthusiastic about playing with these cards. The games that are mentioned on the card each have names which relate to Power Rangers but are quite common childrens games. Each time my son chooses to play with these cards, he has a choice of which game he would like to play and we take it from there. The pictures on the cards are very clear and big which is ideal for my son who doesn't not have very good vision.

      The games are fairly straightforward games and my son enjoys playing them. First we have 'Jungle Duel' which to us adults, is known as Snap. I have played Snap with my son on many occasions so this game was easy for us both to play together. Basically, the cards are dealt and the players take it in turns to put down one of their cards. When two cards the same are put down, the first to shout 'Jungle Fury' wins. You can extend this game further by adding additional rules but we like to keep it simple.

      Next we have 'Ranger Round-up' which involves collecting four identical cards from your opponents. This is best played with a few players and is a little more difficult to follow especially for younger children in my experience. The players take it in turns to ask for a specific card from a set and whoever has the most complete sets by the end of the game is the winner. My son enjoys playing this one with his cousins (age 5, 7 and 11) but I do need to assist the youngest children to ensure they aren't being cheated by the two older children.

      'Find the fury' focusses on the Red Ranger and my son likes this game as this Power Ranger is his favourite. Again, a few players are needed for this one to gain the most from this game. Three of the Red Ranger cards are removed and the remaining cards in the set are dealt out. The idea is for each player to pair their matching cards in groups of two and then offer the remaining cards to another player. At the end of the game, the person holding the Red Ranger is the loser. This was a difficult game for my son to master but he is able to play it well now.

      Finally, we are left with my sons favourite of all 4 games - 'Power Ranger Pairs'. My son absolutely loves playing pairs and I must admit that I enjoy this game too! The cards should be placed face down (warning, a lot of space needed for all the cards) and then each player has to find the pairs. The first time that my son played this, he set the cards up himself and played whilst I was sorting his lunch. I returned to find him utterly confused by there being four or each card rather than two that he is used to with pairs. I noticed he was finding two cards and then discovering a third so adding that to the other two instead of trying to find the fourth one.

      Once Mummy had explained about there being two pairs within each character set, it all became clear and this game is very popular in our house. Boo finds it easy to play this himself as well as with others. He can set the game up within minutes and use his memory skills to pin point where the different characters are. I have cottoned on to him placing the cards back in the pack in order so normally give them a shuffle when he isn't looking to make sure he isn't laying them out in order. It does take a lot of concentration to find all the pairs and my son likes to spend time finding the pairs as he gains a great deal of satisfaction from completing the pairs. My memory isn't great to be honest so I like to try this out too and Boo finds it funny when he beats Mummy by collecting more pairs.

      ~Final Thoughts~

      Our cards are still in excellent condition despite regular use. They are simple yet fun and encourage my son to use his memory skills. I am glad that I purchased these for my son as they have proven to be popular in our home and well played with. They were inexpensive and it would be possible for a child to make up additional games or extra rules to add to any of the recommended games. They would make an ideal stocking filler for Power Rangers fans but I would say they would be more aimed at children of school area as opposed to a child of 3 years old especially if you want them to be able to follow the rules.

      Thanks for reading :)


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