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Flair / Card game in Simpsons themed tin.

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    4 Reviews
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      15.09.2013 12:40
      Very helpful
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      good for Simpsons fans

      The Simpsons Uno is a brilliant themed Uno game. The game is the same as the original Uno but the cards are all Simpson's themed.

      My favourite part of the game is the case which is the shape of Homer's head. The case is made from plastic which is strong and keeps the cards safe but the lid doesn't stay on that well. Inside the case there is a rectangle the same size as the cards so they stay in place inside the case nicely.

      The cards are 8.5 by 5.5 centimetres which is an average size for cards but the box is larger than the cards. There are 112 cards in the game which includes 19 each of red, blue, yellow and green number cards, 8 draw two, reverse and skip cards and 4 wild, wild draw four and blinky cards.

      Each card has a picture of a Simpson's character in the centre with the numbers or logos on the corners of the cards. Some of the characters are Bart, Lisa, Homer (running naked!), Marge, Maggie, Santa's Little Helper, the cat whose name I cannot remember and other characters from the show. The characters are usually doing something in the pictures making it more interesting to look at like Marge making a cake or Homer eating a doughnut. My favorite card is Bart sneakily holding a spray paint.

      The aim of the game is to be the first player to get rid of all there cards. Each player starts with seven cards and in turns they must put a card down which matches the centre card whether it's by colour or number (or picture in this game). If you cannot do this with your cards you must pick up another card. The first player to get rid of all cards (and remember to say Uno at the last card), is the winner.

      I really like this game as the Simpsons theme make the cards brightly coloured and unique. I have always loved Uno and this is a excellent version for any Simpsons fans.


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        06.12.2011 13:52
        Very helpful



        A great game for all the family to play

        It might come as a surprise to some that as a child of the 80's, I didn't discover UNO until I was about 15 years old. The first version of the game I played was the Toy Story version, shortly followed by UNO extreme.

        I then decided I needed to have a set of my own UNO cards, as it's a great game to play with my nieces and nephew. So I popped down to Toys R Us, and got myself this set of Simpsons UNO cards.

        About UNO

        The object of the game in UNO is to get rid of all of your cards in each round, and score points for the cards your opponents are left holding. Points are totalled at the end of each round and the first player to reach 500 points wins.

        I know that not everybody plays the game entirely to those rules - I often consider a "round" as one game, rather than adding up the points to 500, as it's one of those games that could go on forever, particularly if there are a few of you playing.

        In order to prepare for play, you are supposed to each draw a card and the player with the highest number should deal. The dealer should then shuffled the pack and deal seven cards to each player, then place the remainder of the pack in the middle of the players as the draw pile. The top card is then turned over to start a discard pile.

        When you are all set up and ready, the person to the left of the dealer starts the game. The idea is to match a card from your hand to the card on the discard pile, by either the number, the colour or the symbol. If you don't have a card that matches, you have to take a card from the draw pile - if this card can be played you can put it down, however if you still can't match it to the discard pile you have to keep it in your hand. Then play passes to the next person on the left so you go round in a clockwise motion.

        You can actually choose not to play a playable card from your hand but you would still have to pick up a card from the draw pile and carry out the process as mentioned above.

        When you have one card left, you need to call UNO, or if you are caught not saying this before the next person starts their turn you have to pick up two cards. If you can play that card on your next go then you can be out of the game, if not you have to continue to play as normal by picking up another card from the draw pile and playing it if possible - not forgetting to shout UNO if you are left with one again!

        I shall talk about the action/symbol cards in the next section, as in Simpsons UNO they are specific to the Simpsons.

        The Simpsons UNO

        First off, you have to start by mentioning the container the game comes in. The cards are held in by a plastic mould inside Homer Simpson's head! It is a real novelty though, as although it looks good, the front of Homer's face comes off from his head very easily indeed, and that means the cards can fall out all over the place - not ideal in any situation really, let alone if you are in the car playing it or on holiday where the wind could blow them away and you'd lose them!

        That aside though, the theming through the pack itself is great. The back of the cards are black and red with a yellow border, and they feature the UNO logo, the Simpsons logo, and a picture of Homer peaking over the edge of the card.

        Here are the characters to cards, and if they are an action card, also their purpose:

        0 - Represented by Homer staring at one of those famous pink donuts, as though he's never seen anything so wonderful in his life!
        1 - Represented by Maggie with a big red football hand on her head that says "We're No. 1".
        2 - Represented by Groundskeeper Wullie holding a tray of steaming haggis - just in case you needed an unsubtle reminder that he is Scottish...
        3 - Represented by Otto the Bus Driver jamming to the tunes on his Walkman.
        4 - Represented by Lisa kicking her leg out and doing what looks like "jazz hands".
        5 - Represented by the dog, Santa's Little Helper.
        6 - Represented by the cat, Snowball, coughing up a hairball.
        7 - Represented by Bart looking suspicious and holding a spray paint can.
        8 - Represented by Disco Stu in a Saturday Night Fever style pose.
        9 - Represented by Marge carrying a tray of freshly baked cookies.

        Action cards:

        Draw Two Card - Represented by the twins Sherri and Terri, and also identifiable by the usual symbol of two white cards in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card the next player has to pick up two cards and miss their turn. This card can only be played on a matching colour or on another draw two card.

        Reverse Card - Represented by a picture of Bart naked with a towel covering his bum, and also identifiable by the usual symbol of two arrows in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card the direction of play reverses, and again this can only be played on a matching colour or another reverse card.

        Skip Card - Represented by a picture of Homer naked and either running or most likely skipping, also identifiable by the no entry style symbol in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card the next player is skipped and misses their turn, and it can only be played on a matching colour or another skip card.

        Wild Card - This is actually wrongly printed in the instructions that come with the game, so I'm telling you the right card! Represented by a picture of either Kang or Kodos (the aliens), also identifiable by the colour wheel symbols in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card you can choose what colour is in play, rather than following the pile as you usually have to, though you can choose the last colour played if you wish. You can play this card even if you have a coloured card that would be able to be played.

        Wild Draw 4 Card - Represented by a picture of Homer looking absolutely exhausted with the three kids hanging off of him and identifiable by the colour wheel and four card symbol in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card you can choose the next colour in play, and the next player has to pick up four cards from the draw pile and lose their turn. You may only play this card when you don't have another card that can be played.
        Blinky Card - Again this is wrongly printed in the instructions as it is confused with the Wild Card, so I shall tell you the right card! Represented by a picture of the three eyed fish Blinky and identifiable by the four cards symbol in the top and bottom corners. When you play this card, you call out a colour of your choice, then each player has to take cards off the draw pile until they get one of that colour, and those cards are added to their hand. When everyone has done this, play continues with the colour that was chosen.


        Myself and my family have found this enjoyable to play, because it encourages you to be together as a family, creates a bit of interest as it becomes more competitive, and the Simpsons characters help raise interest in other members of the family who would otherwise pass on playing.

        I think the Blinky card also adds another dimension to the game play as it is unique to this version of the game as far as I'm aware, and it creates tension as you hope and pray the first card you get is the colour that was called, so you don't end up with tens of cards in your hand.

        Perhaps the only downside is that if you are playing by the proper UNO rules and counting up the points, the game can go on for a long long time. It's ok for the first few rounds as you're all enjoying it, but later as people are dwindling behind while others are miles in the lead it starts to get a bit wearing, but it all depends on the players really.

        Quality of the cards

        I am very precious with my possessions, so my cards are all still in very pristine condition. I think the cards are pretty good in terms of flexibility, and would only really show signs of wear if you were to completely fold them over.

        I'm not entirely sure how the cards would stand up to water or liquids like drinks, the cards have a shiny coating on them, but I think it would only be for minor spillages that it would survive - if you dropped them in a swimming pool they would probably be severely effected even when rescued and left to dry.

        It is also likely that after being used over and over the corners may start to split from being shuffled, as is common with most card decks.

        As I said before though, I am uber cautious in looking after my things so I'm not 100% sure what kind of poor treatment the cards can hold.

        My Opinion

        I really like these cards because it is a great game for us to play together as a family, and even the younger kids like to play it as they find it easy to match by colour or by character perhaps more than the numbers, and only need a little bit of help with the action cards, which is fair enough as even the adults forget what they all do!

        I would recommend these for household and holiday play, but as I mentioned before about the casing, it comes loose so very easily, so it is definitely worth putting an elastic band around the case and perhaps even around the pile of cards to stop you losing them all and being unable to play in future because key cards are missing from the deck.

        It is very handy to keep the instructions with the game as well as it tells you how to play, what the action cards do, and how to add up the cards' points if you are playing the game as UNO intended! The instructions are in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian, which is another bonus because it is something you could do with exchange students while they are spending time with you and everybody will understand and be able to enjoy the game.


        I bought my Simpsons UNO cards from Toys R Us in store, and I can't remember the price, but I doubt it was more than £5.99. You can't get this online, but you may still be able to get it in store.

        The game is retailing on Amazon for over £30 which is ridiculous - don't buy it for that price because that is obscene, you can look for it elsewhere in places like eBay and pay far less!

        Also published on Ciao.


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          29.03.2010 16:24
          Very helpful



          If you love Uno and the Simpsons you can't go wrong

          If you've ever played the original Uno card game you will know how addictive it can be and this Simpsons game is the sames as the classic version just with a variation of the theme and differently designed cards with one of the characters on each card. I love the game of Uno and like the Simpsons so this is perfect for me.

          Rather than some card games in this version the cards come in a collector's tin which prevents the cards getting ruined too quickly and is pretty durable. The tin features a picture of the Simpson's family on it's outside, namely Homer, Marge, Bart, Maggie and Lisa.

          Inside you will find the special edition cards complete with the pictures of the Simpson's characters and also set of instructions which is quite small.

          The good thing about this particular verison as opposed to some special versions is that this sticks fairly rigidly to the classic game and there are no special cards or rules to remember or learn. Simpson's Uno is played just like regular Uno. The game can be played with between two and ten players and I've always found that the more players you have participating the more enjoyable it is, although when you get more than five or six players it can get a bit slow at times.

          For me this is a game that can be picked up by kids so is fun for the whole family really. Each players is dealt seven cards and one is turned face up to start the game in the centre of the table which forms the 'Discard Pile' and the rest of the excess cards are placed face down in what is called the 'Draw' pile. In turn each player will try to put down a card on the discard pile. So how does it work? You have to put down a card face up that can go after the one that is currently the top card. A simple example would be if there is a green card with a number 1 at the top of the pile, then you can lay either another green card or a card of any colour with a 1 on it. Or if you have none of these cards then you can play a wild card if you have one and choose a new colour or you will have to take a card from the other pile to add to your hand. The game can be won by getting rid of all the cards in your hand and when you only have one card left you alert the other players by shouting 'Uno'.

          There are of course some twists in the game in the form of special cards that you can place down like making the next player pick up two etc. This adds to the fun and means things are not as straightforward and simple.

          It is a really great game and if you've never played it then it's well worth getting and you could do worse than getting this variation on the classic.


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          15.09.2009 23:05
          Very helpful



          Fabulous family game.

          %% Simpsons Uno%%

          Flair games have added some fun to our summer holidays this year with this Uno game.

          The game comes in an attractive face shaped plastic container which is fun enough to encourage the kids to tidy up! The cards themselves are sturdy, shiny and attractively coloured with entertaining pictures - an added bonus if a player is taking a while to decide their next move!

          Includes: 108 cards for 2 - 10 players.
          For ages 7 Years +. Features 15 character cards representing your favourite Simpsons characters.

          **How to play.
          The deck has 108 cards which can be divided into four sets, wild cards, and word cards with directions on them.

          First choose a dealer by having each player pick one card. Whoever picks highest number is the dealer (Word cards count as zero) and deals each player seven cards.The remaining cards are placed face down in the middle of the table.
          Turn the top card of this draw pile over to begin a second pile: the discard pile.

          The player on the dealer's left begins and play continues thus:
          Place one of your cards on the discard pile when it's your turn. Your card must have the same number, color or wording as the top card of the discard pile - or be a wild card.

          If you cannot discard you must pick up a card from the draw pile and add this to your hand. Play the drawn card if you can. If you can't, it's the next person's turn.
          *Wild cards:
          You can play a wild card any time it's your turn and can use it to name any suit you wish ie to change the colour of the card which must follow you.

          *Draw cards:
          Draw 3 and draw 4 cards force the next player along to pick up that number of cards from the discard pile and miss their go . You can also change the colour to follow - both handy tactics if someone is going well!
          Draw 2 cards:
          These work the same way but without the chance to change the colour

          *Skip cards:
          These force the next person along to skip their turn (if 2 are playing it means its your go again!)
          *Reverse cards:
          These reverse the direction of play and are useful to avoid a winning player having a turn or to change the player preceding you if they seem to have a lot of nasty cards! (if 2 are playing it means its your go again!)

          **How to win!
          This is the moment when I have to say something like - an easy idea that will take you your whole life to master! To some extent this is true - it works on various levels and some tactics can be developed as I have hinted. The novel notion of this game is that your aim is to get rid of your cards. When you have just one left you have to declare UNO (preferably in a very dramatic way!) and then the temperature is turned up as others pull out all their sneaky cards to foil you. If you forget your dramatic declaration you have to pick up a 2 card penalty.
          If you successfully get rid of your final card all players then add up the points remaining in their hands. Most cards add up their face value but be warned that
          Draw Two, Skip, and Reverse cards count as 20 points and Wild and Wild Draw Four cards count as 50 points. Thus there is a balance between the need to hold onto them to ensure your swift victory at the end and the risk of giving away lots of points if you are left with them at the end!

          Officially play continues until someone gets 500 points but in reality you can set this limit depending on age of players and amount of time available.
          Why Simpsons?

          I haven't played traditional UNO so I can't make entirely unbiased judgement on this except to say that the character pictures are entertaining and interesting and the children certainly gained a lot from chatting about the characters and their role in the game - Sideshow Bob is up to his usual sadistic antics making you draw four, Mr. Burns wields his power as the Wild card and Homer represents his favourite number 0 mmm, donuts!!


          A super family game which can be accessed at several levels. Can be long or short. Attractively presented. Durable cards and container. Inexpensive at around £8. The children also found the cards strong enough to play with in the back of the car and preferred this to chasing their usual flimsy playing cards under the seats!


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