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Top Trumps Roald Dahl

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2013 16:14
      Very helpful



      A great version of Top Trumps

      I've always loved Top Trumps for as long as I can remember. Not only for the game itself but also the illustrations which I used to always find very interesting, particularly because I happen to have a very stroppy older sister who never wanted to play with me! This meant I could only really bring out the cards when I had friends round or just to look at the fun drawings. Even now that I'm fully grown I still like to play the game and own three versions, the Simpson's Halloween, Spongebob Square Pants and this version, Roald Dahl.

      This particular edition of Top Trumps is called Roald Dahl which makes sense as it includes the characters of many of the famous author's popular children's books although I do believe a major credit should go to the illustrator Quentin Blake, famous for drawing the images for both Roald Dahl. The images retain their quirky, angular shapes and unique looking characters with lanky bodies and over-sized extremities which add humour to their looks.

      The characters on the cards include the likes of Mr Twit, Matilda, the Big Friendly Giant and Augustus Gloop. They span many of Dahl's books which were some of my favourites as a child. Although I am now an adult I still really love his books and the stories always invoked creativity in me making me want to write and draw also, which is one of the reasons I have loved (and kept) these cards from when I was younger. If a child has never read a Roald Dahl book or even heard of its characters (which I find difficult to believe because of their vast popular in both literature and film) I think these Top Trumps cards are an excellent way to introduce them to some of the characters and spark their interesting by wanting to know more by reading.

      In case you aren't aware how Top Trumps works basically you split the deck of cards with whoever you are playing with equally and the first person will call out a category such as "Brains" which will have a number with it. The next person will then read out their card's number for this category and if it happens to be lower the first player will win that card. Its very simple and easy to pick up which is good as its simply a case of explaining the rules once and then kids can just pick up the cards and play. In this way they're very versatile and suitable for all personality varieties.

      One of the reasons I especially love this Top Trump Special is that it is suitable for all genders. Sometimes other options such as small animals or football teams may alienate their audience to either boys or girls but I think Roald Dahl books are something that can be appreciated by both sexes.

      The cards come in a small plastic case which flips up and is both clear and purple at the sides. The cards themselves are very bright and colourful which adds to their interestingness and keeps children entertained. I think the box is especially useful as it means you can store all the cards together without losing any or getting the ends curled. This keeps them nice and neat and ready to play at any time. It also means they're easily transportable so for example, if your child wanted to bring them with them on a trip round their friend's house or to play during Wet Play (which is what we always called rainy days when we weren't allowed out into the playground) they can do so easily.

      I must admit that I'm still very much a big kid and bring out these cards from time to time to play with my boyfriend. I like to think of myself as a Top Trump maestro but he may have something else to say about that! They're simple without being too boring for older audiences and while many might not like to admit it for those of us who grew up on them it'd be great to break them out again to play (which is something I do perhaps too much lol).

      Overall this is an excellent variety of a product which I think is very fun and suitable for a variety of ages and genders. They aren't too pricey usually costing around £5 and are long lasting also.


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