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Integral USB 2.0 Mobile Card Reader

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    3 Reviews
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      04.09.2013 22:23
      Very helpful



      The Tarot cards for this device don't look good.

      Two year warranty
      Amazon 4.99 GBP - Free postage
      - - -
      Compatibility: Windows Millennium Edition and above - Mac OS (8.6 Plus) and above.
      - - -
      972 Mega Bytes of pictures were stored on a 1 Giga Byte xD-PictureCard, I had 28 Mega Bytes left and my Olympus wasn't having any of it. Storage was at capacity and like a night-club bouncer; it waved my photo-clicking finger away, it couldn't even facilitate 2 Mega Bytes more. Suddenly it was a 'one out, one in system.' Too clinical for my liking because I knew I had, room for at least ten images and I had no intention of deleting images of Emma Willis which I took on a Friday night while trying out my zoom under the influence of the Kintyre malt called Jura. 'A blind man would be happy to see them.' I booed and hissed as well as used up my Mega Byte quota - and again, I booed and hissed when I found out I used up my Mega Byte quota, when I really hadn't.

      The mild irk was resolved easily enough. I removed the 'xD-PictureCard' memory card which stated: 'M - 1GB' - but should've stated: 'Mmmm - 972MB and not a Mega Byte more.' Then I guess there is a image health concern (s) in regards to squashing all the images up onto one small memory - I put it down to 'Health and Safety' - surely the only logical explanation. Maybe PictureCard over-crowding; Emma Willis would crowd-surf, not a good idea during a low key ninetieth Birthday bash! pictures of Emma Willis, a ninetieth Birthday Party, fortieth Birthday Party, digital ancestor photo-shoots from the 1950's, and images of hikes - to name a few.

      Reads cards... although, terrible at poker

      A red ember radiates from the USB connector to the white chunky domino of the Card Reader, while activate. The device is weighty as if a domino and has the same width as one in the dark it'll be hard to differentiate between the two. The pin protector is only a clear plastic cap, no doubt it will be misplaced or chucked into the recycling bin before too long - a pity duly on the factor the ergonometric design, employs it purely for an Integral Card Reader cap.

      972 Mega Bytes equated to 471 pictures and one random panoramic movie of eight seconds. I don't even remember doing it, let alone the place I did it in. I slotted the PictureCard into my Integral Card Reader, the Reader reads 'SD, MMC, and Plus, RC, MMC pro - Duo formatted cards' and anything with xD PictureFinder, PictureCard, MobileMemoryCards , and all that is FujiFilm orientated. My PictureCard sneakily fits into the inch long strip of connecting camera images to your workstation via USB 2.0 - By connecting the USB pin to a designated Workstation USB port; this'll automatically activate the internal Card Reader driver. You may get a prompt such as: 'New Device Found' - No actual software is required to decipher through the images but I suggest making a 'New Folder' onto your desktop for the images to be stored to -When the driver allocates the Card Reader pictures via line details of the images, it is noticeable they don't come out in chronological order, but you can pick to see the visuals clearer via a thumb-nail option. From there you can 'drag and drop' them into the desktop folder.

      To 'select' and 'drop' 972 MB of digital data into a desktop folder takes approximately 6 minutes, 51 seconds. Transmission speed isn't important as the flash drive reading and writing speeds, partly on the basis, flash drives don't configure from differing Photo-Card formats, they just store and transmit data. Undeniably the mobility and functionality of the device has to be applauded - for me, the device's camera card versatility ticked all the boxes - like all attachment devices, these ephemera always require technological development to survive. Hand-devices systematically hooked into Wifi, regardless of logistics, tend to be armed to the hilt on visual suites, photo-edits, and able to whiz the digital data off to the home or office workstation. Before long the Card Reader which helped made cables and wires extinct will follow-suit. Soon it'll be sent to the device grey tomb of the shed's bottom draw, only to be resurrected by curious hands, ten years on.... inquiring; "What is this? - The reply will be - "Mmmm, obsolete junk." The reply will be "Plastics or metal recycling?" Followed by an irate groan; "Aaaaghh, both!"

      Today, September 2013, four stars, tomorrow - zero stars.


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        20.11.2011 16:49
        Very helpful



        Good quality, cheap, easy to use USB card reader

        I have a Sony Cybershot camera which comes with a specific Sony memory stick card which Sony have manufactured a specific memory card reader stick for. My experience with the sony memory card reader stick is pretty poor as it is very unreliable. As well as the Sony card reader being unreliable on my PC, my current laptop unfortunately only has a slot for an SD card and not a MSProDuo card such as the one that my Sony camera takes so uploading and viewing photo's on my laptop can be a bit of a nightmare. My partner had also previously owned a Sony cybershot camera and recommend that I check out the integral mobile card reader which comes with three built in slots for 16 different kinds of memory cards. and what makes it better than a standard card reader is the simple fact that it's a USB device which you can plug into a USB 2.0 port on your laptop or desktop computer, easy for both home and office use.

        ==What is the Integral mobile card reader==
        This little USB device is what makes viewing your pictures on your computer easy. It is a 16 in 1 card reader suitable for camera memory cards, mobile phone memory cards or any other standard memory card. The device itself although a USB device and very similar to a USB pen drive is in my opinion quite chunky although very light. It is slightly bigger than your standard USB memory stick but it does have 3 memory card slots to account for so that in itself would meant that the product would have to be bigger but it's still small enough to pop into a pocket or a handbag making a truly mobile device.

        ==Using the memory card==
        The memory card reader is very simple to use. Simply slot your memory card into the appropriate slot choosing from SD/MMC//MMCplus/RS-MMC/MMCmobile/minisd, MS/MSPRO/MSduo/MSPROduo/M2, TF/MicroSD - now I don't know much about memory cards but this card reader supports 16 different card types which surely must cover a lot of memory cards out there. Simply plug in to a USB 2.0 port and your computer will recognise the device as removable storage and all of your files will be ready for you to view - nice and easy. You can easily identify if the card reader has recognised your memory card as the when plugged into the USB slot the light on the top right hand corner of the device will light up a solid red, intermittent flashing means that it does not recognise the card or perhaps the card is faulty. As ridiculous as it may sound it's important to only use one memory card reader slot at a time as the product simply will not work.

        ==Price and availability==
        The Integral mobile card reader is available from a number of online retailers and is currently on offer at best buy, reduced from £9.99 down to £4.99 with free delivery.....cheap at half the price.

        ==My overall thoughts and opinion==
        This is a handy little memory card reader that allows me to view both pictures taken on my digital camera and pictures taken on my blackberry as there are memory slots in the device for both kinds of memory card which makes everything so much quicker and easier and I can easily transfer my files for easy viewing onto my laptop. I paid around £5.50 for mine a couple of years ago from a company called my memory and it's still going strong providing me with all of my transfer needs. A great little kit and a reasonable price.


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        27.07.2010 09:12
        Very helpful



        A useful device to have

        I bought this card reader as a convenient way to view digital media from my phone or camera on my computer without actually having to connect the device its self to the computer.

        Not strictly necessary, but good for convenience purposes and good if you loose your computer cable for your camera for example. I got mine for £5.99 so it's not too expensive , in fact it is being advertised at £4.39 on Amazon currently.

        It can support SD, SDHC (both typical camera/ camcorder), M2 (used in Sony phones), Micro SD (used in most phones) and other formats I don't recognise. I will give the full list at the end of the review.

        I've used it a lot with windows XP but it should work with older versions of windows and with Mac's and apprantly will also work with windows 7. A good thing about it is there is no software to install for it so you can start to use it straight away. It's also very light and small, so extremely easy to carry around.

        It's compatible with USB 2 for high speed file transfers, but if you have an older computer it will work just as well with USB 1 only at a slower speed. You can also use it to transfer files between different types of flash memory.

        I have had it perhaps 1/2 year and never had any problems using it or found anything it won't read yet.

        Not really sure what else there is to say about it - it's easy to use, more convenient than connecting a camera (e.g.) directly to your computer and seems pretty reliable.

        Full list of supported types:
        SD Card
        MiniSD Card
        MMC Mobile
        MMC Plus
        Memory Stick M2
        Memory Stick
        Memory Stick-PRO
        Memory Stick-Duo
        Memory Stick-PRO Duo


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