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Kingston USB microSD Reader + Card

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Kingston USB microSD Reader + Card - Card reader ( microSD, microSDHC ) - flash: microSD - 2 GB - Hi-Speed USB

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    2 Reviews
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      31.05.2010 15:12
      Very helpful



      A brillant little memory stick!

      I got this little device a the Christmas before last from a friend and it's made my life just that little bit easier.

      Firstly, you can get it off any good online shop (amazon/play) for just a couple of pounds - and it's well worth it. It comes with the usb input itself (with plastic sheath and lanyard), a 2GB microSD card and 2 microSD adapters - for miniSD and full size SD slots. This is great value for money, seen as just a 2GB microSD card can cost you more than £5 in some shops!

      This device is amazingly practical. The lanyard with metal loop allows you to stash it on your keys, phone, necklace etc so it's always within an arm's reach. That means no more forgetting your memory stick, but unfortunately also one less execuse for not handing in your homework!

      It slides back into the plastic sheath to protect the usb/card (although the usb and card are both more hard-wearing than the thin plastic sheath) and it's small enough to tuck away unnoticed until you need it. When you do need it, just slide the usb input out of the sheath, and plug it into the computer - it fits nicely and securely. Its 2GB capacity is more than enough space for normal usage, but if you need more space, just purchase a mircoSD with a bigger capacity and use that instead.

      Being able to quickly change the mircoSD card is what sets this one apart from the crowd. If you have a mobile, MP3 player or digital camera which also uses a microSD card then this device becomes even more useful. You can very quickly swap the cards over, and this allows you to manage your files on a computer anywhere; without needing to carry the hardware to computer cable with you. This is very handy for taking and printing pictures on the move, or quickly putting more music on your phone from another person's computer.

      The only disadvantages are that after a year and a half of usage, the plastic sheath has a part snapped off and the lanyard is becoming a little frayed. However, both of these are only superficial and don't impede the functionality atall. And for the amount they cost, they are cheap enough to replace every couple years if needs be.

      This is by far the best, and cheapest USB/memory sticks that i've come across. For the increased practicability of using it on the move, with other pieces of hardware, I would suggest that anyone who uses a memory stick should invest in one of these.


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      14.12.2008 18:18
      Very helpful



      A great item for transferring files froma phone etc.

      I am a bit of an anorak when it comes to memory sticks. I cannot help but buy one every time I go to town or whenever I see one I like online. I bought a phone last year and I was keen to be able to hold a large collection of photos, videos and music within my phone but the memory was very basic so a MicroSD card was essential. I purchased a few cards but rarely moved the files from one place to another as the process seems too arduous.

      Whilst browsing through Amazon I found a memory stick that encompassed a mini-SD card reader. My first impressions on the stick was 'WOW' closely followed by the 'I want this now urge' unfortunately I know by now that Amazon can take up to 5 days to deliver my order and I had to wait.

      The memory card/MicroSD card reader was made by Kingston and I am aware from past purchases that Kingston are a reliable manufacturer creating strong and highly effective removable storage devices.

      They also seem to have one of the greatest ranges of removable media from novelty memory sticks n the shape of Lego or a specific character, as well as memory sticks able to hold a lot of memory.

      The card and reader bundle was a bargain at only £3.99. The size makes it very potable and convenient to use. It has saved me worrying about losing my existing card reader/card adapter and means that I no longer have to carry USB wires and bulky card readers in my bag. The card supplied has 2GB of space, which is quite good for a few picture files, videos and a few MP3 files.

      On plugging the USB stick into my computer it took a few minutes to recognise the new software, however on installing the new hardware it now powers up very quick. The Kingston card reader is classed as a 'plug and play' device meaning it automatically opens and file transfer is fast and effective.

      The memory stick itself is small and compact. It folds up neatly into its casing making is convenient to carry. It has a mini lanyard that can connect to a set of keys, neck strap or even the phone itself. I purchased the 'black' version although it is available in an orange-red colour. I thought the black colour looked more stylish and more professional, although the orangey colour is fun it does look a little plastic and cheap. That said the memory stick in general is quite flimsy and I am always cautious about dropping it or leaving it in my pocket.

      I do like to print my phone photos and have found that the card is often easier to use than connecting to a photo booth via Bluetooth. Most photobooths have USB connections and I would much rather use the 'plug and play' method than try to connect via Bluetooth.

      Like all Kingston products the card reader has a warranty of two years however I have not encountered any problems at all whilst using the card reader and it has given me many hours of fun use transferring files between the phone and computer (vice versa).

      Overall this is a great little addition to my ever-growing collection of USB sticks. It is probably the one that gets used most often after my Kingston Mini Datatraveller. The prices vary between 90p and £5 online so if you shop around you may be able to get a real bargain.


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    • Product Details

      This card and reader bundle is an ultra portable and convenient device duo that gives you a swift means of moving photos, video clips, music and other files from mobile phone to PC or PC to mobile phone.

      With this mobile ready bundle, you'll eliminate the need to carry additional USB transfer cables and the typical wait for Bluetooth technology slow file transfers between phones and PCs. It also replaces your SD card adapter since the microSD card fits directly into the reader. When in use, the microSD Card Reader appears as a drive letter (i.e. E:) and data transfer is as simple as drag and drop.

      Store your entire mobile life - photos, songs, text messages, video clips, personal information on your Kingston microSD card, then work with it across device platforms seamlessly with the microSD Card Reader bundle solution at your fingertips.

      The bundle is backed by a two-year warranty on the reader, a lifetime warranty on the microSD card, and Kingston’s legendary service and support.