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Newlink USB 2.0 7 in 1 Card Reader / Writer

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Newlink NL-CR3HUB USB 2.0 7 in 1 Card Reader/Writer - Card reader ( CF I, CF II, Memory Stick, MS PRO, Microdrive, MMC, SD, SM ) - Supports Low Speed (1.5 Mbps) Full Speed (12 Mbps) and High Speed (480 Mbps) Data transfer rates

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    1 Review
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      10.04.2008 14:29
      Very helpful



      Excellent device

      ***** Newlink USB 2.0 7 in 1 Card Reader/Writer *****

      I'm not great with technology - I can do things but it has to be simple, consistent and woe betide the electrical object should it break down.
      Luckily this is the easiest piece of equipment so I'll continue to love it.

      ***** What's it do? *****

      This is a device that you plug into your usb port in your computer. You then place your memory card/s into the designated slot on the Newlink reader and hey presto your memory card can then be read by your computer. There's no messing about loading software to recognise each different card or device since you're using the same one each time.
      Let me explain:

      I've got a sony ericsson phone with a usb connection - should I want to transfer photos from that I've to connect and reload the software which seems to take forever. Instead I take out the memory card from the phone and slot it in the Newlink - photo's and video's available straight away.

      My casio camera's favourite habit is to eat batteries - if I used the connector to read the photo's straight from the camera either the batteries are wasted or I'd have to plug that into the mains too. Yet again, I can't be bothered, so I merely remove the card from the camera and plug it into my little friend, Newlink.

      ***** Features *****

      It has four slots that support
      *Compact Flash Type I/II
      *Smart Media
      *Memory Stick & Memory Stick Pro
      *Secure Digital
      *Multi Media Card

      Transfer rate: 480Mb/sec - takes a few seconds to be able to view a full card on my computer.

      ***** Can my computer use it? *****

      Your desktop or notebook will need to have a USB Port as it doesn't work any other way.
      You'll also need one of the following operating systems:
      *Windows 98SE
      *Windows ME
      *Windows 2000
      *Windows XP
      *Mac OS 9.X
      *Mac OS 10.X or above

      ***** What else do I get for my hard-earned cash? *****

      Pretty much the machine and a cable - let's not get carried away here - Christmas it is not. It comes in a handy packet that can be used for storage - I do because I can't be trusted to remember which cables are for what or where I last left them but just as easily, you could leave it plugged into your computer permanently.

      There's a disc with it that I've not used - typically I shoved Newlink straight into my laptop and it worked (not sure this was wise but I'm a twit).

      There's no instructions though in retrospect they're probably on the disc! It's so straight forward that even I can use it.
      There is an LED indicator to show that you've plugged it in right - bonus for me!
      For a product info summary - http://www.newlinkproducts.co.uk/prodinfo.asp?catID=4&prodID=238

      ***** I want one! *****

      I got mine off trusty ebay for £3.99 with free postage 4 years ago. Weirdly, the same one on ebay at the mo is £13.99 plus 2.99 postage! You can get it for a tenner from "beststuff" but I bet there's cheaper elsewhere. I know there's more advanced versions and cheaper ones now but this has never let me down and supports all the cards I have though it doesn't cover other memory cards that are currently available so check before you buy one.

      ***** Summary *****

      It's a small device, black in colour with a red light when it's on. You can edit, view, and copy photos, music, data, images direct from the reader without removing them first. It's so simple I can do it. For the price now, I would look at another version, but Newlink itself has not let me down. Fantastic device that I hope will last forever.

      Thanks for reading!
      Caroline 2008


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