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Sandisk Mobilemate Micro 2in1

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    1 Review
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      18.12.2011 16:57
      Very helpful



      Micro Card Reader

      I'm not a fan of MicroSD cards - they're simply too small and fiddly for my liking; plus, there's something a bit disturbing about a finger-nail sized device which can store over 30 Gigabytes of data. Love them or hate them, you still need to get your data from them, and that's where Sandisk's MobileMate Micro comes into the equation. Of course, you *could* use an SD card adaptor to transfer data to your computer - but that involves putting your MicroSD card into the adaptor, then putting the adaptor into a card reader, and then the card reader into the computer. The MobileMate Micro takes both the SD card adaptor and the card reader out of the equation - simply put the MicoSD card into the MobileMate, and then the MobileMate into your PC (or Mac of course)... still with me?...

      Design & Appearance
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Constructed from a tough black and red plastic, the MobileMate is around the size of two MicroSD cards - and because of its diminutive dimensions it's quite easy to lose. Luckily, it comes with a cord lanyard so you can attach the device to a keyring and have it with you at all times. That said, I lost one of my MobileMate's before, as the metal section on the end of the lanyard is a little bit weak, so it should be checked from time to time. As well as regular MicroSD cards, the MobileMate is also compatible with MicroSDHC (high capacity) cards - this is handy, as many of the older MicroSD card readers aren't able to read MicroSDHCs.

      Price & Using the Device
      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - --
      In terms of the cost, the MobileMate Micro currently retails at £3.79 from Amazon, and it's also widely available in High Street office supply stores such as Staples. Using the product is simple, just slide a MicroSD into the slot on the MobileMate's upper surface (slightly fiddly, but once in place push the MicroSd card until it will go no further), and then pop the device into the USB drive of your computer - a folder will appear on the desktop with the contents of the MicroSD card inside.

      Final Word
      - - - - - - - -
      All in all, the MobileMate Micro is an excellent device which makes the transferral of files from card to computer into a really simple process - highly recommended. A word of warning however - beware of the non-Sandisk version of this product that can be found on eBay - granted, it looks almost identical, but in my experience can stop working after multiple uses.


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