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Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 Twin Spark

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    2 Reviews
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      09.04.2009 16:04



      fun and flamboyant coupe

      I have recently purchased an Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 twinspark and i feel like i got a good deal.

      I read up on my purchase before taking the plunge and i read both good and bad things.

      I would recommend using a dealer rather than private as i was able to get a full MOT covered plus a 12 month warranty.

      For this plus my beautiful GTV, i paid a grand total of £1500, which was much less then i was looking to spend. I feel that with the security of the warranty for the unexpected, plus the money i have saved by not buying something more expensive - with less soul, i can now afford to get work done that i may have avoided otherwise.

      It has some small scratches (where some brainless buffoon has keyed it) plus a few small dings in the drivers door and im sure i can get these fixed for less than £100. I am also unsure if it has had a new cambelt in its 69000 miles so i do intend to get that replaced asap.

      I look forward to many enjoyable miles. My advice is - so far mine is great and if you can get it cheap enough, then spend the money and make it into the car you were looking to buy.


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      25.01.2007 18:51
      Very helpful
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      Lovely looking sports coupe, highly impractical, but great!!

      The Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 T.Spark has some lovely lines that will undoubtedly make this car a classic in years to come.

      If you are looking for a car with which to enjoy driving then this is a good option, it has a very sporty stance and the driving position is very comfortable. The 2 litre Twin Spark engine is responsive and the top end is very impressive.

      Cornering is solid with the GTV offering loads of grip.
      Depending on the way the car is driven the fuel consumption can either be reasonable or "where did that full tank go?!!".

      The finishing of the car is equally impressive, it was designed by a Ferrari designer and this is evident when you look at the lines on the exterior and the interior.

      A good second hand GTV 2.0 TS should cost you £3999 or more depending on the servicability of the vehicle, personally I would avoid cars priced lower than this as it would probably reflect on how the car has been driven in the past.

      GTV's are usually pretty rust-free, but if they are going to show then the rear arches will be where it is.
      Check the front bumper trim with the bonnet up as the paint is prone to bubbling and peeling in this area.
      The trick to buying a GTV is to buy one with as little mileage as possible and try not to buy the cheapest one you can find, there will be a reason it's a low price. A high milage GTV with little or no Alfa service history is just asking for trouble, after all, it's an Alfa Romeo, you HAVE to expect maintenance bills on average of £500 per year.
      The gearbox in the GTV is very good and problems with them are very rare. Take the car on a test drive and if it feels strange at all then leave well alone.

      GTV 2.0 TS cars sometime have problems with the rear suspension, on the test drive, listen for any grinding or knocking from the rear of the car, and if you hear any, steer clear!

      So, what else can you expect from a GTV?

      If you are over 6ft then you may find the headroom a little low for you, it is a compact coupe and space is at a premium.
      The windscreen is small and if you are claustrophobic then you may want to think again as it does feel very tight inside the cabin.
      Boot space?...... forget it!! A very small boot in the GTV is made even smaller by a spare wheel that sits in the boot itself, to free up more room you can buy an emergency tyre repair kit and dump the spare completely.

      All in all it is not a practical car, it is a driver's car. Enjoy driving it and it will offer you a great experience, buy it as an everyday family car and you may well regret it!!


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