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Audi S4 Avant

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    1 Review
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      01.08.2001 07:42
      Very helpful



      Last summers, I came to drive the Audi S4 Avant into the pleasure on a business trip. Altogether in eienr week has put back 1500 kilometers I with it. The bulk of it admittedly on the highway, but also city-trips and several kilometers of country road were with it, to be able to write enough about a sound opinion about it. I admittedly participate on a business trip again and again once, but I never had a S4. This was probably because of it, that I had ordered a car with Naviagationssystem and was all others already away. Had luck, I would say once there. However now to the provision, that was allowed to from it the most, probably series-provision is, but there I don't participate so sure me. - Sport-seats - sport-undercarriage - leather-steering wheel with integrated radio-service - radio-long-distance-service–Audi Naviagationssystem plus with screen in the method-bracket and television-reception. This integrates radio as well as a CD-Wechsler in it - seat-heater whether was the electrical Lordosenverstellung extra, or whether it participates series-provision, there I participate stumped however. For the ones, which the climate-situation must miss, I already says this is contained a fully automatic in fact these in the series-provisions. The motor: In the S4 participates a 2.7 liters of six-cylinder-motor, that is loaded by a Biturbo and achieves 265 full HPS, installed. This at most torque is already to be done with very low speed and remains rather equally high over a big Drehzalbereich. This motor-performance is enough for a maximum speed of 250 km/hs, bolted of course. The fascinating at this motor participates the strength over them/her/it he/it verüfgt. Already with lowest speeds, he/it, that one wonders, pushes like participates this possible something similar. So, one for example already can in the 6. Walk with 60 km/hs after a building site accelerates and one immediately leaves most cars behind itself. However also in the uppe
      r speed-area, the thrust doesn't ease. I had the luck, or also bad luck, to have to start my business trip on a Sunday, was therefore rather empty the highway. Someday, I have then come upon a Porsche once. We drove several kilometers so with approximately 220 km/hs there, however suddenly he/it wanted to remove me and has accelerated. First, I thought has driven him/it however, however then I thought well why not. Sees once whether he/it drives me from it. I would like to emphasize, this with it absolutely regard on other traffic-participants was taken. So we never had to strongly into the brake or have jostled. The drive: How in the meantime many Audi, also this Quattro, therefore a permanent all-wheel-drive, has. The power is referred by the motor built-in alongside over the clutch to the mechanism. From there over a dispatcher-mechanism over the driveshafts on the front-wheels. From the mechanism over a Kardanwelle on a Hinterachsgetriebe, the differential implemented in it passes on the power on the rear driveshafts and these to the rear-wheels on the other hand. So that the car doesn't experience to big Verspannungen, a Torsendifferential achieves the balance between front - and rear-wheels. The translation of the mechanism was chosen very well. She/it makes possible athletic driving like comfortable as well glides. The gearshift participates installed something too far in the front however since one reaches the counters of the seat-heater through him/it approximately in great detail. The switch-ways participate quite shortly and the mechanism reads to itself well switches. The undercarriage: In contrast to the aged string A4, this already has an undercarriage from aluminum as well as the known four-driver-front-axis. This reduces the springless masses and contributes consequently much to the comfort. For the quattros typical also participates the rear-wheels hung up at an increase-driver-axis. The Ergebniss can find itself, as well as lets d
      rive. As on seemed my impression so. Also quickly driven highway-curves don't bring the car from the silence. One however really has a sure feeling nothing nothing brings the car out of control. On the country road, the good impression will cloud something by the easily-current steering however. There, I must say, the Audi TT does quattro, that I had as private-cars at that time, essentially more jokes.. The feather-muffle-vote participates chosen well. Leads my Geschmacht however the undercarriage participates something done on comfort too much. The interior: The interior like for Audi in the meantime almost of course perfect. The instruments participate well attainable ablesbar and the counters all well. Only the Lichschalter participates somewhat unfavorably installed. One confuse I with the signaler-lever now and then once however. Only behind, one doesn't sit as grown-up absolutely well. The place-offer participates too low for it. However on the other hand, one must say, where does one get more place with this performance? The trunk: Since it was about the Avantversion, the trunk participates for most of the opportunities of enough gross. My result: I believe this S4 Avant, a special-position earns. Where one gets a sport car, that toots his/its service as everyday-car as well, for this price otherwise?


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