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BMW 330i SE Saloon

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    1 Review
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      24.10.2009 19:40
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      great car,pricey but great fun

      Ok, so the BMW and in particular the 330i Se. As this has been my car of choice for the past 2 years, i have a little to say about the vehcile and some things that have went wrong, so can shed some light on these and hopefully give you a good idea of what you buying.

      I have a 2001, 51 registered BMW saloon. For a car that was almost £30,000 as standard in 2001, i paid £7000 for it on 2007 which i thought was a good deal. As it was my first BMW i had no idea as to what the running costs were like or what i was setting myself up for in the future months ahead. I mean, its a BMW afterall and you expect a lot from this manufacturer.

      Off we go then, good bits first. The drive is amazing.everything i expected you got from ths car. Performance, luxury, space and a good lookig cabin. The boot itself is big enough for your "big shop" also. From the outside, it looks good. alloy whhels as standard and in the dark almost steely grey in the sun it looked nice.

      I have the tiptronic model so a full selection of fully ayto, sport moded and the tiptronic option. Having been the first time i have used tiptronic i idealised myself as a racing car driver, it was great!! But, it seems that the car needs or could do with a 6th gear.

      Mileage wise, the clock was sitting at an average of 16.2 miles per gallon when i sat in it. Wow!! I have been used to 30-35 from my previous car. And 16.2 mpg means more stops at the pumps. Dont panic though, it now says an average of 23.1 (ive learned to drive like an old man)

      Tyres now then. I had Eagle F1's when i first got the car but have soon realised that they may be one of the best tyrs on the market but replacing them aint cheap and they seem to wear down quite easily. They now have Kumho tyres which were £26 pounds cheaper and provide and equally comfortable ride (camskill tyres for cheap tyre deals for all vehicles)

      Now some bad bits. A common fault with the 3 series is the front bushes always seem to go. And mine also fell victim to this. Rang the local BMW dealer and asked them aprice "£180, no inc fitting for the part"....i hung up. Onto the massive Ebay and found the same parts fro £30 with a fitting charge of £30 from my local garage so quids in there!!!

      Another problem which i had, this also seems very common after a self diagnosis and a search on the Bimmer forum, was the car failing to start. Now, this was a loud clicking noise from the front of the engine. 20-40 turns and the car would start. No hesitations. Straight in the phone agin, not to BMW but my local garage who supplied and fitted the part for £100! Absolute bargain.

      SO as a conclusion then. This is a fab car. Really proud to be driving it however when these cars go wrong they can be very costly to repiar if you let the dealer pull the wool!!!


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