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BMW 8-series

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    1 Review
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      28.11.2001 03:54
      Very helpful



      My granddad bought this car brand new a few years back (we're talking at least 8 years!) after searching around for executive cars. He loves cars and needs a comfortable ride to places such as London for business. One of his favourite models being BMW, he set off to his local BMW dealer (with me!) to have a browse at what they had to offer. On arrival, we noticed the 840 in the show room window and asked for more information about it. The staff, which were very helpful, gave us some brochures with all the specifications and options in so he could make up his mind. He asked for a test drive, and one was given to us on the spot. On the way out to the awaiting car, my granddad stood back and said, "Beautiful isn't it?" And so it was. The colour of the test drive car was the colour my granddad was to have on his 840. I forget the exact name of the colour but it was a burgundy red colour, in metallic. The car was spoiler-less which, as you might have guessed after reading the first paragraph, made it look a lot better. The 840 is very aggressively styled, in fact, it can be classed as a muscle car. But as well as looking aggressive, the more elegant parts of the car are shining through. The pop-up lights in the bonnet are superb, as are the unique 'pillar-less' windows. The pillar-less feature means you can bring down the windows (electronically of course!) so there is a huge space where the windows used to be. The 840 is a very wide and long car, and it has to be when you see the size of the wheels - the split spoke rims are wrapped in 265 rubber! When the car is looked at from behind, the tyres and the two twin exhaust systems accompany each other perfectly. After staring at the wonder piece for what must have been a full ten minutes, we decided it was time to see if the car was as good inside as it was outside. Yet again, the car exceeded expectations. As we sank into the extremely comfortable leat
      her bucket seats, the salesman pointed out that they were also electronic controlled. Not just back and forth, but up and down too. There was also a memory function that stored up to three seating programs chosen by the user of course. The legroom for the rear seat passengers is sparse but then again the car is designed like a two seater. With a SRS (safety restraint system) on both driver and passenger sides, we felt safe enough to test the engine out. Here comes the fun part... :-) "Here are the keys sir, enjoy the ride" "Oh we will, don't worry!" Chuckles occur. Engine starts. Chuckles stop. Smiles widen. Oh how lovely a 4 litre V8 engine sounds in the morning :-) In neutral, my granddad dabs the pedal and is met with an 'aggressive purr' from under the bonnet. "Lets get the show on the road," he says, with a smile. The dealer we went to happened to be on a long strip of straight tarmac and on the day, was empty. Opening the throttle we reached 60mph in around 7 seconds and a top speed of 150mph. The horsepower figures are pretty large, they have to be with the weight of this thing. Strange thing is, I didn't feel one bit scared. I felt secure. Looking around in the car I noticed one drawback, not a big one, but it just didn't look right in this car. It was the plain dashboard. Just a simple black dashboard with a few dials on it. That brought my attention on to the mini computer in the centre of the car. Whenever there was a fault with the car, eg. Brake lights not working or even when you are low on oil, this little piece of magic warns you about them straight away. You can also use it for in-car statistics, like how many miles you have left with the amount of fuel that's in the tank, speed limiting (lets off a sound when you reach the maximum speed you set) etc. On arrival back at the show room my granddad handed back the keys and said, "Re
      ady for some business?" Wicked I thought :-) So off they went into the office and had a little discussion. Not long after, his car was sitting on his drive with neighbours constantly looking at it in its treasured spot next to the house. These cars can be picked up extremely cheaply at around £15000 for an M-reg model (don't be put off by the age) and WILL one day be a collectors item as BMW have ceased the production of them. And I don't know why! In conclusion, an absolute beast of a car for the money. My granddad has since moved on and bought another BMW, the Z3 M Series. Be prepared for an opinion on that in the future :-)


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