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Citroën Xsara LX 1.6i 16V Auto 5-door

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    1 Review
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      08.12.2008 12:01
      Very helpful



      Great car, for all different target markets.

      During this review I am not going to give spec lists etc, since you can just go onto the citroen website and get all that information. My aim here is to give you an overview of my experiences with this car.

      This car was given to me as a gift 18months ago; I had only been driving for a year before getting it. Going from an Mk II Golf 1.3L, this was a big step up in class for me. My insurance with the Golf cost me £600 p/y, when I applied for an insurance quote for the xsara, I was astounded that it was going to cost me £1600; it has since dropped to £750.

      This car has served me really well, I travel to and from work every day a 52mile round trip through Bath (if you don't know Bath, it is full of hills). The car is fairly economical, especially for an automatic; I reset the clock every time I fill up and it varies between 300-400miles before the red fuel light comes on. The tank fits about 50Litres I would say.

      I have had a few problems with the car one of which was the throttle regulator had broken, this meant that when I started the car it would hunt for the revs rather then settling at a point, and it was also very prone to stalling. This happened about 6months ago, so it was a due a good service anyway unfortunately the garage I took it originally were a bunch of rip-off merchants. They told me that I was going to need a new gearbox and their quote was £2500, I was in shock. After telling them I would give that a miss and get a second opinion they told me my final bill was £552 for the various bits and pieces they did on the car. There is a Citroen garage on my way to work so I dropped it in there for them to have a look at the allegedly broken gearbox ( I didn't take it here originally because dealerships tend to charge double). Citroen told me that it was the throttle regulator that had gone, so their final bill was £120 mainly on labour. All in all it was an expensive few days, but it needed to be done and I have had no problems since.

      I have a baby due on Christmas day (kind of scary) and I haven't had to change my car because I feel this is ideal for carrying around baby bits and pieces, the car seat will fit well etc. The car itself is extremely easy to drive; it gets so easy at times that I am bored that I want something to do. Driving home at night it is nice to be able to sit in traffic on steep hills knowing that when you lift the foot off the brake you're not going to have to jump on the accelerator to stop yourself rolling into the car behind. It is definitely a stress free journey.

      I don't have a CD player in the car, I am guessing when it was bought new that this was an optional extra. I have no idea why dealerships sell cars with cassette players in these days since shops no longer sell cassettes (that I know of). The A/C works really well obviously I never had A/C in my golf so anything with air blowing through it would have been an upgrade.

      To conclude, If I had gone to the dealership wanting to buy I car I probably would not have even considered buying this, but having been given it as a gift I would most certainly consider an upgrade of the same car in future.


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