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Fiat Brava TD75 SX 5dr

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2002 01:01
      Very helpful



      Firstly, please forgive me as my car is a Fiat Brava TD100 SX 5 dr, and not the 75, but there isn't a catagory for the TD100, and you can't currently suggest new catagories, so please dont mark this down.... Well, my car isn't a Jaguar, nope, its a Fiat Brava 100TD, on a T plate and so far the clock says something like 68000 miles. I didn't buy the car from new, but I tend to put something like 15000 miles a year onto the car. I bought the car from Dixons Motor Group, and yeah, I had problems, but with the garage and not the car. Thats another subject though. I have to use my vehicle every day for work, and its the only car in my family, go it gets plenty of short and long trips throughout the week. Its a diesel car. A few years ago, diesel was the sensible option if you were a high milage driver, but now I am no longer convinced. Diesel costs more than unleaded, lean burn petrol engines compete for economy, and diesels throw out some horrible pollutants too. However, diesels are easy to drive. Because they are so low rev, the accelerator becomes an almost optional extra when crawling along. This car makes being lazy with the right foot easy - it runs very well at low revs, even uphill. The car has the usual host of features that you would expect, however I think that for the type of car it has missed some out. You would find: Electric Sunroof Electric Front Windows Height Adjustable Drivers Seat 6 Speaker Stereo Tinted Glass Rear Wash Wipe Blade Immobiliser Drivers Airbag What surprises me to be honest is the lack of passenger airbag, although its there in later models I believe, and lack of electrically operated wing mirrors. Try and adjust the passenger side wing mirror when you are alone in the car, and its a problem. I cannot comment on the airbag, cos thankfully I've never had to use it, and I hope that i won't be coming
      back to update this review telling you all how it saved my life. I am 5'4" tall, so the height adjustable seat is a massive boon to me. Its very easy to operate, and the adjuster is in the form of an extendable rod, which makes leverage easy, so you can quickly set the seat to your optimum height. Please don't do it when driving though. The seat isn't too bad. Fairly comfy, and I have a bad back. I can drive for hours and feel ok, then again, I don't get wound up when I drive. I drive quite fast, but if someone wants to be an idiot, its up to them, and I don't get involved, so I don't get wound up when driving which helps. The stereo is good, and is compatable with a (FIAT) cd changer, which is an optional extra, and for the price (£300 a few years ago) it will stay in the dealership for me. radio reception is good, and it has a roof mounted ariel, which screws off so you can go through car washes. The power steering is light and responsive, which is useful when trying to park up or negotiate town traffic generally. Gears are easy to change - I can't remember feeling any "clunks" as I change gear - that was more prevalent in my previous car (a citroen zx). I don't drive as fast as possible for as long as possible then throw on the brakes. Consequently, I think the brakes are good - responsive, and long lasting. The car has done about 68000 miles, and the front pads were changed at around 40K, and the rear haven't been changed yet. I don't know how that compares to petrol cars, but a diesel engine is about 2ce as heavy as a petrol engine, so its not bad going. Thats why with a diesel car, you get through more tyres at the front of the car, especially if you rely on power steering a lot. Servicing is more expensive that a petrol car, because a diesel basically has a seperate mechanical componant to make the diesel ignite, because you cant just light i
      t like a spark lights petrol. Its takes a lot more to get diesel lit. I have my car serviced every 6 months, and nothing major has happened to it yet. I have been pleasently pleased every time it comes back. Yeah it a £100+ bill, but thats what you get with a diesel. I don't have a family, but when I've transported people around, theres room for people in the back too, although if you were massive then I wouldn't be overconfident about legroom in the back, but I'm only guessing as I've never ever sat in the back of my car. I do a lot of town driving in my job, and my car gives me about 40 - 45 mpg in return, which I don't suppose is too bad really. When going down motorways it can comfortably travel at sppeds consistant with motorway driving, and could quite happily do more, although fuel economy goes well down at 90 mph (so I've been told). He he. The Drivers manual is comprehensive and answers every question I have had about my car so far. Its never broken down, and has been consistantly reliable since the day I bought it. Its fun to drive, and responsive for a diesel car. And I am sure it would fit a young family in comfort. The hatchback area isn't too bad - you can fit a pushchair and loads of bags etc in it with ease. The lights - both interior and exterior are good - bright, and clear, and I've never had a bulb need replacing yet. One downer is that the rear wash wipe is a special unit, so you can't just pop into Halfords and buy a replacement windscreen wiper, so a mechanic told me. You have to go back and get the genuine part. Boo !!! Also you would have expected ABS as standard, but no, although again that came as standard in later models I believe. Apart from that, I really enjoy this car.


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