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Fiat Bravo 100 16v SX 3dr

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    1 Review
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      24.01.2009 01:41
      Very helpful



      Very cheap car that's lots of fun that can provoke a sense of pride.

      The Fiat Bravo, one of my favourite cars of all time.

      Before I bought my Alfa 156 I had a Bravo. I stumbled across it back in January 2000 in the middle of a massive car lot when I wasn't even really looking for a car, I ended up keeping it for 7 years.

      The reason I like the car are as follows:

      Space; The Bravo is deceptively large, the area around the driver feels much larger than the 156 however it's not as driver orientated.

      Drive and Handling; The 100sx is a quick motor, maybe because it's not weighed down with tons of safety equipment lol. It was also a dream to drive...lowered 25mm it was go-kart like round corners, the wide track also helped aswell.

      Maintenance and modding; Very easy for a budding amateur/home mech to work on. Everything is very easy access and general ancillery bits and bobs cn be replaced in minutes rather than hours. The best thing of all for me was modding, you can pick and choose bits from other models in the range or even the Brava/Marea and fit it to your Bravo in minutes for very cheap money, examples would be the polyeliptical headlights from a Marea ELX (vastly improved beam pattern), the centre console/armrest from a Marea, heated seats from an HLX/HGT and electric mirrors - all the wiring is in place for this stuff to be fitted!!! That's just the tip of the iceberg, there are lots of wee jobs that can be done to improve your Bravo and give you a sense of pride that you've done some to improve it.

      I can only think of a couple of disadvantages for the 100sx, the first is the timing belt. These have a tendency to snap earlier than the 72,000miles (mine went at 31,000 while I was parking), tensioners could also disintegrate causing the same damage. The second problem is the dreaded leaking sunroof. A leak can occur in more ways than one - perished seals, blocked drainage pipes or the mechanism not working properly. Because of this I now refuse to own a car with a sunroof :). The last problem was the perishing of external plastics around the mirror bases and door handles (which can be replaced with Marea hard plastic handles).

      Despite the disadvantage everyday I wish I could get another one as a project, I loved my Bravo.


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