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Fiat Punto 2005

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    1 Review
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      21.12.2010 20:45
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      This is a great fun everyday car, great for new drivers and old

      I was in the market for buying a car back in 2007 and I was looking to buy a Peugot 206.
      I loved the shape of the 206 and had gone to the the dealership and sat in one.

      It felt good, but there was something missing. So I was stuck.

      I found another 206 online via a google search for a 206 in silver cheaper than the dealership and I contacted the dealer and said I am coming over at after work, please keep it there for me. I am going buy it for definate!

      He said ok pop down.

      I went to the used car dealership and there was another person looking at the car, and I asked the person on the forecourt, and he said its been sold.

      I was upset, I thought thats great!

      He said take a look around and see if you like any other car, I said no, its ok there not much else in my price range.

      As I was about to leave, I saw a car from the corner of my eye.

      It was put in a corner where no one could see it behind a meshed gate. I could'nt tell what it was, I just saw the shape of the top of the car and bits of the interior.

      I went up to it and saw a Fiat Punto, the exact model is Fiat Punto Active Sport 1.2 8v (3dr) with sport interior. It was a 05 plate car in silver.

      I fell in love with it the moment I sat in it.

      A lot of car are great looking on the outside and the dashboard is awful on the inside.

      But the Punto has a great dash very attractive and functional. I have never seen another punto have the same dash as mine.

      It has 3 "trays" cut out of the top of the dash which is great for putting things in, phone, papers, diary etc.

      The sports style seats are comfortable and are not leather but a really strong cloth material.

      The back seats are great when I let my friend test drive it, I sat in the back and it was very comfortable, I could have gone to sleep it was that relaxing. I wish I could hire a driver and just sit in the back of it all the time.

      But I love driving too much :)

      The car comes with a CD player as standard, the CD/mp3 player is optional. The speakers are 40w Bose as it says in my car manual and comes with a built in 100amp amplifier.

      The Blaupunt CD player has radio on it and is very simple to use, and feels very well made.
      It has now gone kaput, it stopped reading CD's, so I had to remove it and install an after market head unit.

      That was also very easy to do myself. I bought a Pioneer Head unit with CD/Radio/mp3/usb. Which is great and the speakers can keep up with the power it provides!

      The drive on the car is amazing, I didnt think it would be that good for a Fiat, but it is really smooth and comfortable, you honestly dont get tired of driving.

      I have done many many motorway journeys in it and its been an absolute dream, and only taking £45 in petrol for doing 500miles! Birmingham - London - Birmingham doing parcel delivery drops along the way really impressed me.

      Although the sound of the motorway can come through, the lack of sound proofing doesnt really seem to matter much as you know its not a big expensive BMW or Merc. But it tries its best to provide a good enough sound proofing.

      The steering is great, smooth and feels like I have a big expensive car. It also has a "city" button which makes the steering really light. Its a great little feature for parking in tight spaces and car parks. Its really responsive and makes you feel like your a pro racing driver.

      The breaks are hydrolic and and very very responsive, not bad to have in case of a on coming hazard.

      The boot space is great, I had moved a lot of my stuff from Birmingham to Manchester and used every space in the car and the boot was no exception, I had 2 large suitcases, a smaller medium sized suitcase, my PC Tower, all the gadgets for the PC, my comic book collection, my Xbox and its accessories, my DVD collection (2 large boxes, and 1 carrier bag) 2 backpacks, a video recorder, and my kettle. :)

      The car's performance is good for its engine is the same for all cars its class.

      The build is not bad, the electronics are fine, never had a problem, that myth about Fiats being unreliable are a joke, and nothing but a joke when talking about this car.

      Four years of ownership of this car and I have not had any problems with it.

      There was a whole in my exhust, and I had it fixed for £10. But that was due to bad roads, not the car.

      I took it on a country trek on a dirt field and narrow lanes, dodging tractors and rabbits in the middle of the night, very fun rallying abilities of this car.

      If you have ever made fun of a punto, please test drive one, and see what you feel after that.


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