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Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec 5dr

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    4 Reviews
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      20.10.2012 19:34
      Very helpful



      Good all round car with good reliability, build quallity & features. Just a couple of little niggles

      I bought my 2008 Focus Zetec Climate a year ago almost to the day. From the start it had a slight issue. When you slightly press on the accelerator the rev's actually dropped slightly (almost to the point of stalling). I told the garage where I bought it and said that the throttle might need cleaning out or something and they sorted it. It still seems to need more manual control to accelerate hard in anything above 2nd gear. If you bury your foot to the floor it doesnt really go but if you just put your foot down a little bit it goes fine - I think it's chucking in too much fuel.

      It had one faulty lead which was sorted at a Ford garage for free during a service.

      Other than that it's been fine.
      I've done 35,000 miles in it since September 2011 and it's good :)

      Good bits:
      1. Reliable
      2. Comfortable interior
      3. Good space all round - headroom, passenger leg room
      4. Heated windscreen is brilliant
      5. Decent speakers as standard
      6. More kit for you money than with other makes of a similar style.
      7. Inside looks a lot nicer and the build quality feels better than comparable competitors (such as the somewhat tacky interior of the 2008 astra which is covered in the nastiest silver/grey plastic I have ever seen)

      Negatives noticed in 35,000 miles of use:
      1. Being American made the layout is set up for left hand drive. All the settings you use most on the stereo (CD, Radio and Phone) are on the left side of the CD player. All the settings you don't use very often (balance, treble, clock set) are nearest the right seat. The hand brake lever is on the left side of the centre console.
      2. The hand brake lever is on the left side of the centre console. I know this is covered above but it is worth it's own point. It is uncomfortably far from the right seat in right hand drive vehicles!
      3. The standard CD player doesn't play MP3 CDs and bluetooth needs to be added on at a considerable cost to use your phone even though the call buttons are on the front of the standard stereo. All car stereos these days should have built in handsfree as standard.
      4. Not enough controls for the stereo on the steering wheel. Ford should just add features like:
      -Press both volume up and down at the same time to mute.
      -Hold mode button when stereo is off to turn it on.
      Simple, easy and cheap to do but sadly NOT done!
      5. Throttle issues listed above. It gives OK mpg but not enough performance considering the size of the engine 1.8L.
      6. Boot could be a little wider - My new taylormade driver (review coming soon) won't fit, it has to go in diagonally or flaten back seat.


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      29.09.2010 21:24



      Lovely car but bumpy ride

      I have had my Ford Focus for about a year now, whilst very excited about getting a relatively new car at the time I have to say I'm not overly impressed with it. It is a lovely car to look at with plenty of space inside and all the mod cons, but it isn't the most comfortable of cars on the road, you tend to feel every bump in the road whereas my husbands car seems to soften these (something he comments on every time we go somewhere). I have also noticed, now I don't know if this is just mine or if it's most of these but it is awefully easy to stall, again something my husband has also noticed, I have had two cars before this one and never had this problem with those, but my focus stalls so easily it's unbelievable, I frequently get frustrated with my car because of this and would actually contemplate getting a new one because it happens so often.

      These two things are the only things that bother me about this car, and as I said above the stalling thing may just be a problem with my car, if it weren't for these I would love the car to bits.

      Hope this helps anyone looking at buying a ford focus, and would definately advise a good test drive before commiting to buying one of these, a longer test not just the short one they usually allow you.


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      04.07.2008 23:37
      Very helpful



      Take a qualified mechanic with you when you go to look at one.

      ----<Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec>----

      My partner recently writ ours off, it was an 02 registration, she was fine and the other driver was okay, nothing too serious.

      The Focus was a nightmare car for us, and a hundred more on both the RAC and AA websites. The car's air bags did not deploy when my partner careered into the back of another road user. I went to Ford and asked them why this hadn't happened, I was told that in some cases, after a battery change, the air bags might need resetting.
      We were never told about this, never read it in the instruction manual and thank her lucky stars, the car wasn't going so fast that she depended on it.

      ----<What Went Wrong?>----

      A more appropriate title would be "what went right?", everything that could go wrong with a Focus, went wrong on ours, the list is quite comprehensive as we only had the car for 2 years.

      Power Steering/Engine Cut Out-

      The Focus is prone to electronic problems, like the engine cutting out, thus making the power steering cut out.
      I took my neighbour to Tesco one day in it and the thing cut out, not on a straight road, but going right from a slip road cum junction, heading for a lamp post, and only seconds from hitting it, it came back on, I grappled with the steering but it was like trying to turn an Elephant.

      Immediately, i called the RAC out, my neighbours frozen food meant he ended up having to get a taxi home as I waited on the recovery service showing up.
      About 30 minutes went by and the orange van man was straight in front of me, I got out and acknowledged him.
      I started explaining the mishap to him and unsurprisingly he told me this was nothing new to him, he asked me if the car was cutting out or just the steering, I told him the car and that it had done this a couple of times before.
      He told me to take the car to the Ford garage and have it fixed at once, which I should've done the first time. The garage told me to leave the car and to come back at around 6pm, I got a phone call from them at 2pm, this had happened at 12 noon, so was awaiting an explanation, instead I was asked if I wanted an electrical fault fixed for GBP80.00, with no other option I agreed, I still wanted to know why this engine cutting out was happening, apparently Ford had done a recall on 1.8 02's, but failed to phone Ford Focus owners up to tell them!
      I found out later the problem was to do with the Vehicle speed sensor (VSS), not being fitted correctly at the factories.

      Flat Battery-

      When a battery goes flat in an engine, there's a light to come on and warn you, well not so with this car, I tried starting it one August morning and nothing happened, not a sausage, I sprayed WD-40 over the engine thinking it could be damp from a previous nights down pour, this had some effect, just not the one I was hoping for, every dial in the dashboard thought they were graphic equalizers and became like so, the milometer, fuel gauge, oil and temp gauges all started smashing off the plastic pins that prevent them from going over the limit and back round to zero, I thought about the film "Christine" and thought the car was possessed.

      Back on the phone to the RAC, I had no idea what was wrong with the car and explained the situation away, "a new battery" quipped the young mechanic, I had said to him about the needles and the gauges going bonkers but he assured me I was needing a new battery, another GBP50.00., money well spent, as a full dash is somewhere in the deep end of GBP300.00

      Starter Motor-

      Now bearing in mind this car was relatively new and had only 35,000 miles on the clock, I decided to take the Focus to a good friend whose expertise in all things mechanical, is second to none, he told me I needed a new starter motor, another GBP39.99

      New Clutch-

      GBP379.99 for a new and fitted clutch, by this time I was angry and fed up, I had spent a fortune on the car, I hated driving it, I opted for walking round to my in-laws for a loan of their car if I was taking my daughter anywhere, this car was not safe.

      ----<Good Points>----

      The boot was a good size, I fitted an Emmaljunga pram and wheels in the boot, the colour coded bumpers and mirrors set it off along with the standard Focus alloys, in all its fair to say that the Focus is a good looking car, but it has had over 30 recalls, not just the 02, but every year before 02's and everry year since, has seen the Focus recalled.

      ----<I Wouldn't Reccomend One To Anybody>----

      I wouldn't like to say to someone, yeah get one, but they have this and that happen too them then that person had a bad accident, I couldn't live with myself, if you have one and its been okay, excellent, if you're thinking of getting one, tread easy, probe every question about the stuff you've read here, including if it has been recalled.

      ---->Check Here<----

      Here's a website listing all recalled cars, what could go wrong with one, and what to be aware of if you do decide you want one:- /www.honestjohn.co.uk/carbycar/index.htm?md=116.

      This site tells and confirms everything that I went through with our one,

      Whatever running condition it is is.


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        31.08.2003 01:33



        I bought my Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec five door more than 3 years ago. And I'm still over the moon about it. We, my wife and I that is, wanted a new car. I loved the look of the Focus. It has a really sporty sexy style. My wife also like the car too, now what are the chances of that? Little did we know she was pregnant at the time and the five door nature of the car was going to be very useful. You all know what the exterior of the car looks like, so let's move straight into the interior. The first thing you notice is the space, lots of it in the front and back. Seats are really comfortable and everything is in the right place. The only thing I don't like is the hazard lights button as it is difficult to activate. I've often hit it only to have nothing happen. This could just bed me though. Performance. It has pull at all revs. And if you get up to 5000 and above it can really throw you about. According to the mags it can do 0-60mph in just over 10 seconds. The ride is very smooth. It really cruises on a motorway. Economy, well I have kept a record of all my petrol consumption and I get 35 miles per gallon on average. Most of my journeys are to and from work in rush hour traffic. Reliability. The car has never failed me. I have driven around 30000 miles and not one problem to report. Services have all been cheap, around 100 pounds. And I have never needed to top up any of the fluids, apart from the screen wash that is?


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