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Ford Mondeo 2.0 GLX Estate

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    1 Review
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      29.08.2006 02:54
      Very helpful



      Cheap parts. Reliable and easy to service. Reasonable economical motoring.

      After a long search through local garages managed to get my estate from a private seller. Went for the 2.0 litre zetec engine for the power to pull a trailer.
      The mondeo had a lot of superficial scratches. It had previously been a firms car travelling from Dorset to Tayside on a regular basis.The mileage showed 140,000 but with full service by main dealer took chance with car not blowing up if I bought it.
      Knowing that the auto gearbox could be a stumbling point in reliability and also future costs, checked it out carefully. Making sure that the gears changed up and down during the test drive. One problem that was present, even though the car had full dealer service history, a tapping noise was heard from the top of the engine above the cam belt cover. It seems that Ford knew of this problem and have a remady of fitting a taller cover over the cam belt as a modification. This noise disappeared when I replaced the cam belt, set the cams up correctly, belt not now catching top of cover to belt.

      Underneath the car looked tidy with no obvious damage. On starting the engine turned over quickly and started well. All tyres had good tread. Steering tight and easy to turn with no play. Seats firm and found could be put into a posistion for comfortable driving. Electric adjustment on drivers seat a nice luxury.

      The car came with 3 months M.O.T. but no tax. When at home checked out the car in more detail. Put the car through M.O.T. and only comment by examiner was that the front tyres were showing signs of slight wear on the edges. Tracking soon took care of this.

      Car has never failed M.O.T's and I have carried out the services as recommended by Ford.
      Only let me down once, engine kept stalling at junctions and found the rubber 'T' piece near the electronic coil letting in air. Replaced from Ford, 38p !!

      I have had this car from 2000 till Aug 2006 and have had to replace the following in that time:

      Cam belt along with pulleys.
      Water pump (as a precaution as these engines do tend to have cooling problems)
      Full exhaust system.
      2x tyres.
      Front gasket for the auto box.
      Lots of auto gear oil.

      Now showing a true 179,999 miles apart from the running costs, which every car has, I have just sold the car for £250 less than I paid for it 6 years ago.I do not usually sell my cars to friends or family as it can lead to complications,but this time is an exception, so a friends daughter is the new owner.I would not have sold the car but for a newer replacement. Still looked good and had total confidence in getting from A to B and Z if needed.

      I would recommend this car as a good work horse and family car.


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