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Ford Mondeo 2.5i V6 24v ST24

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    3 Reviews
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      30.09.2009 00:03



      weekend car not 7 days a week unless you do low miles or not care about fuel costs.

      up until middle of last year i owned a 1999 mondeo st24 in which i had owned for around 18 month,the car was a 2.5v6 24 valve with around 170 bhp,it had half leather seats,16inch alloy wheels which come has standard,a 6 disk cd multichanger which is also standard and full electrics all round,it was a pretty quick car and sounded really well but the fuel consumpsion was pretty low,i was getting round 22 miles per gallon locally and not realy much more on a long run even when driving it steady.the seats was pretty comfortable especially in the front as they were bucket seats,but you could still feel every bump that you went over.the engine was pretty good though and started up fine every morning,the boot space is pretty big too.my honest opinion is that they are pretty good cars to have for a weekend,but not to drive round 7 days a week unless you dont care about the fuel costs,also the insurance is pretty pricy too as they are aroud a group 16 or 17..


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      04.06.2009 01:09
      Very helpful
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      Souped up Mondeo with alot to offer

      My Mondeo ST24 was a really nice car that looked good and had lots of power. Can I just explain to people that ST stands for sport technology and the 24 is the 24 valves in the engine. The engine itself was a 2.5L V6 Duratec which was where all the power came from (all 170 horses!) On the motorway this car could absolutely fly easily reaching top speed (around 145mph) with no problem whatsoever! Even driving in and around town was a pleasure, and you could get anywhere in haste (0-60 in around 7.7 secs). And the noise that came from the silky smooth V6 engine when you put your foot to the throttle was to die for! When braking hard it just seemed so effortless due to the up-rated ABS brakes. The ride was nicely balanced that didn't feel too soft or firm but just right. Then there was the handling which was just superb for a saloon type of family car, at the time (1997) when I had it, it was definitely the best car in it class. Inside there was half leather sports seats which looked every bit as good as the outside of the car (which included full body kit and slightly lowered suspension). It also had 4 spoke 15" alloys, electric windows, mirrors, sunroof, CD, all as standard. Also being a ford there was lots of scope for tuning as well. The insurance costs where reasonable (group 16) and petrol consumption was ok (around 22MPG, although now with petrol prices soaring not too sure). As far as parts they were quite pricey at the time but nowadays I'm sure you could easily find them in the scrap yards much cheaper. Reliability wise however has always been an issue with Fords and with this model there's no exception! This car would often not start 1st time and had a nasty habit of leaking water from the radiator. Furthermore I had problems with the electrics aswell.


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        24.06.2008 02:30
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        ST24 a surprising car

        Hi Lyndsay has asked me again to do a review so I chose my car.

        I have split the review into a sections as buying a car like this could turn out to be a dream or a nightmare, the sections are - Buying, Review and my Conclusion


        I am always looking out for a bargain and believe me I think after you have read this you will agree I landed on a corker, but anyone can if they just are patient, willing to travel and willing to walk away.

        Some tips on buying a car privately (these are general to most cars and not just a Ford Mondeo 2.5i V6 ST24)
        1. Spend time researching the vehicle- good points, bad points
        speak to people such as enthusiasts off internet forum's for
        tips and help.
        2. I arrange to view a couple of cars on a day so speak to the
        sellers on the phone/email/text and obtain as much information
        about the vehicles as possible (the information you get from
        them, gather the information and write it down this is a good
        way to jog your memory and also catch out if anyone is lying
        review your notes just before you view a vehicle
        3. Take someone with you if possible who knows about cars such
        as a mechanic (although you cannot hold them responsible if
        something does go wrong they can only give you there best
        opinion). Start the car from cold and make sure the engine
        warms up till the fans cut in rev the engine and make sure the
        sounds are good before you drive the car!
        If not sure there are companies that do offer assessments for
        a fee.
        4. Always get a HPI check on a car to see if there is anything in
        the cars past that is not as it such be i.e. Stolen recover,
        written off, still owes finance.
        5. If you have viewed the car and you are happy test drive it
        (only if your insurance covers you to do so) drive on rural,
        urban and bypass/motorway to get a good feel for the car in
        all situations available
        6. Hopefully everything is good, but do you feel that you are
        getting your moneys worth? MOT and tax you should always
        take this into consideration of the price of the car the less of
        each then this is your first barter point, then any faults with the
        car are your next points
        Follow these and hopefully you will buy a great car.


        I bought my ST24 for £700 two months ago, half the going rate of most other advertised ST24. This was done by scouring the Internet, News Papers, Magazines and Word of mouth, and following the steps above. I did however travel 85 miles to go and view it a big risk if it turns out to be no good.

        The specifications for my car is its a 1998 Metallic Blue Ford Mondeo 2.5i V6 it has done 106000 miles at the time of purchase, which for a v6 engine is low mileage, in good condition and with some marks on the body, but nothing more than could be expected.

        The interior is in great condition for age and mileage wear, the front recaro's hug you as you drive round corners, in my ST24 I have a half leather/fabric interior which also helps with the comfort factor of the car. The car comes equip with Air con and a six disc multi changer which is why this is a family sports car that you can relax in as well as have some fun in.
        Traction control is located on a button on the centre console (which if turned off may invalidate you car insurance) and is fun to have switched off if you are happy to play with the car in a less controlled condition.

        The price for the car originally was £21,710 but today you could get one between £1500 and £5000, although the book value is lower the sale value is higher due to popular demand.

        This is a powerful, reliable car for not a lot of money. Good maintenance will look after your car, and your wallet.
        If you do not service regularly and look after the car, you can expect when things go wrong, high repair costs.
        A V6 engine is a 6 cylinder engine in the shape of a `V`. (If you can imagine 2 engines with 3 cylinders each, joined together at a point in the shape of a `V`).
        What a repair on a straight 4 cylinder engine (most modern family cars under 2 liter engine size) would cost could be almost doubled on a V6 engine. Though the reliability of a V6 engine is better.
        The engine was designed by technicians employed originally by Mazda and therefore a lot of Japanese technology was passed over to the construction of the Ford engine hence why the engine is so reliable.

        The body work of the car has some stone chips and a couple of scratches though it has no rust a full re-spray with having all dinks and dents ironed out would make the car look like new especially with the RSAP body kit. Unique to the ST24 is the exhaust is originally mounted on the drivers side of the car in the UK

        The handling is amazing due to the up rated gas shocks fitted to the ST24.

        The brakes could do with being up-rated for my liking and style of driving but comes as standard with ABS and front and rear disc's and pads.

        Insurance for myself is £497 living in a medium risk area, with the car being stored in a locked garage overnight driving for ten years with no accidents or claims but 3 points on his license for sp30, with 2 years no claims bonus.

        My Conclusion

        I love this car although with the increase of petrol recently, the MPG is worrying. I love the sound of the engine the purr when you are just cruising around, have the radio on and you will struggle to hear the engine, but push your foot to the floor and the sound quickly changes to a roar.
        The handling is superb very predictable and when things go side ways the car is easy to correct especially for such a big and heavy car.
        Then there is the looks you get. Yes it is not a Ferrari but people who know there cars respect it for what it is. I have (of course only in a safe environment and suitable driving speed) kept up with cars that blatantly did not think I would, hence when you draw a long side them the satisfaction is all the more better.

        A well recommended car for the family as well, the boot easily accommodates for a family. We have filled the boot with luggage, pushchair and travel cot for a family of 5. The interior is spacious for anyone travelling in the car.

        So all in all I recommend this car as a sports family car to anyone who wants a toy that the family can go away in.

        I have joined a owners club who are helpful with questions that you may have and advice and hints and tips on caring for your car. I recommend this as some of these guys probably know your car better than a Ford mechanic.

        I believe I have bought a dream not a nightmare with some minor body work repairs and a respray I could possibly double the purchase price if not treble. Check the private ad's they speak for themselves.

        Thanks for reading and any questions please ask



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