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Ford Mondeo ST-200 5dr

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2008 14:15
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      wow what a car

      This is a must for any ford enthusiast that has a family to consider as well as wanting a car that will shift when you plant your foot firmly to the floor.

      The mondeo st200, (201 bhp but the name sounds better rounded off). This is produced from a bullet proof duratech 2544cc v6 engin. The car has tracktion control and ABSto help you in an energancy situation.

      The st200 was made from 1999 to 2000 on a T, V, W and X plate due to the revision of the new car registraction date. Therefore these are a rear car to get hold of, especially the 500 limited edition verisons.

      The cars body work has not changed much from the st24 apart from a couple of minor changes such as the grill.

      The interior is great as the front recaros hug them into you as you through the car round the corners. the dash is amazing with blue clocks only meant for the st200. With climate control and the six disc multi changer in most of them it is also a crusing vehicle that you can relax in. The limited edition version though as a special half blue and half black interior.

      The price for the car originally was £23.000 but today you could get one between £3000 and £7000 a bargin for a lot of car.

      the insurance group on this is either 16 or 18 dependingon which insurer you try. A typical example for a 27 year old male living in a midium risk area, with the car being stored in a locked garage overnight with a Thatcham cat 1 alarm, driving for ten years with no accidents or claims but 3 points on his licence for sp30, with 2 years no clamis bonus is about £1000 but has been found for as low as £750 with certain insrers.

      My expriance with this car.

      Power theres plenty of it with torque to match plant your footand the car roars into life, crusing you have a lovely V6 purr. The car is heavy on fuel consumption when you decide to drive fast but is resonable if you keep the revs low. The handeling is great for a car this size though the original breakscould be improved.

      I had the hatchback version which is great for going on holidays with the family as the boot provides loads of space for a 5 person family.In the back there is loads of leg room for friends to get in which is a problem with most other sports cars, ford have taken the basis of a family car and made a cross breed part family and part sports car.

      Suggestions for modifying this car into a better car are,

      Upgrade the brecks to a performance pad and discssuch as Ferodos (great pad and discs)
      Add a K&N induction kit, performance exhaust system (i used scorpion) and a remapped ECU and you have 250 BHP at your right foot. Torque steer can catch you out but if you got it under control the car has just become a monster.

      So as you can tell i would recomend this car to all tose with a family but still wants a sports car.


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