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Ford Mondeo ST TDCI

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    5 Reviews
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      01.12.2012 01:22
      Not Helpful



      Hot hatch but refined.

      Of old known as a Mr Twix Car, the Mk3 ST TDCi can not be held to the same statement. Its quick, cheap to run and practicable.

      The vehicles aesthetics are kind on the eye, lines at the front and rear balance the side profile, and the front is a mix of soft lines and aggressiveness in styling. The rear does have a bit of a bulbs bumper, but in the main - the lines are pleasing.

      How do you tell the difference between a normal Zetec and an ST? Fig lights that are off the Focus, Chrome tip exhaust, and alloy wheels on R18's. Other than ST badge - your not going to tell what it is.... so it slips under the radar understated and left alone.

      Inside its the same as the Titanium X spec... basically the same car, but the ST has sports suspension.

      Finish is good and trim is tough to last everyday use.

      You will go from 0-60 in quick time with 155bhp, more torque than you really need (which is you use it all the time you will eat front tyres). £rd gear gives a smile with a heavy right foot, and this continues through 5th into 6th where your doing 70mph at 1,750rpm... so nice and relaxed.

      Suspension can be a bit hard for town use, but on the motorway (highway) its perfect and twisty roads give you a grin.

      Insurance group is respectable considering the performance and with full NCB you should be looking at around 250GBP PA. The fuel is about 50mpg all day every day but around 60mpg on a run.

      Road tax in the UK is only £175PA due to the engine being a euro 4.

      Weak points; EGR valve that gives up the ghost, Back box exhaust that snaps off, bumpers can drop, cam belt tensioner get noisy, and Duel mass flywheels don't last if you drive it like a loon.


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      22.10.2010 18:17
      Very helpful



      An excellent performance Diesel

      I've put 105 thousand miles on my Mondeo ST TDCI from new in 2005. Well, almost new, as a demonstrator model I picked one up for the standard price, but included a lot of add-on options such as Sat Nav, Zenon Lights and parking sensors.

      The ST is a mighty quick car, and working shifts and often finishing before the world wakes I get to use the full benefit of the 150 brake horse power. It pulls away from a standing start quicker than any Diesel I have ever driven, and I can confirm that it will reach the advertised top speed of 140 odd mph (on a track of course.)

      The Mondeo ST is quite luxuriously kitted out inside. There is heated seats and air con, both of which continue to work as they did the day I got her. The interior is very minimalist and clutter free, with everything sitting flush to the dashboard, including Stereo and Sat Nav, and there is a few discreetly placed storage areas without ruining the looks of the whole thing. Some nice silver trim sets it all off.

      I've spotted a few problems with my ST. I'm not sure if it is my driving, but I've had to replace quite a few front wheel bearings in the time I've had her, more than I would have expected to. The alloy wheel lacquer is also beginning to peel, which is surprising as they have always been well cared for. I can't imagine a different set of alloys on the ST so I've priced a refurbishment of these at a hefty £280.

      For anyone looking for a powerful stylish diesel this may be the one. Just check the alloys and demand a good service history and I can't see the Mondeo letting you down.


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      18.07.2010 19:24
      Very helpful



      Get one!!

      I have had a 2005 "55" Mondeo ST TDCi since May 2007, and I love it to bits.

      As with most Mondeo owners, I bought the car because I wanted something which was cheap to own and run, but big and comfortable at the same time (I am 6ft 5). I also needed a car which would be reliable, as I cover a lot of miles. The Mondeo certainly ticks all of these boxes.

      I decided to pay a bit more and get the ST version, simply because being only 22 when I bought the car, I wanted to be able to maintain a degree of street credibility.

      For a diesel, the car is very punchy and has more than enough power and top end speed for most people. For such a big car, it still surprises me now how easily it pulls away, particularly in the higher gears. Because the car has 6 gears, the Mondeo manages to maintain a high MPG - I do not drive like a priest and on a combined cycle get 45MPG easily. On a motorway run that will go up to 50-55MPG without much effort.

      Inside, as you would expect from a Mondeo, the car is very comfortable, and will take 5 people and a load of luggage without any effort.

      One word of advice for anyone buying one would be to get an Approved Used one from Ford. Mine still had about 18 months warranty on it when I bought it, and I had a lot of things replaced in that period which would have cost me fortune without the warranty (clutch, bodywork, turbo components etc)

      Overall, this is an excellent value car for the money, and I would recommend it to anyone.


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      20.06.2010 09:07
      1 Comment



      A reliable workhorse

      Well, I don't have the ST version, just a humble Mondeo Ghia TDCi 130. It's a solid workhorse, it's done well for its age (it's an 02 plate, so now 8 years old (2010) ), though the problems with the early TDCI engines is the injectors and fuel pump play up a little. It can happen at any time. You don't want it to happen on the M6 halfway to Bolton :( The glowplug light came on, and the car lost power quicker than the Labour Party. I had to shut off the engine and restart, that seems to clear the fault.

      But despite that Achilles Heel the Mondeo is a strong performer. You can still keep pace with your Audi's and Mercs (though gets a little asthmatic past 125), and the climate controlled air con is fantastic. It has all the mod cons, and even some I didn't expect on a car of its age. The Quick Clear windscreen and reversing sensor are great. All electric windows is good, I had a Vectra before and only the front ones were electric. The Ford CD changer sadly packed up, it was very dated.

      You have to watch for the Clutch and DMF (Dual Mass Flywheel), both these parts have to be replaced at the same time, it will cost you a grand. Mine failed, and the filings from the worn DMF made their way into the starter motor causing it to seize. The suspension went on the front, and the wheel bearings were noisy.

      It's a ubiquitous car, so parts are easy to find.

      You can get a half-decent one for a couple of grand off Auto Trader. Though in a couple of weeks the Ford is off, I'm moving up the ladder into BMW country :)


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        24.12.2006 21:30
        Very helpful



        A great car that is a pleasure to drive

        The Mondeo ST Tdci is undoubtedly an extremely attractive car compared to many of its competitors such as the Vauxhall Astra VXR and Volkswagen Passat.
        This car is currently priced from £22795 and to some it may appear a little over priced compared to similar models on the market so let’s see if this car really does pack much of a punch.

        Them model I will be reviewing is a 5 door diesel engine.
        The Ford Mondeo has always been an attractive looking car and the ST is even sleeker and a model that definitely stands out with its distinctive Sports body styling kit complete with aerodynamic spoiler. The ST is more recognisable in the Performance Blue colour and subtle ST logo to the rear of the vehicle.
        Classy chrome finishes the exterior of the vehicle perfectly highlighting the rear lights and chrome strips replace the cheaper plastic found on cheaper models of Mondeo.
        Single chrome plated exhaust pipe gives the car an added sporty look.
        As you enter the car its design is simple, the dash does not differ too much to the other models in the Mondeo range so where does all the money from the purchase price go?

        Inside the car you have the ST badged leather wrapped steering wheel and gearshift knob finished in chrome and red.
        Surrounding the gear stick is a large chrome covering which looks attractive but takes up much more space than is needed.
        The stereo is much more attractive than those found in most vehicles that are fitted as standard as this is the Sony 6006 CD stereo radio with 6 disc in dash auto changer.
        The stereo is awkwardly placed however as it is directly behind the gear stick which means controls can easily be knocked during gear changes. The controls on the stereo are not ideal for someone with chunky fingers either as tuning the radio channels could prove somewhat of a challenge. Overall the ergonomics on the stereo controls are poorly designed.
        The temperature controls let the styling of the car down they are chunky and extremely cheap looking, the digital display of the temperature is a great feature but again the size of this control could become more compact and attractive for future models.
        Above the temperature controls are relatively old fashioned quartz clock which makes the car look outdate and a digital clock would look much more modern.
        The instrument panels are finished with chrome dials, however these do not differ to those in the standard Mondeo again. As a previous owner of the Ford Focus ST the Mondeo does disappoint slightly inside as white “ST” branded dials are not present overall the interior is a lot less sleek compared with the exterior and is definitely not sexy in design.

        As far as comfort goes this is top notch, heater front seats are fantastic especially in the winter months, ideal for the partial leather seats that are cold on first touch.
        Thee front passengers seat has 2 way power adjustable facilities.
        There is plenty of room for a maximum capacity of 5 passengers including the driver and plenty of boot space for out more than regular skip runs!

        *~*Performance*~*Ford say that the Mondeo ST Tdci is one of the most powerful diesel engines on the market however, I have to admit that Mark and I had a bit of a “burn off” with the Civic that we have and the civic won. The civic coasted through where the ST had to drop down a gear to keep up not something you would expect from a “Performance” vehicle.
        One fantastic feature with Ford is the handling and this is certainly something you can be confident about when you purchase a top of the range car like the Mondeo the car sticks to the road allowing you to take tight bends at fairly high speeds.
        The Mondeo ST is complete wit ha 2.2 litre TDci engine with 153 bhp and 265lb ft of torque and has a much better bite compared to the petrol ST220.
        The car does perform well I manage and average of 44 miles per gallon which isn’t too bad but is not the best performer for a diesel engine. If you regularly complete lots of road trips then the diesel engine is the sensible choice and up until recently was one of the main competitors for a stylish businessman’s car.
        The ST manages a pretty nifty 0-60mph in just over 8 seconds so it is still pretty quick however this car is not good for city driving as regular gear changes are required to gain the best performance at a moderate torque.
        The Mondeo in my opinion appears to be pretty heavy to drive but it is infact the complete opposite with light responsive power steering.
        On motorways it’s great to use the Cruise control feature and give your feet a rest the ST glides along the motorway and you really don’t notice when you creep over the speed limit, one disadvantage however is the buttons do not illuminate for night time driving so you need to be familiar with the controls or you could get stuck, this is something Ford should really look into.
        In this model you can easily accelerate in 6th gear up to 150 mph and the engine stays relatively quiet. A major design flaw with the previous version of the Focus ST was that the inside was almost as loud as being outside the vehicle but it has been greatly improved on the Mondeo.

        The Mondeo ST continues to perform even in the worst weather conditions with its electronic stability programme which lets you know when its in action with the flashing of the yellow light on the dash no other noticeable changes appear to control the car, the Mondeo just continues to drive the same.
        The Mondeo is lowered when it comes to the seating position so the ride in the car is much more enhanced. The brakes are extremely effective being 300 mm ventilated at the front which provides a 62mph to zero braking distance of 32 metres.

        The performance of this car is good but it needs to step up the competition now especially with the new civic type r being launched soon, however this car is still extremely attractive and will still remain a serious contender for the young businessman.
        Sexy 18” 16 spoke alloys, leather trimmed recaro seats, mesh front grille, heated windscreen, air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors. Remote central locking and alarm immobiliser the Mondeo does come packed with the basics that people looking to buy a new car require.

        Prices start from £24540 brand new and is available in 4/5 or estate models.


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