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Hyundai Tucson

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    4 Reviews
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      05.08.2010 19:08
      Very helpful


      • Reliability


      Good affordable 4x4

      With a new arrival on the way we decides that my trendy little sports car was no longer practical and I wanted something that had a bit of size and stability to it, we could not afford a Range Rover Sport as that was well out of our price bracket and the high running costs were not attractive either however my father had a Hyundai Tucson and raves about it so I had a couple of test drives and decided that was the one for me epsecially as it comes with a five year warranty. We opted for the 2.0 CDX version.

      It is a five door SUV and it is a chunky little car with a high riding position and while it is not the most attractive car I found it sort of appealing as it has a rugged appeal to it, the funny thing is that the side on view is better that the front on view in my opinion. We paif £17,125 for ours new which included some discounts however hubby did the haggling so I have no idea whether that is a good price and there was no trade in as we sold my car privately. Ours is black in colour, the choices were not great to be honest and the black one was the best looking that I saw especially with the nice new shiny alloys.

      It is proberly the quietest diesel engine I have ever driven and I'm really impressed with how comfortable the whole ride is whether slowly trundling around time or nipping along country roads the suspension is great and the road handling is excellent, I also find that being that little bit higher on the road improves visibility as well.

      It is pretty good when it comes to fuel considering the size, apparentkly you will get about 45mpg on the motorway and about 35 mpg in the city however I have no idea if that is correct for that I'm trusting the other half.

      One of the things that I like is that there are three sockets for any gadgets to be stored which means the hands free kit can be on and my phone can be charged at the same time. It also has plenty of space in the boot for baby stuff and the rear seats can be collapsed to create even more room. The glass in the back has a bit of a tint to it as well which helps with privacy.

      It has to be serviced every 10,000 miles however we are yet to hit that mark as we still have 2,000 more to go however I guess if you do a lot of mileage then this is a cost to consider.

      Ovearll I love this car and would certainly recommend it, I have yet to use the 4wd button and doubt I ever will but it is nice to know that it is there especially when we start camping again when our daughter is a bit older.


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      19.07.2009 16:10


      • Reliability


      A lot of car for the money

      I love my Hyundai Tucson!
      I was fed up of being intimidated by impatient drivers on the narrow country lanes where I live. In a small hatchback I found big cars driving inches from my back bumper so I wanted something chunky to make me feel safe. And the Tuscon does exactly that.

      The Tucson is big enough to feel safe on windy country roads, but compact enough to park in town car parks.

      The darkened windows seem to stop intimitdation and the glare of others headlights at night.

      Its a car built to be practical not to look glamourous. Inside is servicable, easy to keep clean rather than luxurious. Great for people with dogs - lovely big boot very dog friendly! Also a great hight for lifting shopping in and out, no more struggling to lift heavy bags out.

      I find it comfortable to drive. Not exactly a speed merchant, but enough power to cope with most situations.

      Overall the best car I have had. Plenty of space inside, very easy to drive and park and economic to run.


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      13.10.2008 13:29
      Very helpful



      Compact SUV which offers good package for your money

      I have no intention to drive off a proper metalled road (at least not deliberately), nor do I indulge in the daily school run with hordes of kids, bags, PE kit and the like. However when we changed the car last May we did decide to buy a 4x4 Hyundai Tucson (pronounced Toooson) 2.0 CDX.

      Curiously the manufacturer describes this as a Sports Utility Vehicle or SUV. Now my image of a sports vehicle is low slung, cramped, goes like mad, makes heads turn; so certainly not like this chunky beast.

      Best described as large 5 door hatchback, it is a budget offering from Korea. Indeed the Kia Sportage shares the same Corporate ownership, running gear, many panels and fundamental designs as this one. However the Sportage retails approx £1000 cheaper than this model so the devil is in the detail of the specifications. Also Kia don't heavily discount for Internet buyers which makes them less attractive.

      As you will by now have guessed, using the power of the Internet we were able to source our new Hyundai, albeit pre-registered with just 25 miles on the clock for some £4500 less than the recommended retail price of £19500. This was significantly cheaper than a comparable Kia offering from a warm glossy showroom. Yes, we lost 3 months warranty on the deal, but since Hyundai provide a full 5 years warranty in any case, this did not seem any risk.

      The car was pristine on collection from a dealer who had clearly registered it, then failed to make a sale. The fact that Vehicle Excise Duty was suddenly whacked up to £240 per annum for the emission band for this vehicle, and the recent fuel price hikes must indeed have contributed!

      Hyundai do not offer a particularly inspiring range of colours. But there is saying that a good horse cannot be a bad colour and that's exactly what our car is, a work-horse. It's a sort of nondescript fawn, which has the benefit of making it appear a little smaller, but best of all it's a super disguise for all the road dirt and grime which inevitably collects. A small snag for me is that not being over 6 foot tall, I actually cannot reach the roof to clean it without steps, so a good dirt colour is a must!

      There are alloy wheels all round, including the spare, which means that the tyres can be rotated to extend their lives. Also, in the horrid event of a puncture (after the breakdown services have changed the wheel, since I would not attempt to lift it!), the journey could be continued at a sensible speed and not limited to the 50 mph imposed by the modern idiom of a space saving wheel. The tyre pressures are the same all round too, and helpfully for the non technically minded a prominent reminder of the correct pressure is clearly displayed inside the drivers door post.

      The car is diesel powered , has a 6 speed gearbox, and is frankly more comfortable to ride in than many other cars that I have driven. Having said this, fuel economy is not a feature. Around the town you can expect to get 29 to 30mpg, but at motorway speeds, 42mpg is achievable. The reality of ownership is therefore closer to 35mpg as a rule of thumb. Interestingly, loading the car does not seem to dramatically reduce fuel consumption, which again is different to other cars that I have experienced.

      The cabin itself is light and airy with plenty of room for 5 decent size adults. An electric sunroof adds to the feeling of space, as does the light grey/fawn leather upholstery. I was worried this would be too light in colour to be practical but a quick wipe over soon sorts out any minor blemishes. The front seats are electrically heated too, so I am actually looking forward to a frosty day to give these a try. There are lots of cubby holes and storages places around the cabin, but one of the favourites has to be the sunglasses holder in the roof. Just right for Mr.Cool.......!

      The radio/CD is effective, works and has lots of speakers about the place, quite enough for me. However if you are looking for a state of the art audio system with bells and whistles, this would not satisfy. There is no mp3 connection, but I can still route my phone via Bluetooth to the speakers, so it's not all bad. The car actually boasts 3 12 volt sockets, which is very handy for all the gadgets we seem to need these days.

      The hatchback boot is simply cavernous, and with a lifting tailgate, much easier in restricted spaces than an opening door style. With the glass panel separately hinged too, often you can drop stuff in without actually having to lift the whole tailgate. The spare wheel is under the floor of the boot, with plenty of space to tuck the essential torch, warning triangle, bulbs and other bits which we all carry but hopefully don't actually need. Naturally, there is a retractable screen to cover any valuables left in the boot, and security is also helped by the tinted windows in the back of the car. You don't actually notice the tint whilst inside the car, but they do make it quite difficult to see anything that has been left inside. I would say this is useful these days when most of us studiously ignore the sound of car alarms, so prevention is better than cure.

      The only indication when driving that this is anything other than a standard large hatchback is a discreet 4wd button the dashboard. Personally, I have not actually had the courage to push this, for fear of charging off the road, so cannot comment how it actually performs. Powered steering is standard, the brakes feel positive and the car is easy to drive. However parking is another matter. The height is no problem but the long wheelbase (which give the comfort on a run) requires accurate handling. Unfortunately parking sensors are not fitted as standard and the car could really do with these, since bits of it completely disappear from view in restricted spaces. I'm told this is one advantage of a wheel mounted on the back door, (unlike the Hyundai design), since you simply back up until the rubber wheel just bounces off!

      Service intervals at 10,000 miles are reasonable, and the cost of main dealer servicing is not prohibitive (typically £200) so keeping the car for its 5 year guarantee should not be difficult, provided I don't bump into anything whilst parking.

      Thanks for reading.

      Published on both Ciao and Dooyoo under the same author. 


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        25.07.2006 09:16
        Very helpful



        A really hot car for the mamma to drive

        I went test driving the other day for a large family car and I came across the Hyundai Tuscon 2.0 GLS 4x2 and the 2.0 4x4 CRDi (diesel).

        Now the impressive thing about this vehicle is that it comes in so many different colours nice one for the ladies. The showroom floor had the following colours on display
        Warm Silver, Charcoal Grey, Aqua Silver, Teal Blue and Ebony Black.

        I hopped into the Aqua Silver 2.0 GLS, which has a blueish tinge to it.
        Man this car can go and it is so high off the ground you feel like you are flying.

        The Tuscon has an urban modern image emphasizing straight lines and incorporating curvy edges. The chrome-plated horizontal radiator grille and very bold front bumper and fog lamps makes the Tuscon stand out with its distinctive individual style.
        Not done as a standard when you purchase the vehicle but I would recommend having the stainless steel side steps put on so climbing in is made easier.

        The interior has been designed for optimal spaciousness, easy maneuverability and extremely user-friendly storage. The character lines used to design the interior again emphasizes the uniqueness of the Tuscon. The seats are large and comfortable and the back offers great leg room. Provision has been made for various DVD systems to be installed which I think is great and they have a variety of options for you to choose from which obviously can all be factory fitted before delivery which keeps the insurance company happy. You can also have GPRS, Bluetooth and a variety of other wonderful gadgets installed although it could be a little costly. In the CRDi there is a sunroof.
        There are cup holders front and back which not all SUV’s have. There is also a DC power oulet in the front of the vehicle as well as in the boot. A holder for my sunglasses which is very important to me as mine always get scratched lying about the car.
        The Tuscon is available in a 2.0 Litre 4x2 petrol engine with manual transmission delivering 104kW and 184Nm torque, a 2.7 Litre 4x4 petrol engine with automatic transmission delivering 129kW and 241Nm torque. My favourite the 2.0 Litre 4x4 CRDi diesel engine with automatic transmission delivers 82kW and 245Nm torque.
        In the petrol and diesel you have cruise control, which usually the men enjoy, woman like to put foot.

        This vehicle has standard features incorporated including the dual de-powered airbags that will shield the driver and front passenger in a collision. The four-way member structure applied to the floor of the vehicle has been designed to improve collision performance. Some of the other features include Anti-submarining seats, crumple zones front and rear, electronic stability Programme (only in CRDi), Height adjustable front seat belts, keyless entry and alarm, luggage screen which is retractable and side impact protection beams.

        Now for the Specifications:
        I have already given you the kilo Watts and Torque of the two I drove, here is the additional info.

        CRDi (diesel) 2.0L GLS (petrol)
        Fuel Supply: Electronic common rail sys. Multi-point electronic fuel injection
        Transmission: 4 speed H-Matic auto gear box 5 speed manual
        Suspension Front for both: McPherson struts with coil springs, anti roll stabilizers and shock absorbers.
        Suspension Rear for both: Dual link with coil springs and anti-roll stabilizers and gas shock absorbers.
        Steering: For both: Power steering, tilt adjustable steering, rack and pinion.
        Wheels For both: Alloy rims
        Tyre Sizes: 235/60/16 235/60/16
        Brakes: For both: Ventilated front discs, solid rear brakes, A.B.S braking system and electronic brake-force distribution (E.B.D)
        Fuel Tank 65 Litre 58 Litre

        Overall feel this car is big yet sexy in its youthful design, along the same lines as the
        Toyota Rav. I like this vehicle more than the Santa Fe and Terracan purely because it is
        more compact and easier to park.

        Retailing in England between £14 - £19000.00
        Retailing in South Africa R199 900-00 (man that hits you in the pocket)


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