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Mercedes-Benz C 180 Elegance

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    1 Review
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      12.08.2008 23:32
      Very helpful



      I would recommend one of these, but only if you are happy with an auto.

      This was my last car and it was really well built.

      I did have a slight problem with the petrol gauge that one day decided I had no petrol. I prayed that there was a fault on the car rather than my petrol being stolen and then all of a sudden I had three-quarters of a tank. I tried praying for a full tank, but obviously god thought I was pushing my luck and the guage went back down to none.

      Taken to the dealer this was sorted out fairly quickly but the garage claim the car has two sensors for the petrol tank and the cost was to be around £800. After they had splashed water on my face and the paramedics had left, I queried their price and they said they would contact Mercedes as the car was only 3 years old at the time. Mercedes offered the repair, not at a discount, but completely free. I was getting the car serviced at the same time and maybe this had a bearing. Also I am a 'younger' driver of a Mercedes and most younger drivers are buying Audi and BMW, this leaves Mercedes with a dying customers base and they look after their younger customers. I think that is anyone under about 150 years old.

      The car had an amazing steering lock, good air conditioning system and the automatic gearbox was very, very smooth.

      I was managing around 30mpg which I thought was a little low. My replacement (a newer C180 Kompressor) manages a higher mpg and is a quicker car. That's progress and a supercharger for you which this model I am reviewing doesn't have the supercharger.

      The exterior of the car is still fairly classy without being pretentious. The interior is designed for a 300 year old sailing fan. There is fake wood everywhere. It is high quality but still, it seems to be everywhere. The steering wheel seems to had been an exact replica of the Titanics steering wheel. It is that large.

      It doesn't handle like a sports car at all and steering from side to side may bring on a bought of sea sickness, but then this is a cruising car. Cruise control on the automatics became standard and is a really nice addition with the speed limiter, where you set the maximum speed you want to travel at and the car won't go over that speed unless you hammer your foot on the accelerator to the floor.

      The tracktion control would sometimes switch itself off and on one wet day, I put my foot down around a corner. The traction control decided to stop working, the gearbox decided to drop down about 2 gears and being rear wheel drive, the back end came around so fast I was lucky not to be facing the other direction.

      I had no failures with the car. It did fail to start once and I found out something new about the car. The ignition is on a timer. You turn the key and it keeps turning the starter motor for about 30 seconds or until the engine starts - very clever. On the day it wouldn't start I tried about 4 or five times and almost gave up - the last time it just started as normal and I wonder if the engine management system would reset to factory defaults if the car failed to start after so many attempts? I don't know, but the problem never returned.

      The car never needed the breakdown recovery service. Check on the year of your car and the service history because Mercedes begun a free breakdown service across most of Europe for 30 years (thirty, not three) as long as the car has a full service history from Mercedes dealers.


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