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Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 3.0 V6 GLS

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    1 Review
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      20.11.2010 12:13
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      Not for the City

      The Mitsubishi Shogun Sport 3.0 V6 (petrol) is another vehicle I use extensively whilst at work. As a telecoms engineer, a lot of my work is done at masts which are inevitably placed at the top of hills. Of course the weather isn't always the greatest round these parts so all terrain 4x4 vehicles are the order of the day.

      Not being my own, I carried out a little research prior to writing, and found that the 2006 Shogun Challenger model I drive daily cost approximately £22,000 new and can be picked up for in and around £7,000 now. Expect it to be extremely expensive to run, with insurance group twenty and an average mpg on this petrol model of about 22.
      Inside, the cab is not usually what you would expect of a Japanese car, especially a "sport" model. The interior is drab, with the grey dashboard starting to fade and look worn in places. Although this is a "working" vehicle, I still do not think it should fade so quickly, and other vehicles, although treated the same hold up better. You'll also find the indicator lever is on the wrong side from most vehicles, and even though I have been driving this vehicle for three years I still find the window wipers coming on when I intend signalling!

      Boot space is aplenty, and unlike the Focus estate I also drive this 3 litre powerhouse still performs really well when fully loaded with equipment and three more burly engineers.

      At a job, i.e. on the top of a mucky hill the Shogun really comes into its element. I have yet to come across conditions which the 4x4 can't handle, and have never become stuck. There's the option to select low ratio gears (which automatically switches on diff lock) to help get out of mucky or icy conditions and I have used this on occasion and found it to work extremely well. There's a lot of science behind it, none of which I know!
      One problem however is actually getting to the job. There is absolutely no refinement in this engine or gearbox at all, and even the most gentle drivers (admittedly not me) have commented on how rough the gear changes can be. As a passenger, I have noticed the Shogun does give a much bumpier ride than other 4x4's and if you intend rushing somewhere in it, take your neck brace for added comfort!

      Looking at used prices they seem to be good value for money, but please remember the high running costs have to be considered, and our vehicle man says they need significant upkeep, and can easily go through gearboxes if treated badly.

      I would never buy this vehicle personally. Not because it is terrible, but because I don't need it outside of work. I have seen a few gleaming shiny examples with nice Chrome wheels around my city. Don't be fooled by the "Sport" badge, there's nothing sporty about these 4x4s and other SUVs may be more expensive but are really better suited to city driving. This one is for the farm, or the hills, and I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you don't need a 4x4 for this purpose.


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