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Nissan Micra 1.4i 16v Sport+ 3dr

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    1 Review
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      20.09.2009 22:08
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      Great zippy little car that is reliable and economical with a few extras

      Nissan Micra 1.4 16v Sport 3dr

      Firstly the picture Dooyoo has put at the top looks NOTHING like my little Micra - it is the previous model pre 2001 I believe but is in NOT a current Micra model. I wish I could put my own photos on so the actual car can be seen in all its cuteness

      Hatchback - Front (FWD) - 5 Speed Manual Gearbox - 1386 cc - Max Speed:107 mph - 88 bhp - Unleaded Petrol

      I previously owned a Micra 1.2 and loved its cute bug- eyed look and key-less ignition. I traded this for a 56 reg Micra sport 1.6 without key less ignition. I really missed the key-less ignition but this would have cost about £1000 extra and I didn't think it was worth that much more. With key-less ignition you have a square key that you have to keep on your person or in your bag then there is a small button your press on the door handle to lock/unlock the car. For the ignition you just put your foot on the brake and turn the knob to start. The advantage of this is that you don't have to ferret around in your bag to get the key out - you just press the button, get in the turn the knob anf get going - much quicker and safer if you are on your own at night.

      It is still the same cute looking car and great 50mpg economy - the previous 1.2 version was giving me about 60mpg but this one is zippy on motorways cruises at speeds, nippy overtaking and still economical. It just has that bit of extra oomph at roundabouts and for overtaking on non-motorway roads.

      I've spent nothing on either of them apart from servicing. The servicing is quite pricey and the last one was £300 for service and its first MOT which it passed with no extra work needed.

      It has sporty seats which are very comfortable and supportive. It is in a subtle grey colour. My previous car had velour type seats and these I found grabbed every bit of fluff or dirt and grabbed hold of it so that I really had to rub with rubber gloves to get it off. These are smoother with a sort of grippy feel to the fabric so you don't slide around like on leather seats but they don't attract every bit of fluff either. A really neat idea is the secret under seat storage under the passenger front seat which I find very useful for storing things out of sight to potential thieves.

      Mi car only has two doors so the front seats both have a very easy pull handle that springs the seat back forward and allows the seat to also move forward and then go back to the position it was in again after the back is back in place. There is not a huge amount of space for thee back passengers but it is a small car so it can hardly be expected. It is no worse than a lot of bigger cars I have had to squeeze myself into the back of though.

      The back seats are split one-third/two thirds and can fold down to give extra boot space. The parcel shelf has a sort of skirt which will hide the contents in the boot when the seats are down. The parcel shelf just clips off and on easily and the seat backs fold with a spring handle from the boot. The seat backs are still a bit higher than the boot so it is not a completely flat enlarged area but can still hold quite a lot.

      The dash and steering wheel area are clean and neat. The 6 CD changer /radio/stereo takes up no more room than a normal radio and you change them in the car not like some I have seen where the CDs are in the boot. The radio volume is controlled oon th steering wheel which I find very handy The computer is near the speedometer and you can check mpg, amount of petrol in miles left in your tank and also has a trip mileage setting - all these are controlled by a little i button on the steering wheel too.

      The head lights and lights can be set to off or auto which means that they come on automatically once it is poor enough light or it begins to rain. I have noticed the wipers can sometimes come on if it is cold when the car first starts so I turn them off while they are sorting out their sensitivity! I do have separate fog lights with this model which have to be put on manually and a light indicates you have them on so that you don't not leave them on in error.

      I find it great for town parking as it is small enough to fit in tiny spaces, The power steering is excellent and very sensitive when at low speeds like parking and manoeuvring in small spaces.

      In the recent 'Which Car' for 2009 Nissan were in the average section for owner satisfaction with 81% satisfied. The ones in Very good were Porsche, Daihatsu, Lexus, Skoda and Honda with satisfaction in the 90%s -if you are curious In the very poor category came Renault, Chevrolet and Jeep with satisfaction in the 70%.
      Nissan Micra came 18th in supermini reliability behind Honda Jazz which was first but some of the sample sizes of some of the models was small compared to others so it is not a truly fair comparison.

      According to 'Which' a new model is due soon so there could be bargains to be found. Ownership rating 82% satisfied with 877 owners responding.

      'Which Road' test reisult:

      Ride and handling ****
      Drive performance****
      brakes ***
      Noise and refinement ***
      Behind the whell ****
      Visibilty and parking ****
      getting in and out ***
      Seat speace and comfort **
      Boot and storage ***
      Heating and ventilation **

      That is from 'Which' magazine published in about August 2009.

      I don't agree with the heating and ventilation as my climate control is great I always feel very comfortable and it is so easy to adjust so not sure what the problem is there.

      Insurance groups range from 2 to 7, I think mine is 4 or 5 but not absolutely sure. There is a 1.6 petrol version so this is probably higher. Mine is petrol but there is a diesel 1.5 version. I have a 5 speed gear box which I find extremely easy but there is an automatic version too.

      The Annual Road tax is £150 as I have just paid mine and my insurance is £175 with 5 years NCB which I think is good value.

      I know this has been a girlie opinion of this car rather than an under the bonnet look but hopefully it will be useful to someone thinking of buying one of these. I have owned one now for just over 5 years and had no trouble at all.

      This review may be posted on other sites under my name.

      © Catsholiday


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