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Peugeot 106 Aztec 1.1 5dr

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Model: Peugeot 106 / Class: Economical

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    1 Review
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      13.05.2012 18:08
      Very helpful



      Good as a fun cheap car, dont expect japanese reliability though

      The peugeot 106 is, in my opinion, on of the best cars peugeot ever made.

      Ok, so french cars are not exactly reknowned for there reliability (at least not compared with japanese or german cars), but in my opinion, the one thing that the french do is their small cars. I have driven around 5 different cars (i am a relatively new driver), and 2 of the cars have been a peugeot 106, and a renault clio, and by far those had the nicest feel in terms of driving. The irony of them are that they had the worse feel as far as passengers are concerned!

      Ok, the 106, I got my 106 as a hand me down from my mother. It had been in our family for many years (my guesstimate is around 14 years or so). In that time to be fair it hadn't had that many breakdowns per se, most problems were with the expendable stuff like tyres, bulbs, water pumps, that sort of thing, but we had used it only as a second car, and my mum didnt exactly rev the nuts off it as she drove... But shortly after it became mine, the headgasket went... and sadly my car had to be scrapped. Apparently this is a fairly common fault on the older versions (because the rubber gasket just gets worn down), and it costs at least 250 to replace just because half the engine needs to be taken apart... a bit expensive for a part that only costs around 20 quid on ebay...

      It had no power steering or ABS breaks, and is a 1.1l front wheel drive hatchback. Relative to newer cars, it was quite roomy inside for its size, and had excellent vision around the car thanks so small columns (this car wasn't laiden down like newer cars with all sort of gadgets, and it was the better for it as you felt like you had a more pure driving experience).

      Acceleration in this car was laughable, but because you were sitting so low to the ground, and because this car chassis wasn't exactly a BMW chassis, it always felt like you were going crazily quickly. I think I only rarely got it to go 70mph, just because the combination of acceleration and my own fear stopped me getting there often!

      What I really liked about this car was the cornering. Ok i never took it down for a track day or anyhting like that, but because it didn't have power steering, you could "feel" the car turn, and you can interact with that. It just make the driving experience very enjoyable. However you passengers might not find it so enjoyable, as the ride is a bit bumpy!

      The car is also very cheap in terms of insurance (one of the cheapest), mpg (i was getting from redditch to bham 6 days a week on 20 quids worth of petrol back in 2010), and I think this is pretty good for a car of this price and age group.

      So in summary. This car isnt a sports car, or a toyota, so don't expect amazing reliability or speed. But the way this car feels and handles really is one of a kind. Its just a fun drive (for anyone who is into cars). If all you want is a car to get from A to B, I would probably recommend that you look elsewere. But if you are looking for a classic car (i think this car is allowed to be one of the classics, what else is there at this age and price this good?), and you are not to worried about performance, I would recommend you take it for a test drive. I am aware of anohter person who had a pug 106 (albeit a 1.4 and a model above), and he also said that his drove like a beauty, sadly he had to scrap his as well... there may well be a recurring theme here... To be fair considering we had it for 15 or so years, it did do pretty well, so I am not sure if reliability is well and truly an issue. Its hard to go by one experience alone.


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