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Peugeot 206 Roland Garros in general

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2000 06:35
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      My review is on my Peugeot 206 1.6 8v Roland garros (RG), which I purchased back in August 1999. Just three months before Peugeot decided to offer 3yrs(60,000miles) warranty instead of the 1yr warranty I got with my car. The 206 Roland garros is a 5 door mine is a manual but can be ordered my a 4 gear automatic (extra cost of about £1,000- £1,500) The car comes as standard with: Alloy wheels. Roland Garros badging. Unique "Tie-Break" green metallic paint finish. Oyster coloured instrumentation. Oyster and green leather upholstery. Sports seat same as Gti. Gti Double optic headlamps with integrated front fog lights. Electric front and rear windows. Electrically operated heated mirrors, which fold in. Power steering. Automatic rain wipers. Automatic digital air conditioning system. Large panoramic glass roof. 6 disc CD auto-changer. You do get allot of standard equipment with this top of the range 206RG but thats what you would expect for a £13,000 supermini. The 206RG does have a quite appealing exterior look specially the metallic green colour when in bright weather. Remember this colour is unique for the 206RG only it may look similar to other 206 greens in dull weather, but in bright weather there is a vast difference. Apart from the nice paint and alloy wheel (I have changed my alloy wheels to 15 inch with Toyo T1-s instead of the normal 14 inch giving it more of a meaner look and more grip on the road.) The car is very easy to dent which is a real surprise because my neighbour has a Peugeot 306 2.0XSI since 1997 and his 306 does not dent easily. But I personally think it?s a common problem with 206?s bodywork. I have also added a few extras to car like a sports exhaust, the whole car is colour coded, fitted Peugeot rear spoiler and the GT fuel cap. Also another extra is a K &N induction kit for the car to breathe more easily when the car?s pushed hard. So you
      can see I?ve spent about a grand on top of the list price I paid for the car but all the extras have been worth it and will benefit the next owner when I come to sell it. Moving to the interior the car is quite spacious inside compared to the other super minis, apart from the good-looking leather trim. The 206 has a very poor driving position mainly due to the steering wheel only offering height and not reach and rake-adjustment steering column. The RG comes with standard the same sports seats as the Gti but they do not offer enough support around the thighs and waist area making hard cornering difficult. Peugeot really have to sort out seat with more support to give the car better feel when going around corners or back roads. The plastics used area of poor quality and look like they?re from a ten-year-old Toyota corolla. The huge glass roof has little use there?s an electric blind to cover the roof from sun if it gets to bright. The sunroof is also only fixed too. The car heart is a 1.6 8v with 90 bhp on offer, which is quite swift when pushed far into end of the rev range of the 1.6. The engine does revs cleanly and freely towards its peak power and does begin to tail off until you pass 5,600rpm. When pushed hard you can achieve 0-60mph in under 10secs and it top out at 115mph lets get this correct right at the start the 1.6 8v is quite a relaxed engine. It can only get impressive performance when you push the engine hard but it does serious effect the mpg of the 1.6 engine. The 206 gearbox has relatively tall ratios and has long shifts between each gear. I think the gearbox is quite weak but I know a guy with a 206 1.6 8v same engine who has modified his to 130bhp so it must be able to handle the 90bhp the 1.6 8v has as standard. The 206 ride is quite firm for a super mini and does not absorb potholes well and bounces into bumps instead of floating over then. I think the ride quality is only average I personally think my old corsa had
      better ride quality. The 206 ride is only average so is the handling and body control, people talk about the good handling Peugeots have but this Peugeot is definitely not from the same stable. The car does not handle well to challenging bends and caution must be taken in the wet but with the bigger tires I fitted this problem has been improved greatly. The brakes are only average too it takes some time to get use to the soggy brakes fitted to the 206, and take some hard right foot to slow the car down when travelling at great speeds. I find the brakes are subject to fading too. Overall, the 206 remain a well rounder. It looks great; this model has a vast amount of standard specification as standard and is quite modern but does have a lazy engine requiring high revving to get quick performance out of it. I would only consider another Peugeot unless it is: Planned Lotus 206 gti 170+bhp, 306gti-6 or the future planned 307gti-6. It will have to be a Peugeot gti but apart from that I think I won?t consider another Peugeot. C8Lau


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