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Peugeot 207 CC

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    3 Reviews
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      17.08.2011 12:43


      • Reliability


      Love it!!

      Since watching Noddy as a child i have always wanted what i have called a noddy car!
      so after 2 KA's and and a promotion at work i treated myself to a stunning 207cc, i could not live without this car now, must say though think nit is more of a girly car.

      The first thing that attracted me to this particular car was the fact its a hard top convertable, not like the material ones which can easily be ripped, or you have to fold down yourself.
      When i want my roof down at the touch of a button its down takes matter of seconds, there are security clips that lock themselves in.

      The boot is huge weather the roof is up or down, theres a lot of space in there.

      The car is supposed to be a 4 seater but realistically it is only a two seater, your only likely to get small children in the back and then its still a squeeze.
      Fab features that the car has is the fact it locks the doors automatically which i love as i always used to forget. And when it starts getting dusk the headlights turn themselves on automatically, could not live without this feature now!

      When reversing the car mine has parking sensors, and a small image comes up on your screen in the car which tells you how much further youj have to go back before you hit what ever is behind you, it does this by going up in blocks as you get nearer and also bleeps louder.

      Thanks for reading....if you are thinking of getting one i really would, ive had it for 2 years and not had one problem as yet.

      Laura :)


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      11.07.2010 02:59
      Very helpful



      Face it - its a 2 seater! And it works well as that.

      I love it! Ive had it for 2 years and no problems so far.

      After 20 years of Hondas and Astras I finally took the plunge and threw away my prejudices against French cars. And this is a good-looking car.
      The motoring press agrees with me and says that its residual value is holding up well, if you ever need to sell it after use.

      I always wanted to drive a car with the wind blowing through my hair (but left it a few years too late :( !
      With a CC there is no worry about the security vulnerabilities of a rag-top. And there is an auto door lock facility that locks the doors about 30 seconds after driving away.

      It drives nicely. Engine and gearbox seem nicely flexible, allowing driving in a (really) inappropriate gear. I'm no teenage hothead wanting to do doughnuts in the car park, but it is quite nippy on the acceleration front. It has fine acceleration for around town. It is small and easy to park. On the motorway, its just fine = chugging along at a (slightly illegal) 80mph is no problem - and I can still hear Radio 4 over the sound of the engine with no problem :)
      Ride is a little firm, but I like that - it means that I can feel the response of the car. It does not "wallow" like cars with soft suspension. This is always a trade off - firm ride = great around town (but a little harsh for a very long run), soft ride = nice for a long run, but unresponsive, "seasick" feel around town. I think that this car has got the balance about right. Most of my driving is around town, but I do 40 or so 200+ mile runs a year, and I havent felt excessively jaded because of the firm ride.

      Folding up/down the roof is VERY fast - I often do it whilst waiting at traffic lights (I dont know whether that is illegal or not...no doubt some kind policeman may tell me someday). 20 seconds I guess. No extra fiddly bolts, locks etc need to be operated. Just press the button, and the roof deploys!

      With the folding roof, boot space could be an issue. I drive with molten metal protective gear, hard hat, boots, change of suit, flashlight, first aid box, overnight clothing, essential breakdown gear of spanners etc. AND my shopping from Tescos - and I can still put down the roof and have enough space in the boot. No problem.

      This IS a 2 plus 2 car. This, of course means, 2 adults plus 2 children (with their legs chopped off)! Lets be honest. Its a 2 seater. The back bench seat is merely a well-upholstered parcel shelf. I have carried passengers on it, but they had to suck their knees, were extremely uncomfortable and abused me when they got out of the car and had the ability to breathe, and then to speak.

      I love the rear radar. After demolishing an unseen dwarf wall and doing £400 of damage to my old car, the reassuring beep of the Peugeot radar is a great reassurance.

      The windscreen pillars are VERY thick to maintain the structural safety of the car. This minimises visibility out of the windscreen. What this car DIDN'T need was a windscreen wiper that FAILED to sweep all the way up to this pillar. This means a six or seven inch vertical blind spot on the drivers side windscreen (APPALLING DESIGN! Shame on you Peugeot)

      The engine seems to miss a little from time to time on idling. Garage doesn't know the reason. To date, this has not affected performance, or been a safety issue.

      The dashboard top is curved, meaning that you cannot place anything on it without the item rolling off. There is very limited dashboard storage for your sunspecs, bifocals, mobile phone, GPS, MP3, windscreen wiping rag etc etc and anything else you might want within reach. Very annoying (and an entirely solvable problem). There are two good door side pockets for reachable storage, but some items, you just like to have IN VIEW, as well as easily reachable. In addition, the glovebox is pretty minimal for storage, but the 'gear-lever' area has a little more storage, including a coin box. OK, I guess my needs for EASILY ACCESSIBLE storage are a little more than most folks (I keep maps, notebooks, pens, work instruments etc) but, although an issue, storage is a minor issue that can be overcome.

      - not a Peugeot issue so much as ALL car manufacturers.
      1 A fine CD player situated on the dash where it takes MAX heat and warps your CDs. CDs are outmoded technology. What we really need is a USB port for our MP3 (and NO! we dont all have Iphones/players. A USB port as a minimum please)
      2 Everyone has a GPS, but few cars have anywhere to put it. Do us all a favour. Charge us £100 and install one as standard.
      3 We now have so many electrical items in our cars (like GPS, mobile phones, food heaters, and an entire range of other electrical gear, etc etc). How come maunufacturers still limit power outputs to a single cigarette lighter output?
      4 And where do I put my mobile phone?


      Oh yes! This is the car for me. I am already planning my replacement.


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      08.06.2009 11:36
      Very helpful
      1 Comment



      Great car for travelling in the summer sun, for 2 people

      I bought this car for my wife in December 07 on a 57 plate. We were drawn to it because of the electric convertible roof, and all round sporty looks, and it was basically a decision between a new 207CC or the new Vauxhall Tigra. We decided on the 207CC mainly because the Tigra only has 2 seats, and the 207CC, has the extra 2 seats in the rear, although there is not an awful lot of room, they still come in useful for short journeys. The boot is enormous, even if the roof is down there is still a lot of room, and maybe this is the reason for the only problem that we have had over the last 18 months. One of the hydraulic pistons which helps to lift the boot has gone, making it really difficult to get the boot open, due to the size and weight of it. We have it booked in, to be repaired next week under warranty, but other than this I cannot fault the Car. We went to London in it during April, and got there and back (from Staffordshire) and did a lot of running around in it whilst down there easily on a full tank of petrol, and at an average of 48 MPG. I have been really impressed with Peugeots customer service, they have really looked after us.


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