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Peugeot 806 Quiksilver

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    2 Reviews
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      10.10.2010 16:52
      Very helpful


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      Good car for its age!

      The Peugeot 806 is a reasonably outdated people-carrier first released
      in February 1995 with the intention of satisfying later 20th century
      every-day family needs. With parents who have owned this
      particular model for several years, I felt capable of writing a review
      which would outline the basic features of the car.

      With a 2-letre diesel turbo, the 806 boasts 250 Nm of torque and a
      top speed in excess of 110 mph. An intercooler helps to maintain
      engine performance and despite its size and weight, the vehicle has
      just 182 g/km of Co2 output. The gearbox is a 5-speed manual,
      though an automatic version is available.

      Sliding doors on either side give wide access to the vehicles three
      rows of removable seating. With sliding doors, children have easy
      access to the car and its reasonably comfortable seating and plentiful
      leg space even when the car is tightly parked.
      Similarly, wide openings to the front passenger seat and driver's seat
      make accessing the car simple and straight forward.
      Driving the 806 is a lot like driving a tank if you're used to normal
      sized vehicles, as the ride height is much greater. However, good
      visibility through the surrounding windows, and a better sense of
      positioning in the road due to the height, make manoeuvres less

      Internal accessories such as power inputs and ash trays are positioned
      in both the front and back of the vehicle. Despite having a healthy
      sized glove box, one thing the 806 lacks is an open dash board area to
      store maps, snacks and most probably nappies when you're on the
      move. You end up keeping things on the floor where they can easily
      role around, creating a hazard if items were to role under the break

      This people-carrier is perfect for large families and people who
      simply need to move a lot of equipment around in one go (i.e


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      07.12.2001 04:51
      Very helpful



      I have owned a Peugeot 806 Quiksilver for one year now and can honestly say that I have been absolutely delighted with this vehicle. I originally tried to buy a Ford Galaxy but with a minimum six-month delivery time I looked elsewhere. I always try and buy what I want but I was not going to wait six months for any car. I was then offered a deal on the 806 so I had a closer look. The car is actually about seven inches shorter than a Galaxy but has more interior space. As I work as a chauffer this sounded good as we have all heard the storys about no space in an MPV with all the seats being occupied. In use I find that the 806 can fit six or seven of the normal sized "wheely cases", with the extending handle, across the boot plus space on top for a similar amount of soft bags and all with the seats in the most rear most position. The car is about three to four thousand pounds cheaper than a similar spec Galaxy with Leather trim. The service intervals are twenty percent further. The services prices are cheaper. The fuel consumption is the same (I average 40-42 MPG even seven up and round town) with a range of six hundred miles between fillups. The quality of trim is good. I have even had the quality of leather used being complimented by BMW engineers from the Munich factory who also were impressed by the general build quality. Praise indeed! Reliability has been excellent with the only failure being a clock bulb, which failed as I pulled into the garage for the 24,000 mile service. Needless to say it was changed before I collected the vehicle. Running costs are also good. I have covered about 46,000 miles in the first year (business has been quiet) and in that time I have worked out the following part replacement mileages:- Front tyres (Michelin)= 22,000 " " ( Aftermarket cheapies)= 25,000 Rear tyres= 60,000 (estimated) Front brakes= 26,000 Rear brakes= Still going strong Th
      e interesting thing with the tyres is that the Michelins cost between £100-£120 each and the cheapies £65 each. Both seem to grip the same although the cheapies sometimes squeal if tyre pressures are not maintained. For the odd squeal I save almost 50% on the Michelins and they last longer! Driving the vehicle is good too with a powerful and torquey diesel engine, good handling and ride, comfortable seats and a brilliant driving position. The two rear doors slide open so no problem getting in at the car parks. In fact with the walk through ability, due to the dash mounted gear lever and the hand brake lever on the right hand side, you will never have a problem getting in. One of the big plusses of the driving position is that if you have any form of back problem, it does not hurt to get in as you do not have to bend right down or have to try to climb out as you would in an ordinary car. My grandmother is 80 years young and she loves going out in my car, as it is so easy for her to get in and out of. First update. This is an update on my car. It has now covered 70,000 miles and with the exception of crash damage inflicted and repaired by a french Peugeot dealer ( don't ask! ) it has kept up the reliability that has made me a very happy owner. The car has now suffered three bulb failures since new but nothing else. The cheapie tyres have been replaced with some other cheapies ( even cheaper! ) and the same comments apply regarding grip and life. I am now on the third set of front brake pads and have found that I can buy the original pads from a "car parts" supplier for £20.00 less than Peugeot charge and they are a doddle to fit. I would not recommend aftermarket pads unless they are from a reputable manufacturer, likewise I would not suggest you fit them yourself if you do not know what you are doing. The car has proved to be cheaper to run than a bargain basement type but with the advantage of impeccable reliability.
      The interior is still w ithout squeaks and rattles ( unlike the Ford Galaxy Ghia that one of my colleagues runs ) and is wearing it's mileage well. To say I am very impressed is an understatement. I have always been led to believe that the quality of french cars is crap but I am pleased to say it is anything but crap. I believe that depriciation is on a par with a similar spec Galaxy but is much cheaper to buy in the first place. I have to say that this car comes highly recommended for family or business use and my findings have been backed up by several other owners that I have met in the pursuit of my business. Second update. My car is now over two years old and has covered 100,000 miles. The reliability is still excellent. The car has blown a further four bulbs and had the centre section of the exhaust replaced. This was caused by hitting one of those stupid half speed ramps at the bottom of a hill, in the rain with six passengers and their luggage on board. The car was still perfectly driveable but the exhaust rattled which I did not like so I replaced it. It cost £153 and another £20 to fit it. I know I could get an aftermarket exhaust but have you seen the crap they fit. Last one I had fitted snapped in half after four months. Lucky I got the best one otherwise it might have only lasted two months !! Anyway, why buy rubbish when you can get an original for that price ? I have recently had the car serviced. This was the 96,000 mile service which includes the cambelt change. (Another plus with the HDI engine is the cambelt life). I was expecting a huge bill as I requested a clutch replacement as well. With the mileage the car had covered I was expecting it to be near the end of its life although I had not got any problems with it. I never understand why Peugeot do so bad in all of these surveys. I can only assume that so few people resond to them that it only takes a couple of bad experiences for the manufacturer t
      o be slate d. My own personal experiences with the dealers is very positive and was further enhanced by this visit. This is the third different dealer that I have used and they were all brilliant. They have the car ready on time, every time. The car is returned washed and dried and the bill never exceeds the initial quote. On this occassion the dealer phoned me after an hour and a half after leaving the vehicle to ask me why I wanted the clutch changing ? Apparently the head mechanic had taken the vehicle for a test drive and could find no fault with the clutch. I told them that I was concerned about the mileage the vehicle had covered with the original clutch but I was told that they actually had a similar vehicle there with 140,000 miles on it and that still had the original clutch. Their recommendation was that I saved my money so I did. I know an awful lot of dealers that would have just done the job to take my money. Anyway the service was done to order. The price ? £271 !!! This was for a proper service and a cambelt change. Excellent value. When main dealers can do work for these prices why go elsewhere and risk having cheapy parts fitted to your car instead of the pukka item ? On the subject of the clutch, I rang a national chain specialising in the replacement of them to get a quote. They were actually £20 dearer than a main dealer and I found that the clutch they list is for a model not even sold in this country ! Back to the car, it has got a little squeak from one of the rear seats. It is not really surprising as these seats have been in and out like a yo yo so I could expect them to wear a little over this time. My pleasure in driving the car has not diminished over this time although I have to admit to having a little dribble over the brochures for the new 807. I have never regretted buying this car and intend to run it for a while yet so will give anther update soon. Forgetting the high mileage the car will still sell at 50% to 60% of
      retail which i s not that bad depreciation. Certainly as good as a Ford Galaxy if not better. I have also noticed the fuel economy is actually improving with age and can now cover up to 640 miles between fillups. I have had to relace the tyres again and found an even cheaper brand. They cost me £230 for five tyres and perform very well. The car tends to lean a tiny bit more in the heavy corners but they do not appear to wear. Also they don't squeal in the turns like one of the other economy brands did. I can still not find a good reason in paying three times as much for a well known brand when the cheapies do just as good a job and last longer. The back brakes have still not worn out although I will be replacing the front pads again very soon and will replace the discs as well. This will be the first time that they have been changed. You often hear how a cheapy car is cheap to run. This is incorrect as they tend to go wrong more frequently and can end up costing an arm and a leg. With my car, I just fill it up and drive. For the average private user they would only change the front pads and tyres every two and a half years, a service every year and would probably never have to pay for a cambelt change. Now tell me what car is cheaper to run.


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