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Renault Clio Alize 1.4 16v 3dr

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  • Quite Common, Scotlands best selling car!!
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    1 Review
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      20.11.2001 06:49
      Very helpful



      • "Quite Common
      • Scotlands best selling car!!"

      Renault Clio Alize, 1.4 16V, 3Dr, Air Con, Remote C\L, Elec windows, dual airbags. I bought this car last month with 12000 miles on the clock. I'm still getting a feel for it but there are some very positive things that van be said about this long running supermini. The Clio, aesthetically, is unobtrusive. It carries no sense of pretension, unlike the new Mini. When you look at it you think 'its small but there is something intensely likable about it. It is a very safe car with the latest model receiving very high euro ncap awards It drives like it looks. Quick, responsive and about 42 MPG. It knows that nippy means lean and quick, and it epitomises that word. It can do 0-60 in ten seconds flat, but i've read of others getting there in 8 seconds. From third to fifth, the engine is willing and capable. Now would be an opportune time to mention the low insurance. The Clio Alize performance is not far away from the flashier GTi superminis yet it is only a category 4-5. The cost with the motor company for me and my girlfriend's fully comprehensive insurance was £600. The tax clocks in at £105 per year Its not a toy boy souped up car but a plucky and willing to please little dynamo. The handling is superb, even though i don't have ABS. I would have great difficulty in imaging even the most foolish of drivers losing control without a great deal of effort It is beautifully quiet, the engine purrs away effortlessly and is wellpowered for any task you throw at it. Such is my confidence in its comfort and drivability that i'm going to drive home to Ireland (6-7 hours), and i'm looking forward to the drive! Inside is also good. No cluttering. Height adjustable seats for larger folk like myself. I'm 6ft 3 and getting in is not a problem and there is plenty of headroom. The view of the road is also good. Rear legroom was good even for my dad who was stuck behind my mass of bones.
      The controls are straightforward and the radio has on steering controls. The headlights are adjustable electrically. The dash is simple but effective. A 'panic' button is also fitted for the more socially aware which locks all doors with one flick of a switch. When reverse is activated, the rear wiper comes on automatically. The Air/Con is superb, even in winter! A nifty nightrider light is also fitted. The presence of dual airbags is a source of security and safety. Two negative things. The first gear can be difficult to engage. Equally, the clutch pedal is close to an arch in the footwell which means that sometimes my size 12 has trouble in clutching to the floor. Hmmm maybe both those points are related. However, such is the perfection of the Clio that i believe my left foot to be an abomdination and a very poor design! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Clio is still running fantasically. The gears are tight, which means if you cannot find 'em, grind 'em! Must agree with Claire in that the window is slow to clear. Also find that when i indicate, i sometimes put on the sidelights by accident. Sydneygee has warned me about the Dealer situation, which is apparently not good. My Professor at university spoke of his frustration at how his Renault Megane broke down while holidaying. He couldn't find a Renault dealer to fix it...and that was in France of all places! Good news is for new models, like claire's, is that there is three year/60k warranty. Overall, i think the frenchies and other european manufacturers are beginning to hit the japanese for six. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ FIRST HITCH When i arrived back after xmas i was driving the Clio out and about. It started to lose power and die on the hills, basically being a nightmare. The garage i bought off second hand refused to have anything to do with it, even though we'd only done 700 miles. Pretty poo
      r, They did check the alignment, though why is a good question We'd have to pay £100 just to put it up on a diagnostics machine, which would not fix it but merely tell us where the problem was. After that, we got a local mechanic to look at it. No need for the diagnostics machine, apparently there is an original fault with the power packs leading to the plugs. He was tipped off by a Reno mechanic and replaced this and the other plugs as a manner of course. Total cost £85 (50 for parts) Not too bad. However, as an original fault it is liable to appear in the other three power packs, each costing me about £80. I'm gonna get on to Reno to see what they might do for me. I think my professor had the same problem in France. A breakdown waiting to happen. Not impressed


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