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Renault Clio Si 1.9 dTi 5dr

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    1 Review
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      16.04.2002 19:25
      Very helpful



      I first saw the car at a main dealership in Blackpool and thought yes, this Renault Clio Dti Si looks like the car for me. I took if for a test drive and noticed that the gear-stick was rather 'jumpy' when you put your foot on & off the gas, (as though an engine mounting was loose) - i pointed this out to the 'salesman' - along with a suspicious noise (a 'hollow' type sound as though the air filter wasn't fitted) coming from under the bonnet. The salesman assured me that the vehicle would be thoroughly checked over prior to delivery and would personally point out these queries to the service mechanics. I collected the car a few days later and was informed by a mechanic - who was having a quick ciggy that an engine mounting had been replaced as "the other one had perished" - fair enough? I'm not so sure - as this car had only done 6800 miles (and only 9 months old)!! I enquired about the noise and was told that it was a characteristic of the diesel engine,,,but being excited about collecting my 'new' car i put everything to the back of my mind and drove off to show my parents. The car itself is a lovely drive - apart from the late clutch - which seems to be getting worse by the week! I get an average 46 MPG and have achieved 49.5 MPG on only one occassion (200 miles urban 200 miles motorway). There really isn't much roon in the back of the car but if i wanted more roon i'd have bought a different car !! The brakes seem to 'grab' now and again and sometimes the steering is a bit wierd. The car hasn't even done 9000 miles yet. My opinion? I would love to have bought a brand new one instead of this one, as i'm convinced that the car has been 'clocked'. You can't tell me that an engine mounting would perish, the clutch would wear out, the brake discs would badly wear, the windscreen seal would loosen all on a car that h
      as done under 9000 miles !!! (and i've since found out that the roof has been resprayed - looks as if the car was a Learner Car) If anybody knows a sure fire way of telling whether the car HAS been clocked please let me know - i'll pursue this matter further. Like i said, I'd have loved to have bought a brand new one as i think in general that they're a belting car ! sneakysnier@hotmail.com


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