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Renault Kangoo RN 1.9D 5dr

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    1 Review
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      02.01.2009 22:12
      Very helpful



      A workhorse not a show off

      The first thing to remember with the Kangoo is that it is essentially a van - so if you are looking for luxury and all the latest gadgets and creature comforts then stop reading now. But if that hasn't put you off read on.... there are, after all, many upsides to driving a car that is basically a van:
      1. You can carry a huge amount of stuff around - it can cope with a lot of weight - and has the height and length to take a whole set of Billy bookcases (albeit with the boot tied down).
      2. It has sliding side doors which make it really easy to get people and shopping in and out in car parks.
      3. It is efficient to run (well the diesel version is) - I have a 10 year old model and it still does 45mpg - and I hammer it.
      4. You don't worry about hammering it!

      But the main reason I got mine was as a dog wagon - and it does that job brilliantly. I have a large breed (think Belle and Sebastian - a bit up from Lassie - not quite Beethoven) - she can stand up in the car without ducking or banging her head. She can also lie down comfortably along with her two pals - and all have enough room. And because it is a dog wagon I can relax about the slobber on the windows and the hair on the seats....

      So if you want a pretty reliable workhorse, albeit with a cute looking "face", then this is worth considering. And I believe that newer models do have a little more in the way of comfort (but it is still not competing with a luxury car).

      Of course there are downsides. It is noisy - make sure you have a good quality stereo or you won't hear it. And it gets noisier with age. Mine has done 80K miles and emulates a jet engine when it starts in the morning (but starts it always does).

      And I have on occasion had trouble taking my rubbish to the tip on weekdays - I had to argue that - in spite of the presence of rear windows, doors, and seatbelts - it was really a car and NOT a commercial vehicle!

      And you won't get any marks from your friends for style or chic..... but it will be you they come to when they have a Billy bookcase to shift.....


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