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Renault Scenic RXE 2.0

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    1 Review
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      25.07.2003 10:09



      This is my first Scenic. Bought second hand. I have several friends who own various different versions. Originally I intended to get a Diesel, for the economy, but somehow ended up with the 16V 2.0 140BHP version!! However, the economy doesn't seem to be a worry. I'm impressed to say the least!. Ok - if you have a heavy right foot you'll have to pay for it. A trip from Croydon to West Wittering for the day returned 41.5MPG going. On the return I tried the AC and was suprised to get ...41.5MPG ! - I reckon it could do better on a long run - but also it could do worse if you constantly break the national speed limit!! I think the AC will reduce the economy on full fan in town.Talking of which, I watched the computer closely for the first few days and local trips return around 28 MPG - heavy traffic drops it down to 26, heavy right foot as well makes it worse. But evening short journeys to friends or less busy local driving and it creeps up towards 33 MPG Enough about the economy. I'm sure you will have read reviews for other Scenics - so I will round this off. This one is very brisk when pushed. It handles well. (Slightly stiffer suspension I believe?) It is comfortable - like the others. I like the driving position, though I opt for the lowest seating position otherwise the handbrake and gears are a bit of a reach. Mine's also got the six CD changer - that's nice to have. No complaints yet. As others have said in reveiws - this is a well thought out design, very flexable with lots of usefull places to put stuff. Service intervals are quite wide appart - I suggest changing the oil far more often than they recomend - and always use a good oil (check API rating). I would recomend this car to anyone who needs a roomy flexable car that isn't too large on the outside. This one replaces an Astra and is parked on a limited width hard standing and it fits beautifully. Additional: by Geoff C on 26.07.2003 at
      03:47 Further to my review, and for the benefit of those who have already added their comments' I would like to point out the following observations and comments. I started out with the Zafira in mind as a logical move from the Astra. I prefered the rear seating arrangement in the Scenic - particularly, with it being a second hand purchase, the use of a proper centre seat belt. The Scenic also has a more flexable rear seat arrangement (appart from not having 7 seats - but they are bringing out a 7 seater Scenic!) Any rear seat can be folded, tipped up, or completely removed. If you remove the centre seat - then the outer two can be moved inwards. Under each seat is a cubby hole flap for stuff (in addition to the 2 cubby holes under the passengers feet). Just behind the passengers there are two holes at the edge of the parcel shelf which will nicely accept 2 litre water bottles. Inside the passenger area there is generally more air and space than a Zafira. I also looked at the Citroen Picasso - which some people may also like, obviously I prefered the Scenic. This is a deceptive vehicle. It feels, at first, quite big and wide - but it isn't! It's hardly bigger than my old Astra (mk3). It's about an inch longer if at all. It goes through gaps well, if you look directly at the front you can see it's not so wide. It's just bigger inside!


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