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Saab 9-3 2.0T 205 bhp Convertible Aero

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    1 Review
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      03.06.2002 06:59
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      I admit it, I had a great big grin on my face from the minute I picked up my shiny new black Saab Aero HOT convertible. I drove it round with my wife an kids in the back and I took it round to show off to my friends and family. It is by far the best car I have owned to date and I must admit I am totally happy with it so far. Looks: Everything about this car looks great. The Aero styling makes the car seem lower and wider (when apparently it is not). The interior is flawless ? a grey charcoal interior with superb leather seats. Alloy wheels, etc. A lot of though went into the design of this car and, it shows. Performance: I took a 93 basic model for a test drive and found it a nice drive ? if a little bit lacking of that real burst of power when you felt you really needed it. But setting off in the Aero, it seemed alive! The car practically took off and roared up the road ? exceeding the speed limit without even trying. There is power to spare ? the acceleration 0-60 is 6.9 seconds, and at the top end all I can say is that I feel lucky I have not had a ticket yet, because it is so easy to go fast without realising it. Handling: It sticks to the road like glue. Once you get used to the car it handles beautifully. The cornering is no problem ? and when you are coming out of the corner ? apply the power and away you go. Space: No boot space ? especially when the roof is down ? no family airport trips for this car. It did also take a bit of time to get the front seat comfortable, I am 6 foot 4 and not slim! But with the seat position memory, and fully electric controls ? it is no problem to adjust. This car does feel a bit more cramped than the other non Aero models, but the gadgets have got to go somewhere. And there are plenty of toys! More features than you can shake a stick at. Space in the back is a down side - I have my seat right back and there is almost no leg room behind me - and there is not much o
      n the passenger side either. But we have small children - so it will not be a worry for a long time. When putting the roof up it detects the child seats in the back and stops about twice - but I am glad that there is this safety feature, my children are much nicer with their heads in place - even if they are noisier. Why did I choose this car ? well there are BMW?s, Mercs, Volvos which are all in the price range more or less. This car seemed to have the most appealing image ? an exclusive feeling car ? not many on the road ? and you seem to get a lot for your money. The damage ? list price was about £29,000 ? I haggled and got some extras and the price down to £27000. You can get the same car for about £25000 from the continent ? but what always concerns me is the comeback ? little problems ? and there have been a couple. I have just taken it round to my dealers ? where they are keen to build a relationship, and everything gets sorted instantly. The dealer did, I am sorry to day show some very standard car dealership traits. He lied saying that the car would be two weeks and it was four. I was not happy about this, and told him. As a result they loaned me an old 900 series - for free and chased the car as much as possible - getting it to me about five days early in the end. So they did their best to put right their earlier mistakes, this is the only reason I ended up buying the car from them. I am a very happy customer. I just hope I manage to keep my driving license!


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