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Seat Cordoba in general

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    3 Reviews
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      05.07.2006 22:07
      Very helpful



      great car, wonderful drive, very economical with fuel

      Please bear with me, this is my first ever car review (from a girl’s perspective, naturally) and depending on your ratings, may be my last. Don’t worry guys; I have tried to put some facts and figures in that may sway your opinions.

      NAME OF CAR: Seat Cordoba CLX 1.9

      BACKGROUND: As usual, I rode my last car into the ground (my poor Nissan Micra stalled at a junction and failed to restart – module in distributor had gone so new car was urgently needed. I had to buy a car quickly as my insurers do not provide a car if mine is unavailable – unless they are repairing it and I commute 12 miles to work each day with public transport very problematic to my place of work. My father lends me his car in emergencies but this can’t last long as he needs his car, too. His friend, the mechanic who told me the Micra was past it, found me this Seat, but I was more or less given Hobson’s choice – this or nothing! My dad even teased me that it was bright yellow – my least favourite colour!

      COLOUR: In my case, it is a deep sea blue, but I imagine they come in most colours!

      FUEL TYPE: Listed on log book as Heavy oil (diesel). I usually put around £25 in which with my previous car (petrol) lasted me about 7-10 days but this now lasts me 10-14 days and gets me around about 200-300 miles. I always refuel when the gauge gets to the ¼ full mark so it is never empty and could probably manage 350 if I pushed it. The most I have managed (so far) is 323.

      TAX DETAILS: Tax class PLG (Private Light Goods) and according to the VII sent by the DVLA (2006) was £96.25 for 6 months or £175 for 12 months. This is a higher bracket than my previous cars – serves me right for buying a bigger car but this is easily offset by the reduction in fuel costs.

      WHEEL PLAN: 2 axle rigid body


      TYPE OF CAR: 4 Door saloon

      MILES PER GALLON: My old Micra managed about 40-45mpg which I thought was very good for a G reg. I can now do over 200 miles before refuelling and do 55-60mpg approx. I usually put £25 worth of diesel in which is about 96.9p per litre at the moment at my local Morrisons.

      PRICE: Mine was second hand so less than £1500 but that is for a P reg car and I can not find this particular car on the Seat website so am unable to provide a price for new ones.

      1. Extremely large boot
      2. Airbag fitted (driver only)
      3. Has a rev counter (unlike 1989 Micra)
      4. Economical on fuel (see above)
      5. Fog lights front and back (only ever had cars with rear fog lights before) – however had difficulty working out how to operate them at first – you need to pull the light switch up towards you to switch them on and push it back in to switch them off. There is a small picture, which showed this, but I tried pushing instead of pulling!
      6. Central locking – although I have never wanted this as think it will be expensive to replace/repair if anything goes wrong, it is good to know I have fully locked the car. NB I have sometimes been able to lock the car when the passenger door was still open, i.e. when it shuts the whole car is locked!
      7. Electric windows - although I have never wanted this as think it will be expensive to replace/repair if anything goes wrong, I have found it useful to quickly open the front windows including the passenger one in this current hot weather.
      8. 2 glove compartments – although neither are lockable there is one on the nearside (passenger) side and a smaller one under the steering wheel near the accelerator pedal.
      9. Large handles on every door (large plastic semi circle) which is very useful for elderly, young or infirm to grip when opening or shutting a door or needing support to get in or out of the car.
      10. 2 good sized compartments in the doors – but they are not very wide so can not take my deicer can, which is a shame as I like to keep one in the driver door for easy access, when there is ice on the windscreen.
      11. Dimmer switch for dashboard – I couldn’t work out what this did as I was trying it when no lights were switched on so I turned it off, then couldn’t see the dashboard properly. I tried fiddling with this again and the lights grew brighter until they were very bright.
      12. The sun visors both have mirrors on them but the driver’s one has a sliding cover for when in motion. The driver’s one also has a pen holder and space for a couple of cards to be kept in it.
      13. Power steering
      14. Comfortable chairs – very comfy ride.

      1. Glove compartments are not lockable
      2. Switching fog lights on not easy to work out at first
      3. Dimmer switch for dashboard - It is not labelled and only has a smaller/larger marker alongside it to show which way is brighter.
      4. Mine came with a minidisk player installed and I didn’t have any minidisks. It came with one disk (Coldplay Parachutes) which I discovered I hated. The radio wouldn’t tune in so I was forced to listen to this or have silence all the way to work. I was very ratty after a few days of this so I bought some disks off ebay and now have a mini disk recorder so I can create my own. I would think that most cars these days have a Radio/CD player, rather than this so this is just my little rant.
      5. No internal mechanism for opening the boot, so have to get out to open the boot for passengers who need to access it. My older Micra had this facility and I miss it.
      6. Rear window is very small – possibly because of the huge boot, and the additional brake light at the top of the window which is large compared to the size of the window.
      7. No rear windscreen wiper – which again my older Micra had and I miss this facility too. There is a good quick heated windscreen but this is not as good when it is raining.
      8. Higher tax because of engine capacity – if my car had been made after 2001 it could have had a higher rating still as it goes on emissions.

      Go for a comfortable ride in my Seat!

      Made by Seat, their website www.seat.co.uk only seems to have Seat Cordoba’s TDI and SDI for sale so maybe this model is no longer available?


      There is a digital clock built into the rev counter and this clock is very easy to alter when the clocks change.

      The tripometer is hidden behind the the milometer and you need to click the button to view it. To alter it to 0 you have to hold it in for a few seconds.

      There is an airbag button on the left of steering wheel on the dashboard which lights up when the ignition is switched on.

      The button for the rear view heater is above the airbag button.

      The horn is situated on the steering wheel around the airbag and is better placed than the Micra as I no longer sound it when putting the steering wheel lock on!

      The rev counter is in tens and goes up to 50 (rpm x100) and usually cruises about 10 to 15 rpm.



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        18.11.2000 02:34



        My Parents have had their car for around 2 years I think now it is a great car however it is getting on in life now it is m reg has done less than 40,000 miles so I suppose still quite a low milleage car and has still got quite alot of performance left in the thing however over the last 3 months we have had loads of problems with it The tick over has really been unhealthy we have taken it in to have it serviced by just about every dealer in the county and none of them sort the problem out mainly because they dont know what is wrong with it. This week my mum put the thing in reverse and the reverse lights have just stopped working so thats another thing to add to the list to get repaired. Mind you I know it seems like I am grumbling but it has been a good car it has worked up until now with literally no maintanance except for the odd tyre change and its usual service. So if I were to recommend a car. Then I would recommend a VW or part of that chain IE Skoda Seat Audi because they are all well built and in all fairness do last a long time Thanks feel free to leave comments


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          22.06.2000 06:34



          These cars might not be to everyones taste, the styling is a bit different. Seat's have improved greatly over the last few years, (I used to own an old style Ibiza, which I was pleased with but have owned better cars). The build quality is excellent, my car is now 5 years old (60.000 miles) and hasn't got any rattles, squeaks etc. I've owned it for 18 months, and in that time have had no problems whatsoever with it. I can get close to 40mpg from it, even though I drive the nuts of it. The one gripe I do have is that there's quite a bit of road and wind noise at speed, although a lot of this is from the aftermarket sunroof. The car has got a huge boot, but unfortunatley the opening is quite small so big bulky items which could fit easily in the back, won't fit through the boot opening.


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