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Skoda Octavia SLX 1.8 Turbo 5dr

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    1 Review
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      17.06.2003 04:03
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      Before I start to praise this car let me tell you about its bad points, well that's easy it only has two downfalls: the name, let?s face it when you hear the name Skoda you think of some Russian yokels nailing together some old tin buckets containing lawnmower engines. : Some of the trim levels, if you buy a new one out of the box you'd better have ordered the leather! Otherwise you could be looking at a cloth trim that wouldn't look out of place in a 1990 Vauxhall Astra. now to the praise, the cost; you have to ask yourself this 'how much is the passat 1.8t 20v' the answer to that is if you bought one second hand without all the toys you would be looking at in excess of £17000, now look at the price of a skoda octavia 20v turbo (the same car but with different badges on) with the toys, £15000! Bargain I think you'd agree. With extra £2000 you could buy me a pint. Equipment levels; as you'd expect from vw all the usual suspects are here, power windows, electric mirrors, electric sunroof (option), heated seats (with the winter pack) and lots of other knobs to twiddle and fiddle with. The truth is that I could go on forever but I won?t, as a mechanic the first thing I always look at is the engine, that lovely 20v turbo Audi TT engine. That?s right it's the engine out of the TT. It's been slightly de-tuned but takes it to a friendly garage with the necessary equipment and you too could have over 180bhp, an increase of about 30bhp from the factory unit but still nowhere near the maximum output available. the handling is good and it goes in the direction you point it, the ride is firm but not harsh, overall it feels sporty especially with that turbo whistle coming from the front of the car. Basically this is a top quality car for poor quality car money. I?ve owned one and I?ve owned a passat and the difference is negligible.


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