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Subaru Legacy 2.0 GL AWD Estate

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  • Spares can be expensive
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    1 Review
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      30.07.2002 16:03



      • "Spares can be expensive"

      Before I go any further, my model is the 99 LX Classic, a basic Legacy estate with Air con and Alloy wheels. It's still AWD and a 2.0 litre so it's probably basically the same. When I bought it, it was 18 mths old with 25,000 miles on it, it now has 51,000 and still going strong. It has a high/low gear ratio which I frequently pop in to low in traffic jams or for hill starts especially when towing my caravan. I have succesfully towed it (at 1000Kg) up the hills on Exmoor in low range, and in high I was forced to overtake a slow driver and lorry up a hill on the M4 south of Bristol. It is quite proficient at towing at the legal speeds of 50 and 60 on Single roads and Dual Carriagways, although of course fuel consumption suffers, about 20 mpg possibly a bit more. Normal consumption is around 30 mpg, bear in mind it is permanent 4 wheel drive, but the disadvantages of using extra fuel and increased tyre wear (10% less life) are far outweighed by the advantages of improved controllability and traction in dodgy conditions. It will still slide on ice though, it is not a miracle worker. The ride is comfortable and with the air cond always pleasant, incidentally, you use more fuel driving a car with 2 windows open, than by using air conditioning, that's according to AA statistics. My model has: Air Cond Power Steering Radio Cassette Alloy Wheels Glass in the windows and a steering Wheel Seriously, they're as reliable as the sun going down at night and rising in the morning, and although spares can be expensive, you don't need any!! Keep it serviced and well shod and it'll last forever. My last one K reg had 115,000 miles on it when I sold it for 2,000. Make sure you know the history though, check the suspension for abuse, and change the cambelt at the required interval. (It is classified as a safe engine by Autodata, no valve damage if belt breaks, b
      ut you can't be too careful). Enjoy


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