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Suzuki Swift 1.3 GLX 5-dr

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    1 Review
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      23.09.2008 20:29
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      Good little car but not perfect for learners

      We have the latest version of this car. I am still learning to drive and both my parents had cars i could not drive so we sold my mum's car and got one of these instead.
      They are nice looking cars, we got the 5 door one to make it more practical. It is a good size car and you can fit two adults in the back quite comfortably, or three children as there is a middle seat with a full function seatbelt.

      Now i can't really talk about the engine and all the internal side of the car as i am not really well up on all that, but i will take about the basics.

      Now i'm not sure if they are all like this, i doubt they are or they would not sell, but ours stalls very easily, even my mum sometimes still stalls it, but once you get used to it, its better.
      The engine is quite loud but not a problem really.

      The gearstick is lovely to use, it can sometimes be a little stiff going from 1st to 2nd and vis versa but apart from this is lovely, good size and smooth and easy to find the correct gears. Sometimes it does not always go into reverse first time when you first get in the car, but if you just select neutral again and reverse it will work fine.
      The steering wheel is a great size and very comfortable to use, it turns great.
      All the pedals are good and soft to use, one thing with the accelerator though, it revs so easily, if you touch it by about a millimetre it engine starts to roar.

      One downside is the bar above the main windscreen is quite low making it hard to see things like traffic lights, and if you put the sun visor down, you basically can not see anything apart from the road right in front of you.

      The seats are very comfortable, the front seats are slightly more firm which is understandable, the back seats are lovely and soft.
      The boot is a good size as well, it comes with a large plate type thing that you can slot in place to make the boot level with the edge, or you can remove this to get some extra depth. I sometimes do the shopping with my mum and we often have a lot of bags and we can usually fit every one in the boot without the extra shelf.

      I won't go much further into it, i don't know too much about the engine but you can find all these details on the professional spec but overall this is a nice car to drive, once you get used to it. Its not really a perfect for a learner like me but if i can get used to it, then other people will manage.


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