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Suzuki SX4

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    1 Review
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      05.08.2010 15:15
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      A nice car with good driving and nice to look at

      ==Suzuki Sx4==

      Now having just reviewed my own personal car, I thought I would give a bash at reviewing my Mums car. I didn't think this was allowed but before you guys get all rule book on me, because I use Mum's car more than my own it appears that this is in fact allowed.

      So the Suzuki Sx4 was something Mum purchased with Dad before he got very ill. They had a fair bit of savings and because Dad had always wanted a brand new car out they popped to get one and they 2008 number plate that they have was brand spankers at the time. They paid around £12k for the car but this was brought down somewhat by the trade in of their T reg 206. This price included some added extras which they had such as this painting of "glass coat" which is an anti scratch varnish over the entire outer body work of the car which has seemed to hold off Mums sketchy driving for a few years. Also the bars on the roof which I don't think are classed as roof racks but do look similar were an added extra which needed to be paid for.

      The dealer threw in some naff extras such as a complete car cleaning kit and the proper Sx4 set of 4 car mats which I would think for the price of the thing should come as a standard anyway! Seeing as it was a brand new car they also got the pick of a few number plates that were on offer but didn't end up with anything that meant anything personal such as an initial or anything.

      So the car was ready within a week or so and they were driving it around with pure pride. I can't say that it is the coolest looking car around but it has certainly grown on me and is really nice to drive. Dad was only able to drive it himself for a relatively short period of time before he became too poorly but seeing as the car is higher up than most, when he was in his wheelchair we found transferring him from chair to car a lot easier than we would have done had they still had their old 206. The car is not especially high but the seats inside seem to lift you up so that once inside you do feel like you are looking down on the road instead of being on the level.

      The car colour is something that I really like although I would think wouldn't be up everyone's street. It is a really light blue type aqua shade and I have not yet seen a car with the same colourings as this in the Suzuki Sx4 range. I can't say that I have seen that many Sx4s in general but this colour seems to be the rarest still!

      There was the option to have the car in diesel but Mum and Dad opted for a petrol, manual type and it has the standard 5 gears and the engine is a 1.6 litre. Seeing as I have had to fill the car up with unleaded on a regular basis, I know for a fact that it takes a little over £45 to fill her right up which isn't bad going and considering she has only done 9000 miles up to now the amount it gets used, a tank does indeed last a while! They were issued with two keys and both of these have a remote central locking button which makes the doors lock and the lights flash but no annoying beeping sounds (good thing).

      The boot space of the car is also something which is pretty good. We were able to get Dads wheelchair easily into the back along with Jack's pushchair and still have room for a few bags of shopping! The back seats also fold down which has made it easier on the few occasions when we have had large items that need moving and this car has been a far better option to use than my own Seat Ibiza. The general storage inside the car is good too and even with the two front passenger air bags and side air bags, there is still a good sized glove box and other little nooks and crannies which coins, cans, maps and other car type items can easily be stored and reached.

      Since Dad has passed over, I have been the named driver on Mums insurance. This is mainly so that I can drive her around from place to place and drop her off at the ferry for her frequent trips to see my brother in Portsmouth. I can honestly say that driving this car is lovely and far smoother and easier to handle than my own Seat Ibiza. I do however like to feel like a am driving a proper car and have a bit more noise and harder handling which is really what you get when you drive the sort of old bangers that I am used to. However with this car, the driving really feels totally effortless and it glides around corners with ease and gear changes feel so seamlessly smooth it makes me wonder sometimes if it is keyed into my brain and the way I want to drive.

      I was surprised at how much power there seems to be in all the gears and it seems to pick up the speed pretty quickly and easily. I haven't taken this car to the mainland which means that seeing as there are no motor ways on the island I have never really let rip in it. It gets up to well over 60 on the half mile dual carriage way we have but I have to quickly put on the breaks as the road comes to an abrupt end! The breaks are something which I feel totally blown away with as they are super sensitive but not in a way that feels anything but completely easy to use and with a fast and strong response.

      The sound system in the car is pretty good too and I have had a few heavy based tuned playing much too loud (this without Mum in the car) without any sign of distortion or blowing of the speakers. There is a multi disc changer in the boot which can hold a few different CDs but there is still a single CD player in the car. The buttons for this are all self explanatory and the volume is a twist button which is easy to increase the volume unlike my old Punto (RIP) where you had to repeatedly tap the button to turn up or down and couldn't be done in any hurry! There are controls for the basic CD functions on the steering wheel too which makes changing the song or changing the volume even easier! The car picks up the radio stations with ease and must have some sort of powerful aerial as it gets a lot of stations which my Seat Ibiza won't find! You can store up to 10 different stations on the pre-tune buttons which makes finding something you want to listen to quick and easy.

      There are also controls in the drivers door handle to control all four windows which are electric. It amazes me that mum still hasn't mastered which button is for which window and we nearly have an accident every time she wants to put the back window down as she has to study the panel and takes her eyes off the road for far too long. There are also buttons which lock the car from the inside and open it again which is good to make you feel safer and they are positioned in a good place so that they are not easy to knock accidentally.

      The seats of the Sx4 are really comfortable and have a grey type of material on them. I don't know what exact material this is but I have to say that they can be rather hot in this warm weather but they are not made of any leather, they just don't seem to "breathe" very well. That said, they are very easy to clean (I should know as Jack got chocolate ice cream all over the back seats and I had to clean up before mum saw!). The hotness however can easily be solves by sticking on the air conditioning which blasts out super ice cold air on demand even if mum does say it wastes petrol!

      There is easily enough room for 5 big adults to sit in the car as the back has a good amount of space. Jack's three different car seats have fitted in without any problem and there is still enough room in the back for two adults and a rather fidgety dog!

      The general look of the interior is pretty snazzy and far better than any of the other cars I have owned. The grey colourings of everything seem to make the dust less apparent as my black interior of my Seat seems to look like the inside of a hoover most of the time! The exterior of the car is as well pretty smart looking and the grey/black trimmings look far better than the Sx4 models which don't have these and of course this protects the car a little bit more too!

      The general handling of the car is something that I really can't fault. I had a Mercedes B class as a courtesy car when the Punto was written off and I have to compare these two as they were the newest cars I have ever driven and handling wise the Sx4 does actually win. The Merc B class did look the bomb inside and out but I found that second gear was totally pants and it gave you nothing. This Suzuki Sx4 however seems to speed off in second gear with a ton of power and even with the subsequent gear changes no power is lost. The new power steering is so easy to use and feels amazing as with the suspension which seems spot on and means you feel as though you are gliding across the roads instead of being thrown around (baring in mind that the Isle of Wight is known for having the worse made roads in Britain - it's all those horse and carts we still use!LOL).

      I can't really fault the car as a whole. Having been driving the car myself now for nearly a year I feel I have been spoilt far too much and begrudge driving my old Seat! Okay so the Sx4 doesn't look as slick as the Seat but the drive is far more comfortable and luxurious! Plus I never have to struggle getting Jacks buggy in the back!!!!

      I have got to be fair and give this car the rating that it really does deserve which is a top mark or 5 stars out of 5 and give it an exceptionally high recommendation!

      Many thanks for taking the time to read.

      I do hope that this has been of some help/interest to you.


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