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Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 Club 3 Door Hatchback

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    7 Reviews
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      21.04.2013 20:53
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      Ok as a mummy taxi

      Before I write this review I feel I should warn you that I am not a petrol-head. If you ask me what car I have my normal response is it is blue! I am a busy mummy so my opinions are based upon this.

      This corsa is a 1.2 engine which really didn't mean anything to me when I bought the car. Now I know that it means that it is a car that likes to plod and is hopeless to pull out on the motorway. Oh how I wish for a nippier car! At the moment the car costs about £42 to fill up this is just before the dial is in the red. I feel that it is quite good for petrol usage but then most my journeys are in the local area being a mummy taxi service!

      There is plenty of space in on the back seat for three passengers. I often have two car seats in the back and can easily fit an adult in the middle. In each corner of the back seat there is a cup-holder which has come in handy for holding my son's water bottle. The front seats slide forward easily via a handle under the front seats and the back of the chair slopes forward via the handle on the side of the chair making it easy for passengers to get in.

      The front seats are comfy although I do find it awkward to adjust. In the door there are great sized pockets which I use for all my maps. The drivers door also has buttons to open/close both front windows. I love this as I hate having the wind blowing in on me when I drive so if I have no passenger I can open the opposite window. You can also adjust the side mirrors from a button which is helpful.

      The steering wheel and the dials are as you would expect in any car. There is a very useful alarm that warns you if a door is open. The alarm also sounds if the drivers seat belt is not done up which I do find irritating as when I am parking in a difficult space I sometimes find it easier without a belt on. On the steering wheel there are easy controls for the music system so you do not need to fiddle.

      The central control section is where you will find the cd player, radio and sockets for plugging in your iPod. This is also where the controls for the fan can be found. One annoyance with this car is that we are on our third heating/ fan system. It is lovely to have air-conditioning as our last car did not have this luxury.

      There is a large glove compartment but sadly ours broke.

      The boot easily opens and is split into two sections via a removable shelf. This is great if you always carry around bits and bobs that you want hidden away. In the end we had to remove the shelf as our pram did not fit in it with the shelf still in. The back seats can be pushed flat if you need to collect or carry large objects.

      I paid £5600 for our car when it was three years old with a two year warranty. I bought this from a Vauxhall garage and regret buying the car from there but it has taught me a lot about what I want from my next car. . . . .a pink fast one!


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        15.06.2010 09:01
        Very helpful


        • Reliability


        See review

        ** INTRODUCTION**
        The Corsa is a car made by Vauxhall if you live in the UK or Opel if you live in Europe. It is one of their lower priced cars along with (at present) the Agila and is a very popular choice due to low road tax (£115/year - June 2010) and the lower specification engines (1.0 - 1.4) tend to have lower insurance making this car and all of the older versions of this car a popular choice with young people and people who have just passed their driving test.

        I am somewhat of a Vauxhall Corsa expert so if you need to ask any questions just send me a message! I have had five corsas to date and had every shape since the first one which was a K-reg (then a W-reg, then a 51-plate then an 08-plate and now a 10-plate). So if you need any questions answering on how they compare, please do ask!

        The corsa I have at the moment is a 10-plate corsa. Unlike previous corsas that I have owned, this engine is a 1.2 litre rather than the 1.0 litre engine. Why? Whilst the old corsas used to be nice and light (a bit like an egg box on wheels) the new shape corsas definitely have more bodywork to them, and I find they are heavier to driver. Consequently, in my 08-plate car, I found it difficult to pull away from junctions/roundabouts sufficiently quickly in a 1.0 litre corsa, hence swapping the car for a 10-plate much sooner than I had anticipated (I usually keep a car much longer than 2 years). I would highly recommend buying nothing less than 1.2 litre corsa in this new model.

        The price of the corsa varies with engine size and specifications. Alloy wheels come as standard on the Club model. I am unsure if metallic paint comes as standard, but either way, I would say that the standard red colour paint on corsas does tend to fade quite substantially, so I always pick either silver or black. The cost of the car is around £10000 depending on various deals that take place in dealerships, you can really look around for prices and haggle, particularly at the moment as they are desperate for people to buy new cars due to the poor economy. Vauxhall offer a finance deal whereby you can purchase the car and pay over several months. Do I think the corsa is value for money? In my opinion most cars are extremely overpriced, but for the style and reliability of the corsa, I do think that it is good value for money (when compared to some of the other cars out there).

        ** FEATURES**
        The features on this car are not particularly outstanding. One of my favourite features however is the electronic mirror adjusters which come as standard. You can operate your mirrors from the inside and warmth of your car on a cold day. Bliss! There is an adjustable seat which might sound obvious but the 51-plate corsa didn't have one as standard which resulted in me having to sit on a cushion to drive the car! Thankfully that isn't the case here. The seats in the front are comfy even on long journeys. The seats in the back would comfortably seat 2 adults for a long journey or three small children, I personally wouldn't like to sit with another 2 adults in the back of the car on a long journey as it is quite small and there is not much leg room, saying that, there is enough space for short journeys.

        The radio faceplate is not the most attractive, nor is the volume control dial. The rest of the car looks really smart inside but I feel this lets down the style of the car. The radio is fine, the cd player can be controlled from the steering wheel and can play MP3 cds which is a bonus. You can programme 9 radio stations at any time which is more than the typical six.

        There is a 6v cigarette lighter which is useful for me as I like to charge my phone through this.

        The glove compartment is the worst I have ever seen in a car, really lets down the interior. You couldn't even put a cd case in there as it is so small and pokey, there is really no purpose to it and does let down the space inside the car.

        There are compartments for storage in the two side doors and in the back of the car near the floor too. They are large enough to put cds etc. and anything else you might want inside the car such as de-icer on the cold days.

        The boot space is quite small, but given the size of the car I have definitely seen smaller. The car comes with a space saver tyre which lives under the boot for emergencies. You can get about 10-12 bags of standard shopping in the boot, so it is fine for every day but small for long journeys or small for camping when we take the tent and all the gear out.

        The car does not have a built in alarm but does have an immobiliser. The car is easy to put an alarm into yourself or have fitted by a professional but will cost another £150-£300 (approx.)depending on which alarm you select.

        I personally like the shape of this corsa the best of any of the shapes I have had previously. The car definitely feels heavier and more like a decent car rather than a cheap, bottom of the range car (which is it!). The 3-door design looks sleek and quite sporty (even in the non-sporty range) and this model has front and rear fog lights.

        **RUNNING COSTS**
        One major bugbear with the 1.0lt corsa I previously owned was the poor mileage:petrol ratio. Most of the driving I do is short burts, maximum 15 miles at a time and largely city-centre driving. I tend to get around 300 miles out of a tank. From the 'red indicator' the tank holds around 40 litres of fuel which costs around £45 at present (~ £1.15/litre). This equates to approximately 37 miles to the gallon. I definitely get more out of the tank on long journeys (mine is an unleaded) but I still feel for such a small engine that this should be more economical.

        ** DRIVING**
        The car is really nice to drive in a 1.2lt engine. It pulls away from junctions/roundabouts much more rapidly that the 1.0lt version and feels a lot lot lot smoother to drive on the motorway. There is plenty of space in the drivers seat, but one thing I will say is that the side panels (between the windscreen and side window) are quite large and can obstruct the view when you are driving, so you have to crane your neck sometimes at junctions.

        *IN SUMMARY*
        Overall I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a nice run-around for day to day driving. I would not recommend the car to someone who makes long journeys on a daily basis, nor to someone who drives on motorways every day. If you make a long journey once per week I would still recommend this car. The car would be ideal for anyone looking to keep their insurance and road tax costs down and I feel it could be driven by a man or a woman, although you do tend to see more women driving these cars than men (who seem to opt for the Astra/Vectra in the Vauxhall range).


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          24.03.2010 21:08
          Very helpful



          A good car

          On The Road

          The 1.2 petrol engine are best avoided if you are likely to put this car through its paces a bit by taking it on the motorway or fast at all for that matter as the Corsa is no lightweight. I have heard that the 1.3 diesels, especially the two most powerful versions, suit the car well but are quite expensive, so if you can afford it I would recommend buying the slightly upgraded engine size and change to a diesel if you want to go anywhere up hill on make any head way on a motor way at all.

          The Corsa can pack a punch but always feels completely in control, this is due to its fantastic suspension and handling is really great in this car, visibility is the only issue I could find with the way this car drives as the external mirrors of the car are as good as useless as they have obviously been built with style in mind rather than practicality due to the tipped end which makes seeing out of them a near impossibility.

          The Corsa feels and drives like a refined car the engine is largely quiet and sleek not making much impact but almost gliding past the world as a ghost might but when you do put your foot on the accelerator a bit harder you will feel it.


          The Corsa is a spacious car on the inside perfect for the taller driver, it feels comfortable and relaxed and not like in some cars where you feel like your out in the road which is rarely fun. It has a clear easy to use and pick up control system which you will pick up fast on and all the dashboard is easy to find your way around.

          Four seats in the three door car allowing more room for the back passengers, therefore with a family of four this car will provide plenty of space but little boot room.

          All in all a great car to own and with a competitive price and reasonably low insurance not an offer to miss.


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          13.01.2010 12:26



          A fantastic car

          so the vauxhall corsa is my second car. the first car i had was a fiat punto which i had for about 4 years. i must say the corsa is a welcomed change. I can now see why this car is one of the most popular cars on the road today. It has features which appeal to people of all ages.

          the stlying of the car itself is brilliant. I think most people would agree that its a very good looking car and fits it any event haha, possibly one of the best looking cars on the road today.

          The interior is clean, sleek and of a very good quality. The seats are comfy and are stylish. The steering wheel is absolutely brilliant, in the fact that you can adjust in distance from you and the height of it so that the drive is as comfortable as possible.

          The drive itself is smooth. It has power when needed and is incredibly quiet when you put your foot down.

          The only bad experience i have had with this car was within 3 months of buying it. When using the blowers to de mist my windows, they cut off completely. When i took it to the garage it turned out when the blowers where being at full force the earth wire was being melted. This happened twice within 8 days.

          overall a fantastic car and worth the money!


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          20.11.2009 15:14
          Very helpful



          Worth considering but make sure you have a warranty

          The Vauxhall Corsa has been with us since the early 1990s when it replaced the old Vauxhall Nova. In that time the Corsa has always been a big seller in the UK probably down to the fact that its good looking, appeals to all generations, it's cheap to run & insure & holds its value quite well.

          I have just been running a number of Corsa models over the past three months (company owned) all with low mileage & all 1200cc models & it gave me a good opportunity to review this big seller. However the experience wasn't what I expected in a modern car!


          There are two basic models, a three door hatchback & a five door hatchback, from the windscreen pillars forward they are identical but they differ at the rear.
          The three door model looks sportier & has a more sloping roofline where as the five door is more boxy but has the advantage of more headroom.

          From outside they are good looking cars from all angles, this is the models that have recently been advertised on TV with those horrible looking soft toys shouting out 'come on' to the young girls passing by.

          From outside the general finish of the paintwork is good & all the gaps between the panels are consistent & quite tight. Some of the models have a conventional key with two remote control buttons. Some of the keys have the button you press to release the key blade & two buttons to lock & unlock the doors.
          When you press the unlock button once on the five door model, only the drivers door unlocks, you need to press it again to unlock the reminder of the doors.

          Step inside & close the door, there is no solid feel in the doors unlike the Corsa's competitors. Once inside the interior is quite pleasant to sit in, some of the dashboards are finished in what looks like a titanium effect which looks OK, but the other models are finished off in a piano black finish which looks classier.

          The instrument panel lights up when you open the door, I don't why as there is nothing to read prior to switching on the ignition. The dash is dominated by four large round face vents which look effective & feel well made. Under the centre ones there is a radio/CD & below that the heating controls.

          The radio volume control, heating controls, light switch & electric window switch are made from transparent material & light up for easy identification. However they light up in a rather weak looking colour which frankly looks cheap & awful.

          Some of the dash switches for the air conditioning, heated rear window & central locking are small & fiddly with poor warning lamps on them.
          Instruments are limited to a rev counter, speedo & fuel gauge, the speedo looks like a rev counter & has a number of the important digits missing. There are a number of controls on the steering wheel for the radio CD & for Bluetooth phone connections which light up in the dark which is very convenient.

          Cubby space is limited; there is a decent sized glove box & a drawer under the passenger's seat, door bins in all doors & cup holders in the centre console but little else. Vauxhall do supply a 'jack' connection for ipods & MP3 players ahead of the gear lever.

          Space in the boot is quite good with a sturdy removable floor section if you need more space. The only bad point was the rear parcel shelf which is very flimsy & the cord connections that attach to the hatchback where forever breaking.

          The Corsa is larger than a Toyota Yaris but has less interior space, having said that there is still adequate space for four adults or five with a squeeze. The seats appear comfortable to start with but many of us complained about aching backs after sitting in them for any length of time.


          It's quite easy to get a good driving position in the Corsa thanks to generous adjustment of the driver's seat & 'reach & rake' adjustment in the steering column. Tune the ignition key & when the engine fires up & you soon realise how refined the little Vauxhall engine is.

          The gear change is very pleasant with a small button that needs to be pushed in to engage reverse, clutch pedal action is light & smooth. As you drive away the engine noise remains smooth & refined, in city traffic performance is quite good but the 1200cc engine struggles when you want to accelerate out of a junction quickly. When it comes to performance the Corsa's performance isn't going to get the adrenalin pumping but it will return decent fuel consumption figures, I suppose you can't have both!

          The steering is light & remains so at speed, a little light for my tastes but you soon get used to it. Handling is safe & secure on 'B' roads & the ride was quite smooth considering the car has a short wheelbase.

          Overall the Corsa is very relaxing to drive & the engine remains smooth & refined at higher speeds. If there is any criticism to levelled at the car it must be for two things, the rather slow to respond heating system. On cold days they takes ages to heat up, a phenomenon we noticed on all the Corsas we had.

          The indicator & wiper switches are very annoying, when you switch on the flasher switch & if it doesn't cancel, in most cars you just flick the entire switch back. In the Corsa it always sits in the same position & if you flick it back just a little too much it indicates on the opposite side which confuses drivers around you. It takes time to get used to it & everyone criticised it.


          In general the Corsa is a decent car & I can see why it's so popular, however if the batch of cars my employer had are anything to go by the Corsa's reliability is very questionable.
          In the last three months these models all of which have less than 15.000 miles on them suffered from clonking suspension noises, clunking steering, noisy air bag springs in the steering wheels, jammed CDs in the radio CD unit, broken parcel shelf cord fixings, faulty door mirrors, engine check lights coming on, broken seat catches & numerous interior trim parts falling off.
          The service from the dealer network left a lot to be desired to say the least & didn't inspire confidence.


          A great little car with decent fuel consumption, nice enough to drive, refined engine & reasonable amount of space inside. However the switchgear inside was poorly designed & from evidence, reliability is not going to be the Corsas strong point.


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            01.01.2009 15:10
            Very helpful


            • Reliability


            love this car

            In my opinion this is a really practical car. it has adequate space in the boot for shoping fits quite a lot into it.
            The seats are really comfortable. Inside of the car is of a really high standard looks quite stylish.
            It cost me around 10,000 pounds when i bought it but it was real value for money and very reliable. i had the car for three years and had no problems with it.
            The cd player was fitted when i bought the car and sound quality was very good.
            in my opinion it is a good practical car which is good for famalies.
            It is a dream to drive i thought it would be difficult to get used to however i took to it like a dream. i was really upset when i had to sell this car as i absolutely loved it.
            real value for money. more than adequate storage space . it is also cheap on insurance which is a bonus.


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            08.01.2008 14:58
            Very helpful



            A nice entry level car

            After driving a (classic) Mini for three years, it was time for a change to something a little more practical (and reliable). After being given some car catalogues, I decided on the Corsa, so off I went to my nearest Vauxhall dealer to nose round the showroom full of shiny new cars. After almost being talked into buying a Corsa, without AC, I escaped(!) and first asked my dad for car buying advice! I later found out that the 'New' Corsa was due to be released the following month. No wonder, the salesman was so inclined to sell me the old style one! So anyway, a few weeks later and after a nervous test drive (well, I'd gotten so used to the Mini), it was decided that the New Corsa was destined to be my next car.

            I ended up with silver 'New' Corsa 1.2, 3 door hatchback Club, 16V, manual 5 gear.


            It all came down to features, size of the car, engine size (taking into account insurance costs) and looks of course! That and this was the first one they got in stock. As for features, it has a reverse parking sensor (haggled for this to be thrown in [usually about £250?]), MP3 CD player, metallic paint (£350 on top but it already had it so was included in price), Air Conditioning, electric mirrors, etc.

            The back seats fold down, which is always handy as I tend to have to carry a lot of stuff every so often. Boot space isn't bad and is what you'd expect of a small hatchback. It's not as wide as I'd like but enough space for a few big boxes. It comes with a board so that I can have a hidden layer, but it reduces the size so much that I don't bother with it. Mine lacks sports lights and only has the black plastic fillers. Also, it has hug caps rather than alloys. As I got mine so early, those extras would have inflated the price.


            The drive is very smooth and it's a very comfortable drive. The front seats are 'bucketed' seats which you find in sports cars to stop you sliding to the sides. The seats can be easily adjusted in various ways. i.e. slide back - forward, back rest tilt, and height. The steering wheel can also be adjusted (forwards, backwards, up, down).

            Only thing is that it does take a fraction of second to get going from lifting the clutch and pressing the accelerator, as if there were a 'delay'. It is only for a fraction of a second so it's nothing major and one can get used to it quite quickly but it's most likely due to the car being not too powerful. I have the 1.2 version but I read that even the 1.4 flavour isn't that powerful. Don't know about the Diesel versions though.

            Something I've noticed is that while idle, the car is very quiet on the inside. Good stuff. Suspension isn't bad. It's no Land Rover but it's better than some Golfs I've been in.


            The inside of the car seems very roomy. The dash board is surprisingly big. Despite this, the glove compartment is PATHETICALLY small. I can barely fit a single hardback book in there and it needs to be standing on its side. This lack of space, I've been told, is due to the air bags fitted all over the inside of the car.

            There are the usual compartments on the side of the doors and there's even two small compartments on both sides of the back seats (but they're quite small). There's a very narrow 'shelf' under the front passenger seat, which is suitable for an A-Z but not much else.

            The two front seats are very roomy but the back seats can be quite squashed. However, if I really wanted have lots of backseat passengers, I would have gotten the five door version so it's not bad.


            There was a national call back of New Corsa's Front Lower Control Arm. Luckily, mine was fine but it was a waste of two hours waiting for them to check. Had it have had a problem, I might have been without a car for a week unless they offered a courtesy car. Another time, after 2 years and 7 months on, another fault developed. A "coil" packed up and resulted in a misfire, which caused the car to vibrate a lot when idle and even stall. I had to be towed to my nearest Vauxhall garage (Beckenham). They didn't get round to looking at mine until the following day and couldn't offer me a courtesy car because they were all booked out and there's a possible 2 week waiting list. Asking Pheonix Vauxhall (Croydon) for a courtesy car, they told me they stopped doing courtesy cars! That's a bit of a let down in terms of customer service as I can't see why, as a manufactuer's dealer, they couldn't offer courtesy cars whereas other branches could.

            Annoyingly, a few weeks after the 'coil' incident, and a full service, the engine started making a really loud rattling and rumbling noise. The car still drove fine but after a few hours of driving across 2 days, the noise went away but the air conditioning stopped working and only blew out not-so-cool air, if not warm air. This was diagnosed as a cyclinder having packed up and it's actually taken Croydon Phoenix over a month to get the part.

            Underneath the hood, and under the engine, there's nothing covering the bottom to stop water splashing over the engine and the bottom of the hood. This isn't usually something car reviews would mention but I thought I would as it shows that Vauxhall are trying to keep the costs down. Also some parts do seem a bit on the cheap side as they look plastic i.e. inside of the ignition.
            My driver window has also started creaking when I wind up and down, which isn't very good. Probably narrows down to bad build quality as I'm not the only one who has experienced this. The window still works so it's only a minor gripe.

            The pillars at each side of the windscreen have airbags in them. Although making it safer, they're chunkier and are a bit of an obstruction when pulling out of junctions. Another minor gripe is that there's often a reflection of the middle of the dashboard on the windscreen, which is a bit annoying, especially as the dash in my one is black and white/grey making the reflection more noticeable on the windscreen.


            There's no alarm in mine, which is a shame but it does have an immobiliser. The keys are programmed with a code so the car will only start if the correct key is used. There's also a steering lock, which I'm not actually sure how to activate but this locks the ignition barrel so it cannot be turned. It started to lock itself after six months and I didn't know about the feature and how to unlock it so I managed to break the key by trying to force the ignition to turn. (Got stranded and forked out £90 for a locksmith!). Vauxhall did give me a free replacement key though.


            I paid (or will eventually have paid) just over £10,000 for the car. I got a year's insurance for £299 but I got the car on the day of release (released 14th October 2006) so the price has dropped a huge chunk since then. Also, dealers have various offers such as 3 years insurance for £299 in place so on so keep a look out. The car comes with a 3 year warranty.

            RUNNING COSTS

            As mine's a petrol engine, it currently costs me around £35 to fill the tank at 94.9p-96.9p per litre. I can go about 300 miles each tank urban driving and a bit of motorway here and there. Road tax was £100 a year but is now up to £115 a year.



            - Stylish exterior
            - Comfortable drive
            - Lots of airbags (safe)
            - CD / MP3 Player
            - Almost everything is adjustable
            - Immobiliser built into key
            - Lots of buttons!


            - Tiny glove compartment
            - Reflection of dashboard on windscreen
            - Not that powerful
            - No alarm as standard
            - National call back at one point
            - The "Coil" is a part known to fail (bit like a light bulb).
            - Limited courtesy cars
            - Other problems just before 3 years is up.


            Overall, it's not a bad car asides the problems I've experienced but luckily, it was all within warranty. It seems bigger than the old Corsa from the outside and seems almost as big as an Astra. The doors also look very chunky, most likely for safety reasons, which can only be a good thing. It looks great and can come with some nice features. It's definitely worth looking into but if you can afford it and don't mind something bigger, go for the New Astra. However, if you're after a cheaper and smaller alternative, then I can recommend the New Corsa but try and go for a higher model.

            Thanks for reading.

            P.S. As for the title, yes, I counted. It does!

            Okay, it's because I couldn't think of a title.


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