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Vauxhall Corsa GLS 1.7Di 16v 3-door

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    1 Review
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      18.07.2001 02:29
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      My 18 year old daughter is the one in the family with the Corsa, but as she hasn't yet passed her test, when she isn't learning in it she lets me drive it. (I have my own car, but it's parked in the garage, and hers is in the drive, therefore it's sometimes easier to take the Corsa. Just thought I'd let you know that bit of useless info!) This Corsa is an automatic, the first automatic I've ever driven. When I first reversed it out of the drive, it sped out, frightening me half to death, then I realised it was in 'Sport' mode. It's a very nippy little car, and even though it is 7 years old, surprisingly smooth and quiet. There are two bugbears for me, one of which is probably due to the fact that it is an automatic. When I stop at traffic lights for any length of time, leaving it in 'drive' the hum of the engine is awful, it goes right through you. Other people have noticed this too. It would be interesting to know if anyone driving an automatic of any make and model has this same problem? The other less annoying thing is that on starting up, there is one heck of a pull as it automatically changes from first to second gear, enough to pull you forward then back in your seat. My brother has an automatic Toyota and doesn't have this problem, at least not to the same extent. It does still pull slightly, but that's all. All in all though, it is a pleasant little car, and ideal for a learner. It takes unleaded petrol and is a great little around town car.


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