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Vauxhall Vectra LS 2.0DTi 16v 5-door Hatchback

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    2 Reviews
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      25.03.2008 22:33
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      Vauxhall Vectra....the mechanics mate

      I've owned a few Vauxhalls, even a Chevette , and also many other different brand vehicles, but the the Vectra was one of the worst cars i have had the misfortune to have ever purchased.
      It hated to be driven at all, when ever i turned the ignition key the damn thing wouldn't start as the sensors all seemed to go mad at the same time, each sensor must have had it's own sensor to sense it was senseless.
      When i did manage to get it started it dragged itself along the road as though someone had stolen my tyres whilst i wasn't looking. It cornered like a sherman tank with one track missing and trying to get some power from it was asking for trouble, considering it had a 2.0 litre engine under the bonnet you would have achieved more responce from a snail on sleeping tablets.
      The dashboard lights were very pretty, considering most of them flashed on and off whilst i bobbed along the road. The engine management icon was my constant companion on those long journeys.
      It was in and out of the garage with one fault and another and i was advised evertime by my friendly mechanic to get shut and buy something else, like a lada. But being stubborn i decided to stick with the dreaded Vectra, more fool me i suppose.
      Whilst i admit i'm no wizard with an engine i know enough about cars to keep them on the road, especially the older vehicles, but the Vectra had me puzzled on each occasion.
      The thing i hated the most about the Vectra i had was when it constantly cut out when i stopped, usually at traffic lights. I had to sit there reving the engine like some little boy racer waiting for someone to accept the challenge of a dual, smiling at the people who chose to stare at me.
      I know Vauxhall did try and improve the the vectra with even more sensors and electrical gadgets but what i experienced has put me off ever owning, or even, driving one ever again.


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        30.12.2007 20:29
        Very helpful



        Alternative rides: Arriva bus, minicab, walking

        I have the newer shape of the Vectra DTI, but don't worry, it still has the same old engine as the car you see in the picture!!

        I bought the car last July, but I'd forgotten how loud these DTI engines are! I had one of these as a fleet car once...

        You get used to the bus-like roar from the Isuzu unit, the engine is very willing and I've had her upto 115 on the M6.

        So what's gone wrong with the car? The wipers stopped working whilst I was giving a passenger a lift (I was a taxi driver), but thankfully the one on the driver's side worked... Found out it was the linkages. Tried to fix this myself but in the end I had to buy a wiper kit from my local Vauxhall dealer, PNG, for £250! That was my wages for the week gone...

        I thought things would get better, but then the MOT was due, and my suspension arms had gone. That was a hefty £500 to fix to get the car legal. Inside, my car has the beige interior don't, DON'T buy a Vectra if it has this colour...

        The radio stopped working and wouldn't switch on, then later on decided to work. The mind boggles...

        Very basic dash, not as nice as an Avensis or Mondeo, it's a bit dark in here...

        You're waiting for some positive news about this car right?! Well, the engine is economical, the boot is big for suitcases, would do well as a minicab (pick-ups from the Airport, most of them would have been used to the noise of aircraft engines so it won't be bad...) It is comfortable, it does have an executive air about it.

        I'm trading the old girl in for a Passat TDI next week, I bought this car for £5k, but I'll be lucky to see even half that figure in just over a calendar year. As there's so many of these out there, the prices are low.

        I don't want to totally put you off, the Vectra DTI is an ideal taxi...
        I also owned, albeit briefly, a Vectra 1.9CDTi 120. Same deal as the Vectra DTi but you now get a Fiat engine, not Isuzu. We all know Fiat are like for reliability, don't we? My power steering failed, but no one at Vauxhall (despite trying several dealers) could figure out something as complex as replacing the Power Steering pump. They charge you £70 just to look at the car as well.

        I had bought the Vectra, ironically from a Vauxhall mechanic thinking it would be lovingly cared for. He had thrashed it to within an inch of its life, and all I could to was offer it Palliative Care. I withdrew all support and made her 'comfortable' after just 4 weeks of ownership. The doctor had taken me into his office and said there's nothing more they can do...

        The smoke from the exhaust could rival Ejyafjallajokull Volcano in Iceland each and every morning. I also had the Power Steering failure icon that would flash on and off like the Needles lighthouse on the Isle of Wight.

        Thankfully I traded it for a Mondeo TDCI, which has run me about until now. Being a bit of a car snob, I might move away from these common cars for something a little more upmarket, like a BMW.

        Just for freediveheaven, the driving experience is : Noisy, the indicators will drive you mad, they're electronic and not the regular mechanical ones like everyone else, on a winter day it takes an age to demist. I found having the air-con on and the heater on max, it would help, but you feel like you're in a Dyson hand drier. Instruments are strong, though the CD-30 radio unit is basic, and won't play MP3's. If for any reason you try to change the CD player, it's a trip to Vauxhall for them to de-code and 'marry' the new unit to the car, which costs a fortune. You have to make sure you have bought a stereo which has been 'divorced' from the car it's come out of (i.e Stereo from LJ03*** will not work in VO54*** unless its information has been erased.)

        Once on the move, the engine quietens down, mine had a drink problem which didn't help. You'll learn about Swirl Pots and EGR Valve blanking kits and other wonderful Vauxhall things on forums when it comes to maintenance. Sadly the dealer's flippant attitude didn't help when I encountered problems trying in vain to rectify the power steering which would suddenly seize up. Though in fairness I think my car was a lemon.

        Other Vectras I've driven (mainly hire cars) have been okay, they handle like they are on rails, and the one to have is the 2.2 DTi, with 126bhp. The CDTi 150 is the one to have with a responsive engine and 6 speed box. Plastics scratch easily, and it's not as pretty inside as rivals. You won't get VW service and be called Sir, more like waiting in vain at the Service / Parts desk for someone to take notice of you.
        Weigh up if you really want to buy this car, as residuals are low.


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