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Vauxhall Vectra SRi 150 2.2i 16v 5-door Estate

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    1 Review
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      30.04.2002 07:53



      I have had two Cavaliers (1800 carb/inj.)previously to the Vectra I now own. Both Cavaliers gave me stirling service, one got to 240,000 miles on its original engine before a trip to the scrap yard after its last MOT check. With the good stirling service I had from these two I decided to get a Vectra. Which Vectra should I go for, the 1800, 1800SRI, 2200 0r 2200 SRI? My original choice was going to be the 2200 but as luck would have it a local dealer acquired a 2200 SRI in metallic burgundy, just the right colour for my earlier choice. It had been in Vauxhall ownership, being the Manager's company car, so look good to buy. The first road test gave a good impression of the driveability and road handling. It was much better than the earlier 2.0SRI 140 which suffered "scuttle shake" and was skitish on uneven road surfaces at quickish speed (scoland's roads are not the best off motorway). I was particularly impressed with the interior and power underfoot. Having driven a 2200 I decided to plump for the slightly more expensive (£600) SRI 150BHP. I had a good deal from the RBS Bank at 8.2% with £1000 deposit to the dealer (no part x), so for a princely sum of £14800 I was the proud owner of an immaculate, 12,000 mile maek from Vauxhall. I have owned my Vectra SRI for two years now and am very happy with it so far. The interior is comfortable and spacious even for my 6foot 4 inch stature. I have two young children, a pram and 1 dog to fit in not forgetting my wife who is also 6 foot. There is a dramatic improvement to the handling and overal feel on the road compared with the older 140 SRI Estate model. My biggest gripe was a £180 bill for a new air sensor, abit on the steep side, Vauxhall why did it break so quickly? The rear exhaust was damaged and a bill of sub £300 was presented to me, good on vauxhall they did stump up 80% of the cost. Its stylish looks are beginning to look dated now,
      the new Vectra in my opinion does not improve on the old, more like copys other vehicles around in its class. Its a good second hand buy if you want a car that does the job with abit of grunt when you need it even with a car full. The trip instrumentation and trackmaster are very useful, although trackmaster does not always warn of impending "jams" until you in it! The interior seems to be able to cope with the usual knocks and bumps. The electric window switch parted company with the control yesterday, but easily clipped back into place. I have a small gripe when starting from cold, there is an annoying "small hole in the exhaust" sound for a few minutes until what ever cold start valve closes up. On the whole I would choose another Vectra the jury is still out on the New Vectra, on the looks front. The proof will be in the driving and everyday use ultimately. I will be changing the Vectra 2.2 SRI soon, but I will be waiting to see how the new vectra fairs as it is put before the slaughter, the motoring press. It seems if it hasn't got the "three rings" or from the Toyota company, it will be in for a good bashing. Good luck and happy hunting :))


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