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VW Polo 1.2 Moda 2010

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    1 Review
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      23.10.2012 11:34
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      overall very nice, there are cheaper options but they aren't quite a VW

      After developing an oil leak on my 08 Honda Civic Type-r i decided it was time for a change! I was sick of paying close to £300 a month in petrol, £400 for a service and the cost of tyres etc.
      I looked at various cars but the Polo's charming good looks and excellent interior swayed me into a test drive.
      I decided early on that i wanted to get the 70bhp 1.2 but i couldn't find one in my budget range so i took the 60bhp model for a spin. WOW! This thing didn't feel like 60bhp, sure its not a fast car, far from it... But its geared perfectly and was such fun to drive!
      Its great around town, returning an average of 46.05mpg over the last 4 full tanks delivering an average of 393.42 miles before filling up. I do try to drive quite economically, you dont win any races in this car, so a really savvy driver should be hitting the 50mpg around town. I would expect to see mid to high 50's on the motorway as long as you stick to just below 70mph. Little engines dont like to be pushed hard, but saying that, on the motorway its stable, secure and keeps up with the traffic extremely well. You do have to learn to plan your driving a bit more, but this helps in a number of ways, mainly economy, safety and reducing your wear and tear bills.

      I have had to use the brakes hard only once, an old man decided to stop on a 40mph road to let a car out of a junction. The ABS worked well but the dip under braking was a shock compared to my other stiffer cars. Dont use the horn in anger mind, its not an angry horn.

      Im 27 with 7 years no claims and i'm paying around £250 a year to insure the car. Its in a low insurance group so should be much cheaper for the older owner.

      It feels like a much bigger car, the door sills are thick, really thick! If you didn't know you were in a Polo, you would swear it was a Golf.

      The dash is made of soft touch plastics and nice synthetic leather looking material on the gear stick. Its not cheap, its not tacky, it just feels nice.
      The seats are comfortable and give great back support, although lack lumbar adjustment on the S model.

      The stereo is really quite good, it lacks rear speakers on the 3 door (S) model but the Moda comes equipped with them. There is full adjustability of settings such as Bass, Treble and direction of sound.
      Air conditioning in the polo is an essential extra. The car is well insulated and can get quite warm inside. During the colder months, the air conditioning is amazing at clearing the moisture from inside the car i.e. cold condensation early in the morning.

      Leg room in the rear is reasonable, no complaints from friends and with the rear bench down i can fit my mountain bike in easily (front wheel removed).

      The car comes with daytime driving lights, useful for being seen, no complaints so far. I would be tempted to upgrade to HID from factory next time though.

      Overall i am very pleased with my "downgrade", i would recommend this car to anyone looking for a safe, comfortable, pleasant, economical but great looking car. The Polo has presence on the road and even in base format it looks brilliant. The Citroen C1 might deliver more MGP, but when taking my boy out an about, im happy knowing that we are in a secure and safe little car.


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