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Acticat Ancol 3 Way Cat Tunnel

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Brand: Acticat / Type: Cat Entertainment

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    1 Review
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      17.01.2013 08:35
      Very helpful



      Great addition to the cats toys

      As soon as I got Duke I knew that at some point I would like to get him a cat tunnel. However my mum beat me to it buying him a 90cm tunnel from eBay that was red in colour. Well Duke loved his tunnel and therefore as he grew I knew it was important to get him a larger one. I wasn't sure what exactly I wanted all I knew was I wanted it to be longer.

      After much browsing I found this tunnel on Amazon for something like £12 however it seems the price does fluctuate regularly so if possible do keep your eye on it for a couple of weeks before purchasing.

      I liked the fact that the tunnel was three smaller tunnels connected as I thought this would provide a better experience for Duke. However I was put off by the colour. I don't mind grey but it definitely isn't my preferred choice of colour but the pink left me unsure whether to buy it or not. I just felt it was a bit girly. However after discussing it I decided that I would opt for this tunnel.

      When the tunnel arrived it was all folded up so the box was a good size. To set the tunnel up it was a very simple case of undoing a few toggles and then the tunnel popped up. The set up was very simple and took seconds.

      Each branch of the tunnel is 50cm long and 25cm wide - so in total the length is around one and a half metres which is a good size.

      We got this tunnel whilst we still just had Duke and he was very intrigued by what the tunnel was. He got straight in the tunnel. Initially he was a bit scared because the tunnel is made from that rustle material and he was unsure where the noise was coming from. However he soon realised it was quite safe.

      The tunnel has a round hole in the middle of the three branches and from this there is a hanging red ball. I like this addition as it just makes it a bit more interesting.

      Duke really loves his tunnel and is often running through it or even sleeping. When Daisy moved in she too was immediately taken with the tunnel and she began using it sort of like her home, she was always in it sleeping or playing.

      Each branch of the tunnel can be moved freely from left to right allowing you to make different shapes eg. Close together tunnels or wide apart. I really like this as I live in a one bedroomed flat so by being able to do this I can shape it around chairs and my desk etc.

      It's great for indoor cats as it encourages exercise and movement therefore aiding health and reducing boredom.

      I think this is a great tunnel and was well worth the money paid. Both of mine love it and if it did break I would definitely buy another. The price does fluctuate up to around £18 I think but currently on amazon it is just £11.90.

      The quality of the tunnel is very good. The tunnel is often pulled about and pounced on but no rips or holes have began to show. It is strongly made and it still looks brand new. I often move it to vacuum under it or change where it is and it still looks like new.


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